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Flaky lips: what to do and how to treat to avoid cracks and inflammation


To eliminate peeling of the skin of the lips, use a scrub, which today is presented in the assortment of many brands. However, it is easy to cook it yourself. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with the same amount of fine brown sugar. Apply the resulting mixture to your lips and massage with a soft toothbrush for two minutes. A scrub will remove dead particles and restore softness to the lips. Scrub your lips once or twice a week.

Light massage helps to strengthen microcirculation in the skin of the lips to increase their protective function. Using a toothbrush, apply petroleum jelly to your lips and massage it into the skin with light massage movements. Blot the rest of the petroleum jelly with a napkin.

Daily at night, apply a nourishing balm on your lips with a thick layer (it is best to use one that contains oils). By the way, you can also prepare a balm from dry lip skin yourself.

  • 1 tsp grated beeswax
  • 1 tsp cocoa butter
  • 0.5 tsp shea butter
  • 1 tsp oil (castor, olive, jojoba, calendula macerate)

Step 1. Place wax and oils in a container and heat to a liquid state in a water bath, preventing boiling water, stirring constantly.

Step 2 Remove the melted mixture from the water bath and add 5 drops of vitamin E and a few drops of essential oil (myrrh, lavender, tea tree, ylang-ylang) and quickly mix with a thin wooden skewer.

Step 3 Pour the finished balm into a pre-processed tube or jar. You need to do this very quickly, because the balm instantly freezes. Leave it to cool at room temperature or refrigerate.

Additional symptoms

As a rule, peeling is accompanied by other, more unpleasant symptoms:

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  • crusts
  • cracks
  • itching
  • redness
  • pain during a conversation, eating, kissing,
  • rashes
  • burning
  • excessive dryness
  • the spread of inflammation.

Most often, at first dryness and slight redness appears, then a thin but dense film forms, which bursts and begins to peel off. For everyone, the process proceeds differently: for some, overdried pieces of skin disappear, for others they are slightly moist, stick and look very unaesthetic.

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If no measures are taken at this stage, bleeding cracks and crusts with ulcers may then appear. Hyperemia of the entire area around the mouth increases. This can end with infection and the spread of inflammation. The pain will gradually increase.

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Life hack. To reduce pain when eating, when your lips peel, half an hour before eating, lubricate them with honey.

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Causes of Peeling

There are a large number of causes of dry and peeling lips:

  1. Abrupt changes in ambient temperature, severe frost or extreme heat. Sensitive delicate skin begins to peel off, since there are no sebaceous glands in it at all. With prolonged exposure to the wind, the lips will definitely lose their healthy appearance.
  2. Allergic reactions. Lips may peel off due to improperly selected cosmetics and care products. For example, the components of toothpaste often severely injure the skin, causing peeling. Lipstick can also negatively affect. Many contain harmful components and dyes, which are dried so that itching begins.
  3. Poor immunity and lack of vitamins A, C and E in the body. Deterioration of immunity functions negatively affects the condition of the skin of the lips in adults and children. In this case, you should review your diet.
  4. Inadequate water intake. Dehydration leads to flaking of the lips.
  5. Colds accompanied by nasal congestion. With constant forced breathing through the mouth, the lips also begin to peel off.
  6. Inadequately humidified indoor air.
  7. Hot food.
  8. Constant stresses, which, according to statistics, are more likely for female representatives.
  9. A decrease in hemoglobin in the blood.
  10. The habit of constantly licking or biting your lips, especially on the street. This severely injures the epidermis and contributes to infection.
  11. Eating too spicy or salty foods.

Also, constant dryness and peeling can be triggered by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • gastritis,
  • ulcer,
  • pancreatitis
  • dysbiosis.

And other diseases adversely affect the condition of the lips: herpes, problems in the thyroid, pancreas, fungi.

Lip skin features

The skin on the lips is the very first to respond to extreme cold or heat, too dry air and lack of moisture. This happens due to the fact that there are no sebaceous glands that could control the condition. It turns out that there is no natural lubricant that would help reduce the aggressive effects of environmental factors.

In this regard, cosmetologists advise using special care products that will moisturize and maintain a normal state, preventing peeling. Before going to bed, it is recommended to lubricate the skin with balm. During the day, monitor for sufficient fluid intake.

First aid for severe inflammation

Severe inflammation is called cheilitis. This is a fairly common pathology, but not everyone can assess the danger of such a condition in time and consult a doctor.

The disease develops against a background of disorders within the body and a deterioration in the functioning of the immune system. Inflammation affects the red border and mucous membrane, affecting both the upper and lower lips, sometimes spreading to other parts of the body.

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the influence of the cause that provoked cheilitis. The use of sedatives - tranquilizers, antipsychotics and antidepressants.

Local treatment involves the use of hygienic lipstick to moisturize the skin, balms, products with panthenol. Physiotherapeutic treatment methods can also be carried out - exposure to ultrasound and radiation therapy.

Pyrogenal (a broad-spectrum immunomodulator in the form of suppositories and injection) is used to accelerate the restoration of the lip mucosa. Also for this purpose it will be required:

  • vitamins C and B, which make up for the lack of nutrients,
  • immunostimulants
  • autohemotherapy - helping to maintain local immunity.

Basic care and removal of peeling

First of all, even with a little weathering, you will need to prevent constant licking and biting. It is difficult not to do this when the skin is too dry, but after evaporation of the saliva, the lips will begin to dry out and peel off even more. This happens because saliva contains acids that are involved in the breakdown of food during chewing, which means that it provokes irritation when it gets on the injured skin.

Methods for correcting the problem are selected in accordance with the original cause of peeling of the skin. The use of special balms, the intake of vitamins and immunostimulants is considered universal.

Nutrition: what vitamins are needed for the skin of the lips, how do bad habits affect the skin

The skin on the lips needs vitamins A and E. They are easily purchased in any pharmacy in capsules, lubricating the lips daily. Also suitable for this is fish oil with normal tolerance of its taste.

Bad habits such as alcohol and smoking badly affect the skin of the lips. The constant contact of delicate skin with a cigarette always provokes strong peeling, which is difficult to get rid of. Alcohol and nicotine contribute to the loss of vitamins and minerals, the lack of which causes skin problems, including peeling.

Pharmacy products

If we talk about pharmacy products to eliminate peeling, it is worth noting Hydrocortisone ointment. She quickly heals small cracks and removes peeling. First, the product is applied to the lips, and a moisturizing cream is applied on top. This approach improves efficiency.

With severe peeling, when cracking of the skin already occurs, you can use antibacterial ointments - for example, Tetracycline. But the doctor gives exact recommendations, since local antibiotics are also characterized by a large number of side effects.

Safer antibiotic gels with zinc sulfate in the composition. They have few contraindications and restore lip skin well when peeling. To completely get rid of the problem, use the drug 3 times a day.

Salon care: peeling

The skin on the lips, as well as on other parts of the body, needs peeling. Dead cells often cannot be removed on their own. Lip peeling is a popular procedure in beauty salons. For its implementation, a soft scrub with polymer abrasive particles based on a cream for delicate skin is used. To obtain results, the procedure should be done at least 1 time per week.

Oils and masks

Oils well nourish all skin integuments, additionally restoring their healthy appearance. Normal olive oil, which is recommended to be applied daily before bedtime, is excellent for lips. Other organic oils can be used to improve the effect: for example, jojoba or argan. Tea tree oil provides excellent results if used regularly.

Oils quickly restore the appearance of lips after injuries and cracks. The following oils also show good results:

  • almond
  • sea ​​buckthorn
  • grape seed
  • wheat.

To improve the result, you can add vitamin A and E to the oils. The resulting product will perfectly fight dryness and peeling associated with a lack of nutrients in the body or when a jam appears.

Cracked lips are daily to be smeared with a baby cream that nourishes delicate skin, fights against peeling, and relieves itching and burning. The cream is applied in the morning and shortly before the walk, as well as always before bedtime.

On sale there are many ready-made remedies for treating dry skin:

  1. Calendula oil - has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. It helps when the lips itch and peel. Lubrication is required several times a day.
  2. Cocoa butter - used alone or together with other ingredients - it removes dryness with peeling. They smear their lips several times a day. This is a food product, therefore it is not at all dangerous if the oil gets inside.
  3. Hypericum oil - quickly softens and heals, it is recommended to use it 2 times a day.

In the absence of the effect of self-treatment of peeling, you need to contact a specialist. The cause may be a serious disease of the internal organs.

Alternative treatment

For the lips, you can, like for the face, make a variety of nourishing masks. Here are some effective recipes:

  1. Take 2 teaspoons of cottage cheese and the same amount of cream, mix and apply on lips for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water or wipe with a towel so that the remaining invisible components continue to nourish the skin.
  2. Mix a teaspoon of cucumber and carrot juice, half a teaspoon of honey and sour cream and apply for 15 minutes, rinse.
  3. Grate the apple, add sour cream and apply on the lips for 30 minutes.


To prevent the occurrence of peeling lips, you must try to comply with the following rules:

  1. Use moisturizing balms with vitamins and hyaluronic acid in the composition.
  2. In winter, you can not use products with retinol, alcohol or menthol. These components dry the lips.
  3. In summer, balms with ultraviolet filters are required. High quality of these products will help to avoid problems.
  4. In winter, a humidifier should be turned on so that excessive dryness of the air does not dry out the lips.
  5. It is forbidden to bite or lick lips. It should be lubricated with moisturizers and balms.
  6. To give a healthy appearance and elasticity, you need to reconsider nutrition. Eat more foods with vitamin B2 - nuts, mushrooms, liver. Be sure to include dairy products in the diet.

Weathered flaky lips - a big problem that spoils the appearance of a person, affects his emotional state. No need to bring to the formation of cracks and severe pain. It is important to treat dryness in a timely manner, and if there is no effect, seek medical help.

What to do

When peeling occurs, everyone has the same question: what to do? If you catch it right away, the problem can be solved at home. If the situation is aggravated by cracks and infection, you can not do without the help of a dermatologist. To make the treatment more effective, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rules for caring for painful lips, which will accelerate recovery:

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  1. Find out the reason. If she is in a disease - they need to be treated immediately.
  2. Half an hour before going out, apply moisturizing and protective medical cosmetics: balm or hygienic lipstick.
  3. Take a vitamin complex.
  4. The daily norm of water is 2 liters. Hot drinks to drink through a straw. Limit the use of marinades, spices and seasonings. Include as many foods rich in vitamins A, C, E, B2, B9, B12 and iron as possible in your diet.
  5. For some time, abandon the scrubs. If the lips peel off and peel off, abrasive particles can further injure skin that is already damaged.
  6. Limit exposure to frost or heat during treatment. In winter, cover the lower part of the face with a scarf. In summer, wear a wide-brimmed hat and use lipstick with an SPF filter.
  7. Do not use fluoride pastes, low-quality cosmetics, products with salicylic acid.
  8. Make sure that the air in the room is as humidified as possible.
  9. Get rid of the habit of pulling, biting, licking, touching lips. In no case to peel off the resulting crusts and particles of skin: they must fall away themselves.
  10. Contact your orthodontist to correct a malocclusion.

The more careful lip care is during peeling, the sooner they will return to normal.

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Sad statistics. In 50% of cases, harmless peeling ends with an infectious infection and an inflammatory reaction. The reason is a gross and untimely removal of exfoliating elements, crusts, skin particles, which should crumble on their own.

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5. Vitamins A and E

Capsules "Aevit" - the best assistant for peeling lips. Crush the capsule and apply its contents to the lips for 15 minutes. Sea buckthorn, linseed and jojoba oil can also be used as a mask with strong peeling.

If small jams appear in the corners of your mouth, include dairy products in your diet. Substances contained in milk neutralize saliva enzymes that provoke cracks.

7. Decorative cosmetics

When the temperature is below freezing, forget about lip glosses - they dry out your lips very much. Before going out, always apply hygienic lipstick and only at the destination (office, restaurant), proceed to lip makeup.

And further. Neither on the street nor at home lick your lips and do not peel the skin! This will only cause a chain reaction and lead to more peeling and dryness of the skin of the lips.


Solutions, tinctures and ointments based on medicinal plants: Aconitum, Belladonna, Arsenicum album, Cinnabaris, Natrium carbonicum. They have a powerful moisturizing effect, promote tissue regeneration, heal cracks, block inflammatory reactions, and anesthetize.

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  • Anti-burn products

Ointments Panthenol and Bepanten accelerate the healing process.

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  • Hydrocortisone ointment

It stops the inflammatory process, relieves pain, eliminates itching and swelling, softens peeling. Apply no more than 2 times a week. Make sure that the ointment does not get on the mucous membrane of the mouth. Contraindications: syphilis, age up to 2 years, viruses, fungi, bacterial infections, ulcers, wounds, abrasions.

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  • Petroleum jelly

One of the best and most proven means that soften the skin if it peels off very much. You can apply as often as required. The only contraindication is individual intolerance.

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  • Vitamins

Alpha-tocopherol acetate and retinol acetate (oil, ampoules, capsules), Aevit capsules, riboflavin mononucleotide, ascorbic and folic acid, cyanocobalamin (in ampoules). Lubricate with vitamin fluids (capsules are opened, and oil is squeezed out of them) lips three times a day.

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There is an opinion. For some time now, the debate about whether it is possible to smear lips with petroleum jelly has not faded on the Web. Opponents claim that the paraffin included in its composition, when creating a protective film, overdries the skin. However, wax and ointment are included in almost all cosmetics to care for this delicate part of the face.

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  • Baby cream

Apply twice a day - half an hour before going outside and before bedtime.

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  • Balms

Softening balm Mini Green Apple Lip Balm with green apple extract from the South Korean brand Tony Moly.

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Moisturizing balm Egg Balm with fruit extracts from the Russian concern Divage.

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Cicaplast Baume B5, a soothing multi-healing balm for children and adults, by La Roche Posay, a French company.

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  • Hygienic Lipsticks

Chocolate is an emollient hygienic lipstick with grated cocoa from the Russian concern Spivak.

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Moisturizing hyaluronic hygiene lipstick, as well as Aevit from Librederm.

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Intensive protection from the German company Nivea.

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Folk remedies

Rules for the use of homemade lip masks that peel off:

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  1. Wash with warm water.
  2. Pat your mouth with a paper towel.
  3. Gently apply a mask with the fingertips (around the mouth too), make sure that it does not flow and does not get on the mucous membrane.
  4. The duration of the action is from 15 minutes to half an hour.
  5. Wash off with warm water.
  6. Lubricate with a healing balm, moisturizing serum or hygienic lipstick.

After home masks, it is not recommended to go outside for an hour. It is better to do them shortly before bedtime.

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  • Sour cream mask

Mix 15 g of sour cream, 5 ml of extra virgin warm olive oil, 5 drops of lemon juice.

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  • Honey mask

Melt a small amount of fresh, non-sugared honey in a steam bath. Apply neat to the mouth area. Mask action is not limited. You can always wear it at home until the skin stops peeling.

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  • Oil mask

Heat in a water bath 20 ml of any base oil (olive, castor, cocoa, apricot kernel). Mix with 5 g of beeswax. Melt the mass. Add 5 g of petroleum jelly and 20 ml of chamomile decoction.

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  • Vitamin mask

Mix 50 ml of warm oil (suitable from wheat germ, sea buckthorn, grape seed, almond) and the contents of 2-3 capsules of oily vitamins A and E (can be replaced with Aevit).

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  • Apple mask

Mix equal amounts of applesauce and melted butter.

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  • Chocolate Balm

Melt 5 g of beeswax, mix it with warm oils: cocoa, shea, almond (10 ml each) - add 10 g of cocoa powder. Hold in a water bath for about 10 minutes. Cool until completely hardened. Store in the refrigerator for up to six months. Can be used to mitigate peeling in children.

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  • Softening balm

Mix 10 ml of melted beeswax and butter.

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  • Protective balm

Melt a tablespoon of lard, mix with 30 ml of liquid, warm honey. Allow to thicken.

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  • Wound healing oils

If the skin is not only peeling, but also cracking up to blood, lubricate the wound surface every 3 hours with either sea buckthorn oil or rose hip.

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  • Medical rubbing

2-3 times a day, lubricate with aloe juice.

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  • Tea Compress

As often as possible, apply a drunk bag of green tea.

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Visit a dermatologist so that treatment is carried out under his control. The first 2-3 days you can use more powerful medicinal ointments, then until the painful symptoms are eliminated - oils and home masks. After 2 weeks of such an intensive therapeutic course, you can not use decorative cosmetics - only medicinal: balms and hygienic lipsticks.

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Grandma’s recipe. Shake the egg yolk and brush on flaky lips. As the mask dries, apply it again and again at least 5 times. The next day the situation will improve significantly.

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