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How men and women seduce each other: a scientific look at the topic

We all heard terrible stories about the “zone of friendship”. At some point, many felt an unrequited attraction to a friend. Today, there is no consensus on whether friendship can coexist with romantic attraction. Attempts to seduce a friend have nothing to do with a completely new relationship, since success largely depends on the reliability of existing friendships. Such an adventure involves a significant risk of losing a friend. Nevertheless, if you correctly assess the situation and do everything correctly, then the result may exceed expectations.

1. How men seduce

People can talk about life and love for as long as they like. But the plan of nature is primitive: it doesn’t matter that we are happy, it needs us to multiply. Therefore, all strategies of seduction were initially formed in order to get the desired partner and continue the clan.

Show off their earnings, talent, appearance

Subconsciously, women are attracted to men with a large resource: they are evaluated as promising partners capable of feeding offspring. Therefore, all the tricks are used to prove their worth: men boast of achievements, important work, status. They show off the ability to earn money with money as much as possible.

And those who have nothing to pick up, master the art of splurging: they embellish career prospects and income levels. And, of course, they use forbidden tricks: they make fun of potential rivals, trying to reduce their "resource" in the eyes of a woman they like. It’s enough to throw a careless one: “I don’t understand why Kolyan still rides this“ beh ”three years ago ...” - and now Kolyan looks like a failure.

Show generosity

One experiment showed that men donate more to charity when women look at them, but not other men. Gifts, flowers, dates in restaurants, generous tips - all this is also a way to demonstrate: I have the resources and I am ready to share them. What is important from an evolutionary point of view for a woman: what is the use of a wealthy partner if he does not invest part of his resources in her and their common offspring.

Demonstrate dedication

The manifestation of love, devotion, and a willingness to make a commitment attract women very much. And men try to show it.

One of the brightest signals of devotion is perseverance in courtship. Such a fan will always be in touch, no matter how busy he is, will do everything to see each other often, will invite you to dates, delve into problems, help in solving them, and take care. And she certainly will not give up, being refused, but will try to conquer you again and again.

2. How women seduce

A woman invests in the birth and upbringing of offspring much more than men. We endure a long pregnancy, then infancy and feeding, we spend time, health and nerves. Biologically, we are a more valuable representative of the species for which we must fight.

Therefore, in fact, the main female strategy of seduction is to demonstrate their fertility, but this is quite problematic. To look reproductive valuable, you have to show your youth, health and physical attractiveness.

Demonstrate fidelity

At a time when strategies for sexual behavior were just emerging, a man could understand that children were born from him only if his woman was faithful to him.

Female loyalty is considered attractive and seductive in our time. And they are trying to show it: they ignore the attention of other fans, showing their interest in one particular man.

Pretend to be "cute with some idiots"

Modesty, humility and apparent submission show a man that a woman will not resist if he plans to seduce her. Women are well aware of this: it is easier to get a man’s sexual attention if you have a casual conversation, twisting your curl with your fingers, than wearing a casual bunch and discussing the need to protect the environment.

True, this behavior is not an indicator of female stupidity at all. This is just a signal that the woman herself wants only sex. Yes, but what did you think she seduces solely in the name of creating a family?

No persistence or attention

It disappears, does not ring, then suddenly appears, depicting a hurricane of feelings. All these are the antonyms of devotion and care. Or, having received a refusal, loses interest and disappears from your life.

“Imitating devotion is difficult and expensive, as it is judged by repeated signals for a long time. Men who are only interested in casual sex usually don’t spend too much effort, ”writes David Bass.