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What is WhatsApp Status


Many users of the popular messenger are wondering how to see the status in VatsApe with themselves or their interlocutor, as well as how you can understand whether it is visible who is watching statuses in Votsap, and whether this is possible. Here are the main nuances of installing a text notification by users of a mobile application.

WhatsApp Statuses - How to View, Set Status

Recently, the messenger began to develop animated statuses, which successfully replace the usual text. Such a photo or a short video left by the messenger user will be immediately visible to all chat participants. But in order to see a text notification from a contact, you need to perform a series of the following actions.

  1. Go to the "Status».
  2. Select the person you are interested in from the contact list.
  3. When you click on the interlocutor, the page will display his current mood with a text or multimedia message.

If you feel like commenting on the status of the contact, then click on the “Reply” button at the bottom of the screen. What does it mean when the page that opens does not show the story? It only says that the person in question has not yet used this feature.

Who watched my story

Many are also interested in such questions as who can see the status of the participants in the correspondence, whether all the statuses in Votsap are somehow ranked, who can watch the update of the interlocutor’s history. The tracking function of someone else’s visits to the profile is not provided by the developers of the messenger. This is done to comply with the principle of privacy. You can only see the total number of page views.

If you still need to find out who is visiting the page, the participant can use third-party programs for this, for example, “Who watched me»For Android. However, here it is worth paying attention and caution.

How to put status on WhatsApp

Everyone is interested in the main question, how to put status in VatsApe or how to change history by adding new elements?

The task of how to set the desired notification in the form of a picture, video or text is solved by the following few steps:

  • Launch the mobile messenger.
  • Open section "Status".
  • Then you can use two options:

Camera. Used to snapshot photos or videos, select ready-made items from the image gallery. It is possible to add text, emoticons, signatures and other elements to the generated message.

Text. Sets the entered text as a notification. You can choose the background color and font to your liking.

  • Press button "Submit".

It should be remembered that the installed message will be posted on the page only for 24 hours.

The generated content is easy to edit. You can crop a picture, draw something new, add stickers, a signature, etc. So, knowing this simple algorithm, the question of how to make the status in VacApe beautiful and interesting loses its relevance.


The messenger developers are trying to bring the functions of social networks into it. “Status” refers precisely to such changes, in its capabilities it is somewhat reminiscent of Instagram Story. The bottom line is that any user can post a note from their profile, accompanying it with photos or videos prepared in advance or taken on the spot. The message will be displayed during the day, after which it will be automatically deleted.

Change privacy settings

It is important to remember that only people whose contacts are in the user's address book can watch stories.

In standard mode, all interlocutors see the current history of the participant. To set privacy in relation to viewing, perform the following operations:

  1. Open section "Status".
  2. Click "Menu", Further - "Privacy".
  3. Mark those participants to whom you allow viewing of history.

Changing these settings does not apply to stories that were previously published.

Delete alert

The messenger's memory stores stories for a limited time - only one day.

The user can also manually delete his notification. For a better understanding of how to remove status in the WhatsApp mobile application, the following instructions are provided:

  1. Open the desired section.
  2. Click on the icon with the image of three points near the field “My status».
  3. Press and hold on the status.
  4. Select icon "Basket" for removing.

The notification will be deleted from the application and from other participants.

You can also delete a story directly while viewing it. Swipe (swipe) from the bottom up, and then click on the trash can icon.

The addition of functions for installing and viewing stories in the WhatsApp mobile application aroused new interest of users and allowed the application to catch a new wave in the sea of ​​innovations for mobile instant messengers. This functionality noticeably enlivens communication between participants.

What is status?

The use of status in the messenger is a successful development. Using this tab, communication becomes more lively and comfortable. What is the status in WhatsApp and what features are hidden here. Status allows you to:

  • add your favorite quote
  • to congratulate a loved one on a significant event,
  • share an interesting photo,
  • point to an interesting event in life,
  • add animation and video,
  • mark your location.

With the help of the status, you can control which of the users see your actions. You can do this by deleting and adding contacts.

Status Setting

Everything is clear with the features of the function, now we’ll figure out how to put status in Vatsap. To do this is quite simple:

  1. Open the messenger app.
  2. Go to the Status tab.
  3. Now click on the pencil icon and enter the desired message. You can skip this step if you want to publish a photo or video.

This is just for adding a text entry. Publishing a media file is performed by the “Camera” icon. A quick tap on the shutter button takes a photo, a long one starts a video. Recording stops when you remove your finger. To open the gallery, swipe up on the screen. Editing and filtering functions are available.

After attaching a photo or video, you can add a note. There are several media files available for attaching. When editing is completed, confirm the publication by clicking on the button with the airplane.

An unsuccessful message or an incorrect picture - all this can push the user to the thought: "How to delete status in Vatsap." And there are two options: wait a day until the post disappears automatically, or do it yourself.

In the second case, you need to open the status and select the delete item. Moreover, it is not necessary to erase everything, you can remove a separate photo or video.

The way to see the status in Vatsap is very simple. It is enough to launch the application from a mobile device, and then scroll to the appropriate tab. But you should understand that only your notes and posts from added contacts are displayed.

Attention: This function is supported not only on Android or iOS, but also on computers. Run the stationary or web version of Vatsap, in front of the miniature profile avatar there is a dotted circle icon. Click on it, then you will get access to view your and other people's notes. However, you cannot add or edit them in this case.

Status Issues

There are two problems with the “Status” function: in the corresponding tab it is empty, or it is completely absent. In the second case, the thing is that not the latest version of the application is installed on the mobile device. If you have an iPhone, open the App Store and upgrade. Android owners need to go to the Play Market, score in WhatsApp and download the latest update.

In the first case, the added users simply do not use this feature. Be the first to set an example for your loved ones.

How to set the status on Andro>

  • We look at the application interface and go to the Status line,
  • click on the icon, and you can start shooting a report about yourself and your pastime (yes, like live broadcast),
  • if you don’t want to, create a text message, take a photo or video from the phone’s gallery,

  • Submit button completes the case.

We can also tell you how to put the status in Vatsap on Android in the form of simple text, if you do not want excesses).

To do this, go to the profile settings and go to the item: “Information and phone number”, then with a flick of the wrist we change the text available in the window.

Establishing status on the iPhone is also easy:

  • launch the messenger and go to the same section of the lower menu where you will write your thoughts,
  • press the button, and a screen appears so that you can broadcast or post several pictures with pictures,
  • or choose something else: text, a picture from the smartphone gallery, a funny gif,

  • click on Send and wait for the reaction of friends. Do not forget that in 24 hours all your work will turn into a pumpkin) Or rather it just disappears, this is their "trick"

It’s similarly simple to make a text version of such a message, who loves the more standard version, then do it through “Details” and instead of dry “Available” or “Busy” we write some original slogan, in this case it will not need to be updated after 24 hours )

Thank you for being with us! Drop in again!

Why are we setting statuses in Votsap?

  • it’s a great way to express yourself in various forms of online communication,
  • well suited to make friends laugh and cheer them up,
  • attracts interlocutors and may be an invitation to an inter-discussion,
  • The original version is to convey greetings, confess your love and congratulate you on the holiday.

What status can I put in Vatsap?

Absolutely anyone, but within reason: you should not be too frank or angry with the whole world. In the end, we are all emotional people, and you can hurt or offend someone with your statement.

Choose something light, funny, dreamy or unrealistically funny so that everyone bursts out laughing. Do not forget about the image, but remain yourself.

  • I'm still waiting and waiting for my Prince. Has his horse broken?
  • I prefer to be smart and sometimes fall into a stupor than to be stupid and clever from time to time.
  • A dead end in a relationship - like a dead end on the road: there’s nowhere to go, but standing still does not make sense.
  • May everyone who reads these lines become even happier!
  • If I broke up with you, this does not mean that we will not get married.
  • Life is the same as school: the most interesting thing is change.
  • Life should be like a theatrical play: no matter how long it lasted, if only it was well played.
  • A woman is such a weak and defenseless creature that you just cannot be saved from her!
  • I do not like to drink beer with squid. Better with friends.
  • If I am silent and do not mind, I most likely sleep.
  • Sometimes I look in the eyes of my girlfriend and forget that we are not sisters by blood ... I love you!
  • Empathy is easy to get. Envy needs to be earned.
  • Gray-eyed charm, blue-eyed fall in love, but only guys with brown eyes drive me crazy!
  • Thank you for the beautiful past! And let us have no present and future ... anyway.
  • If there were no children in life, it would be like Paradise without angels.

And on this page we have collected the most beautiful statuses from the entire network.

They blocked me, but I see a photo on the avatar. And not like everyone else. How is this possible? Reply ↓

When will it be possible to upload tracks to status? Reply ↓

Hello. How to upload a long video status. It only loads me for 30 seconds Reply ↓

And how to put a video clip with a duration of 5 minutes or a little less in Vatsap on iPhone 5s status? Reply ↓

I want to set my photo, but do not update it every 24 hours. How to do it? Reply ↓

Status is updated every 24 hours - this is the internal settings of the application. But you can set an avatar 1 time and for a long time. Reply ↓

Tell me how you can set the status through the computer? Reply ↓

Good day! It is not yet possible to do this through a PC. Reply ↓

How to install

How to put status in Vatsap depends on what kind it is. The messenger offers a text and photo / video note. To change it, you must:

  • open the menu
  • choose "Settings"
  • click on the avatar
  • select the inscription "Phone number and details»,
  • click on the pencil image
  • write the desired text and click "OK".

Sometimes it is not possible to save the text, which means that the number of valid characters is exceeded. You just need to shorten the text.

Instead of a text quote, it is possible to set a picture or video. This status is deleted one day after creation. To add:

  • click on the camera icon
  • take a picture or shoot a video, you can also download your favorite file from the Internet,
  • add a signature if necessary,
  • to press "Submit".

It is possible to add multiple images. When viewed, they will be displayed in a specific order.

Sometimes you need to remove the status in Vatsap - how to do it? It is impossible to delete status completely, that is, to make it empty, in the application, you still need to write a new one in place of the old text. But those that were created using media files can be permanently excluded. You can do this as follows:

  • click on the menu item (button with the image of three points),
  • select a photo or video to delete,
  • press the desired file and hold it for a few seconds,
  • a checkmark will appear next, and then click on the image in the form of a basket.

This completes the removal. It is worth noting that you can delete several of these files at once. This is done by selecting two or more photos or videos.

How to view statuses in WhatsApp

Often, a newly registered user does not know how to view the status in Vatsap. In fact, everything is simple:

  • launch the application,
  • Scroll Vatsap to the desired tab,
  • browse contacts messages.

It is worth noting who can watch quotes. User notes are available to those contacts that are located directly in the phone’s notebook. To view it, you must have an account in the messenger.

Important! The function for viewing notes of WhatsApp users is also available on the computer. The only drawback is the lack of the ability to edit and add statuses through a PC.

Possible problems

The function may be inoperative:

  • emptiness in the corresponding tab,
  • complete lack of clause.

Often the solution is to install the latest updates. This can be done in the Play Store, if you use Android, or in the App Store, if - iPhone.

Using a messenger facilitates communication. The status of the user gives an idea of ​​his mood or intentions. If you encounter serious problems in use, you can contact technical support. You can also download vatsap on pc.