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Exactly. The presence of pubic hair is a key difference between a mature man and a boy. So say anthropologists. Women are also sure that the hair between the legs is a sign of a real male. In the groin are glands that secrete pheromones. Hair increases the spread of individual odors. Women are sensitive to male pheromones. Smells attract them like magnets. Therefore, owners of lush vegetation between the legs can count on the favor of the girls.

Pubic hair curls - why is this happening?

So nature conceived. Pubic hair is thicker and coarser. This is due to the fact that the main purpose of the hairline is to protect sensitive parts of the body from friction. The vegetation between the legs performs other functions. Pubic hair is a natural defense against bacteria. For this reason, many do not shave vegetation in the groin. To follow such a tendency or to shave off hair is everyone's personal business. But do not forget that curly hair keeps the smells produced by the body well. Therefore, men with lush vegetation attract women.

What is pubic hair care?

There is nothing complicated about it. If you want to have a magnificent hair in the groin, smear your hair with balm. This is an effective tool that gives the hair volume and silkiness. Is this relevant for men? How to say…
If an additional volume is not needed, limit yourself to a simple soap. Then the hair will be clean and well-groomed.

How long does pubic hair grow?

Do not worry. Too long hair does not happen, so the hair does not get out of the legs. People who never cut the vegetation in the intimate area do not feel discomfort. On average, the length of the pubic hair is 2-7 cm. This is a limitation laid down by nature. But there are exceptions to the rules. South Africa has a unique record. Pubic hair in a man reached the knees. This is a phenomenal phenomenon. But, was the man happy for him?
- This is a rhetorical question.

Perhaps baldness in the groin?

With age, changes occur in the body. After 50 years, representatives of the stronger sex decrease the amount of testosterone. For this reason, the hair in the groin becomes thinner and falls out. This is an age change that you can’t argue with. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that in old age the vegetation in the intimate zone will disappear.

I want to shave my hair. What will be the consequences?

An interesting study was conducted at the University of California. Its results make you think about whether to shave hair in the groin. It was found that woeful hairdressers are in trouble. Men get to the hospital with wounds that were obtained by shaving the sensitive area. This is due to the fact that many blood vessels are located under the skin.
The statistics are sad: 83% of genital injuries are cuts from a razor, and 22% are punctured with scissors. But that's not all. In many cases, hot wax damage occurs. Does this happen?
- Yes, if you water yourself with candle wax.

Is it possible to guarantee absolute security?

- Not.
Even with proper handling of the razor, one cannot be completely calm. Your little thing changes in size. In the normal state, the skin on the genitals lies in folds. Many bacteria live there. While harmful microorganisms are on the skin, they are not scary. If the skin is injured by a razor, an abscess and even Fournier gangrene can form. There is a lot of information and pictures about this on the Internet. Check them out if you want to know the truth.
- We warn you right away: the sight is terrifying.

What to do: take an example from the ancestors and not shave off the vegetation in the intimate zone?

“The choice is up to you.”
If you do not like the lush hair between your legs, use advanced techniques. This refers to waxing or sugar. Such procedures cause pain, but for the sake of the result, you can endure everything. Smooth skin lasts for several weeks. This is a great indicator. You can go the other way using an electric shaver. This is a good alternative. If you are sure that the vegetation between the legs gives sexuality and attracts women, just follow daily hygiene.

Why do pubic hair curl?

Pubic hair is usually thicker and coarser than the rest of the hairline - and all because they should protect your skin from abrasion. Another equally important function of these curls is to protect your skin from bacteria. Finally, the third purpose of lush hair - the capture of pheromones secreted from the sweat glands in the groin. It was once believed - at least a couple of million years ago - that this smell should attract women like a magnet. And curly hair retains all the aromas much better.

Lush pubic vegetation - a sign of masculinity?

We do not undertake to give you definite advice on caring for this very vegetation, but know: once, according to anthropologists, thick pubic hair was considered a sign of unequivocal brutality. It was the presence of pubic hair that distinguished the small boy from the sexually mature man, and the owner of the most magnificent curts could claim the largest number of women.

How long can pubic hair reach?

There are people who have never trimmed pubic hair - and yet, not a single hair is still knocked out of their legs. How so? The average length of the frontal hair ranges from two to seven centimeters - they simply do not grow further. (A similar “program” is recorded in the hair follicles). However, history knows one record holder from South Africa, whose vegetation has reached the knees.

Going to shave my pubic hair. What should I expect?

First things first, be careful with the blades. According to the results of a study at the University of California, grief barbers regularly fall into emergency room with wounds caused by intimate shaving. Just think how many veins and arteries there are! Want some statistics? 83% of member injuries are caused by razor cuts, 22% by scissors punctures, and finally only 1.4% by hot wax injuries. You ask how self-stylists managed to harm themselves with wax? Yes, yes, they watered themselves with a candle.

How safe is shaving - unless, of course, my arms grow out of my shoulders?

Not as much as we would like. Since all of your personal belongings can perfectly vary in size, in a calm state, the skin on them lies in folds - and whole colonies of bacteria live in them. As long as they are on the skin, they are not afraid of you, but if you hurt her at least a little bit - and hi, cellulite, abscesses and Fournier gangrene (we warn you: google pictures at your own peril and risk!).

So, take an example from great-great-great ancestors and walk with a mane between your legs?

Here you decide. Expressing yourself in a pompous way, choose your path: if you want to be perfectly smooth, use wax or sugar epilation (it hurts, but your smoothness will last a week, or even two), if you just want the hair not sticking out in all directions, use an electric razor - it much safer. If you are sure that shaggy testicles make you a sex magnet, then just do not forget about daily hygiene.

Thickness, Thickness, and Curly Edit

Pubic hair can be either thin or thick, both sparse and thick regardless of gender. Curly pubic hair may depend on race, nationality, as well as color (dark hair curls more strongly than white). Curliness can vary from very curly to completely straight. Pubic hair has a triangular cross-section, pubic louse is well adapted to movement through such hair.

Color Edit

Pubic hair, like axillary hair, can vary greatly in color from the hair on the head. In most people, they are usually darker than the hair on the head, but sometimes they are lighter. The color of pubic hair is very different: white, light, red, blond, black. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the color of the pubic hair is as close as possible not to the color of the hair on the head, but to the natural color of the eyebrows.

Hair Extent Edit

In women, a smaller body area is covered with pubic hair and rarely significantly extends beyond the bikini area. In men, more often the pubic area continuously passes into the hairline of the legs and abdomen. This is due to the different hormonal levels in the sexes.

In addition, hair may vary in length, position and shape of the hair growth zone, etc.

  • Pubic haircuts and shaving exist in many cultures. For example, in Islam, regular pubic hair removal is encouraged. Hair removal methods are depilation (when only the visible part of the hair is removed) and hair removal (when the hair is removed along with the hair root).

“Fitra means five things: circumcision, shortening of the mustache, cutting of nails, plucking hair under the armpits and shaving of pubic hair.”

The motives for changing the natural appearance of pubic hair can be fashion, religion, tradition, sexual experience, for example for oral sex, tactile sensations, better appearance, hygiene, discomfort, such as sweating from heat or itching, hair removal that is visible from underwear or swimsuit, own style.

Styles Edit

Changing the appearance of their pubic hair relative to natural, as well as leaving them unchanged, speaks primarily about the lifestyle of a person. Designer Mary Quantum became famous when her husband gave her an intimate green heart-shaped hairstyle on her pubis.

Some styles are given below:

  • Natural style: without any hair cutting or extra care.
  • Normal haircut: the hair is cut in length, but do not remove and do not shave.
  • Triangle: The hair is removed (usually with wax) on the sides, forming a triangle so that the pubic hair is not visible from under the leotard. The amount of hair removed can vary significantly: from alignment along the bikini line to removing two to three centimeters on each side of the bikini line. The length of the remaining hair is from two to eight centimeters.
  • Brazilian style - the most famous style of intimate hairstyles, includes the removal of all pubic hair, but sometimes a thin vertical strip of hair can be left, the length of which is no more than five millimeters.
  • Iroquois: hair removal on the left and right, making the remaining sticking up.
  • Under the mohawk: hair style as in the "Iroquois" style, but without pubic shaving.
  • Dyed hair: dye pubic hair in the color of the hair on the head or in order to give it a unique look.
  • Under the hedgehog: a short haircut of all hair, except for a small but long pigtail (also known as a “haircut” haircut).
  • Others: V-shaped, heart shapes, arrows, initials, fruits and so on. These are all variants of the Brazilian style, where the design is formed from pubic hair with a completely shaved vulva in women and a penis and testicles in men.