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Birds were washed from fuel oil like utensils

Before cleaning the bird from oil products, rescuers will examine it for wounds and damage. The bird may show cuts, scratches, or even a sprained leg, a broken wing. A badly wounded bird must first be cured and only then cleaned. in waterfowl, a special grease is formed on the feathers, which makes them waterproof. Unfortunately, it is impossible to wash off oil products, leaving this protection. The bird will have to spend a week in a special cage with an artificial pond to restore the protective layer, and only after that it can be released into the wild.

Important rules for a person who finds a bird stained in petroleum products

  • Remember that seabirds are wild animals that fear humans.
  • Keep your cat or dog away from the bird.
  • Specialists should clean the bird. Be sure to ask for help!
  • Some animal rescue centers accept volunteer assistance. Why don't you try doing this?
  • Seabirds are not pets. After assisting, they need to be returned to the wild as soon as possible.

Rescuers place under the supervision of stronger seabirds to ensure that they can be released into the wild.

Seabirds are wild animals. Therefore, saving a bird, one must not forget that it will need to be released into the wild. But how pleasant it is to think that a week after she was found helpless on the beach, the bird can again return to its usual habitat!

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