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How to maintain a uniform style for all rooms in the apartment

There will be no advice on how to make the apartment more luxurious, more beautiful or, God forgive me, more elegant. This is not a list of design tips for dummies or ways to give your cave an expensive look for little money. Today we will tell you how to make your apartment look like a refuge for a grown man.

It’s hard to get older in many ways, but there is one plus: you get more dough. You can spend it in different ways. For example, there are dudes who have a good job and a decent salary, and they spend it guess what? On a leather sofa, indecent giant plasma and PS 4.

Today we will show you how to make your den more like an apartment of a full-fledged adult. It’s more pleasant to live there, and call guests too: women will immediately treat you with baboutwith the greatest trepidation when they see the impressive appearance of your apartment.

Not only in the bathroom to shave. In the hallway and in the room, too, let it be in the mirror. Why? Mirrors visually expand the space, the room looks larger, and they are everywhere to the place. Yes, and serves a more adult look.

2. Pictures within

Any apartment, even the most Soviet, takes on a more representative appearance if paintings appear there. Not Picasso or Rubens. Any garbage will look more or less classic if you put it in a frame. If you have posters or prints hanging, buy frames for them, everything is better.

No special fabric or ornament. You just go to the store and buy those that do not seem terrible to you, and then hang them in the apartment instead of blinds or instead of emptiness. Blinds are for offices and teenagers. Or for the post-Soviet consciousness, to which the blinds seem to be something "European and new."

4. Cupboard with booze

With age, people do not stop drinking, they just start doing it differently. Previously, you immediately drank the alcohol you bought, and now it is time to keep a bar and have a choice so that you can drink after work, whiskey, rum or vermouth, depending on your mood. Drink a glass, not the whole bottle without help.

5. Shelf clean dishes

This is an adult at once for several reasons. Firstly, you will not have the motley plates that you took from your parental home, because they are no longer needed there, but you need something from something. Secondly, clean dishes qualify you as an adult. Thirdly, if she is in the closet, and does not languish next to the sink on the towel, then you are generally the standard of responsibility.

No girl's candles with raspberries and the aroma of pin colada. However, a few thick candles decorate the house here and there, refresh the interior and do your service when the public services once again show you an ass and turn off the light. Yes, and friends will appreciate.

No need to plant a front garden. One bush in the corner, a couple of cacti - and you're done. Here you have fresh color and maturity. Just do not forget to water.

The dude was right: the carpet is vital. It connects different areas of the room. Buy a carpet. Not Soviet, of course, not Soviet! It will be anti ... a teenage riot against carpets when you yelled: “This will not happen in my house!” Extra points if it has a cool print. Just not a cow skin, I beg.

9. Do not ride in Ikea from head to toe

Ikea is a thrill: there you can find everything you need in the apartment, even delicious food. You can buy everything at once and do not bathe. However, one cannot give in to temptation. If you do so, you will have an exemplary spherical house in a vacuum without any features. Nobody says to run away from Ikea like from fire: it’s cheap and beautiful there. Just go to other stores, otherwise you'll live like in a showroom.

Just about the main thing

First you need to decide on the future interior design. From all the variety you need to choose the appropriate style in which all wishes and preferences will be taken into account. It can be practical minimalism or luxurious rococo. It is imperative to take into account the dimensions of the premises, as for the implementation of some of the styles, spacious areas are required.

After selecting a stylistic direction, you need to choose the color scheme of the walls. Design in one color should not be. This will make the design boring and monotonous. For decoration, you can consider options in pastel colors. Or use different tones of the same color. Or choose a primary color and dilute it with elements of a contrasting color spectrum.

The choice of color palette for flooring also plays an important role. Light shades of the floor visually increase the space, while dark shades look noble. If the dimensions of the apartment are small, it will be an excellent solution to combine the space with a single floor covering. Visually, this approach will add rooms lacking space.

Ceiling space must also be competently beat. The color scheme of the ceiling should overlap with the selected colors of the walls and floor. This will allow you to make the right emphasis and reveal the benefits of the selected design. The combination of a light ceiling and a dark floor can be called a classic. Perfectly fits into any interior and creates a cozy atmosphere in the room.

The advantages of a unified interior style

This technique, popular with most people, of combining all the rooms of an apartment has several advantages:

  1. With it, you can achieve visual expansion of space.
  2. The interior of the apartment, made in one style, looks fashionable and modern.
  3. You can easily rearrange furniture and interior items, since they correspond to the same style.
  4. A great option for the design of a typical small-sized apartment.

Attention to detail

Properly selected furniture is of particular importance. It should match the chosen style. Presented in a wide assortment of models of upholstered and cabinet furniture, they are perfect for simple concise interiors, for example, in the Scandinavian style. And classic options will be chosen by connoisseurs of Provence or Art Deco.

Do not forget about interior items and textiles. Paintings, vases, pillows and rugs should be appropriate in the interior and complement it. However, you need to decorate the rooms moderately so as not to overload the space and not distract from the main design idea.

So that the space is not oversaturated with small details, but has a single concept, it is enough to arrange objects from the same material in the rooms, but different in purpose. For example, an old grandfather clock, a candelabrum and a figurine made of wood and placed in different rooms will create a feeling of unity of the entire living space.

1. Ikea Place (iOS and Android)

This application received a huge amount of advertising at launch, as it was one of the first to use the Apple ARKit platform on the iPhone. And the advertisement didn’t lie at all - this is an excellent application that allows you to place virtual furniture in your apartment.

You just need to walk a couple of tens of seconds around the house so that the smartphone’s camera “sees” the room and the floor, and then select a virtual piece of furniture - for example, a chair, sofa, bed, desk or wardrobe and set it in the desired place.

Items will be visible where they were installed, while you can walk around the room and examine them from different angles.

2. Housecraft (iOS)

This application is very similar to Ikea Place, but it is more designed to see how the room will look with a bunch of new pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, the furniture presented in the application is impossible to buy. So this is more of a semblance of a Sims game in real life, allowing you to see how the new environment will look.

But Housecraft works very high quality, objects look quite realistic and remain in place when a person moves around the room. And most importantly, there is no ad in Housecraft. What is also interesting, in the application, there is a wide range of potted plants, so you can see how the "green" room will look.

3. DecoratOR (iOS)

The next app from Graham & Brown, a wallcovering company, lets you cover real walls with virtual wallpapers using Augmented Reality.

You need to go around the room with the phone to calibrate the camera, then indicate to the application where the corners of a particular wall are located. It takes only a couple of seconds, after which you can begin to cover the wall with virtual wallpaper. However, the application can not "see" any objects in front of the wall, it simply imposes wallpaper on the entire wall, closing the TV, cabinets and everything else.

This makes using the application a bit difficult, but it is ideal for large (or completely empty) rooms. The application accurately estimates the size of the walls, then reports how many rolls of wallpaper will be required, and how much it will cost. In memory there is a huge assortment of wallpapers, and the picture has a fairly high resolution, which allows you to consider the texture of the material close.

4. Dulux Visualizer (iOS and Android)

Paint Dulux recently released Visualizer AR, which is designed for “digital wall painting” in real time. The application works very fast and surprisingly high quality. For example, you can see what the walls will be, and the real furniture in front of them.

In addition to painting the internal walls, the application can “paint” the walls outside the house, as well as apply virtual wood processing - to flooring and fences.

What is especially interesting, with the help of Dulux Visualizer you can take a picture of an object and then find paint of the same color as this object.

5. Paint Tester (iOS and Android)

An alternative to Dulux is Paint Tester. The free version applies paint to photographs of the walls and is quite capable of dealing with painting only the right place without affecting the TV, furniture and carpet. If the application is mistaken in something, you can add or remove paint manually.

6. Lumos (iOS)

Knowing how sunlight falls into a room can help to properly arrange your furniture (and plants) in order to maximize the use of space. Of course, if someone has been living in his apartment for some time, then he himself already knows what and how, but Lumos is useful if a person is looking at a house or apartment to move or has just moved.

You need to run the application so that it can "see" the geographic location, and after that a software simulation of how the rays of the sun will fall through the window throughout the day will start. If you need a similar application for Android, you can try Sun & Moon Finer AR.

7. MagicPlan (iOS and Android)

And finally, MagicPlan is one of several smartphone apps that use augmented reality to measure the size of the room and create its exact layout.

You need to look at your room through the camera and "tell" the application where the corners are located. Then a detailed layout of the room is created, on which you can add doors, windows, furniture, cabinets, appliances and other items.

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How to come up with an apartment design? Stage number 1.

The “inventing” of interior design begins primarily with the function of the room. It would be more correct to think about beauty and the design itself after the 1st stage.

The 1st stage can be divided into sub stages:

  1. First, think about convenience and functionality.
  2. Then we create the layout

We think over those. task for yourself

To do this, look at your lifestyle from the side and think about the following questions:

  • Do you have children, pets? Perhaps planned?
  • How many people live in the house / will live in the future?
  • For which of your hobbies should a place be allocated in the house (reading, sports, etc.)?
  • How much space does one have to store?

The last point is especially important, since your future convenience will depend on its careful study. Someone has rollers, a bicycle, fishing rods (and you never know who have any hobbies!) - there should be space for all these things, they should not be “shoved” somehow in a beautiful interior - because it will not be create beauty.

Ideally, I would recommend reviewing all your cabinets and noting what and where to store it now, identifying all the pros and cons of such storage, and also providing for a supply of free space. Next, think over cabinets, bedside tables, mezzanines, kicks, shelves - everything for storing things.

The choice of style will depend on the answers to all these questions. For example, the Japanese style is not suitable for those who have small children, due to the angularity of its forms.

We create a planning solution

Zoning and arranging furniture form the basis for creating a design project.

Therefore, you need to create a plan for your apartment with furniture (planning solution). What is needed for this:

  1. To think over all functionality: what furniture and home decoration you need. We have already sorted this out when we thought out TK for ourselves.
  2. Zoning space. Again, if you saw yourself from the side, coming up with a layout will no longer be a big problem.

To facilitate the task, you can draw a plan of the apartment (room), cut out all the furniture on a scale and twist it on the plan. If you like technological progress, you can build a plan and even make 3D visualization in free and fairly simple programs for interior design, which I already wrote about.

How to come up with a room design? Stage number 2: ideas.

Where to get inspiration? How to come up with a room design? This question is faced not only by professional designers, but primarily by those who do the interior design with their own hands.

First of all, inspiration and ideas are closely related to the concept. I suggest you watch my video tutorial, which will clearly demonstrate this concept to you.

Speaking in words, a concept is a certain idea that reflects your entire interior. This is a certain feeling that should be transmitted to us from the interior with the help of textures, textures, colors. This is the message that design bears.

The concept is also closely related to the color scheme. In order not to suffer with the choice of color, as well as with the concept itself, the site In Color Balance offers us many options and ideas. This is where you can get inspiration!

Secondly, come up with a room design will help you style. You can read about styles here. I recommend that you look through all the styles so that you can definitely make your choice.

What is the interior of? Details

When you select the desired style, read in detail what elements it consists of (in my articles I structured describe all the components).

  • Materials: for floor, for walls, for ceiling
  • Subject filling (furniture, appliances, household appliances, lamps, etc.)
  • Decor

And all these elements should be united by a common idea, which we talked about in the second stage - the concept and / or style.

Example. Take as a basis some form, line or pattern that repeats from room to room. It can be lamps similar in shape or a panel on all interior doors. This is not an easy task, but you can simplify it for yourself by watching the video course “To Your Own Designer”, where all the information you need is already ready, ready-made.

When choosing materials for a room, remember about design techniques. For example, reflective surfaces visually expand the space, and matte ones scatter light and create coziness.

How to come up with a room design. Stage 3: collage

How to do interior collage I told in great detail, I highly recommend reading. In short, all you need is magazine clippings, glue, scissors and paper. You can also make a collage using programs.

The basic recipe for creating a collage is this:

  1. We take a picture in which there are the desired colors or style - that is, an idea, a concept from which we will build on.
  2. We make the color gamut from this concept (again, using the program it is more convenient to do this).
  3. We are looking for pictures on the Internet or a magazine that are suitable in style and color to our idea.
  4. Compose everything on a white background, discard the excess.

Here is such a beauty should be the result: