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Draw a penguin


Step 1. Here is what I used to draw the penguins with a pencil: two large graphite pencils, A, 5 mm mechanical pencil, eraser, shading paper and white acrylic marker. The drawing paper itself is very textured rather than smooth. The texture of the paper will give a much more realistic look to this pattern.

Step 2. Well, I forgot to mention the graphite stick in the materials section, but this is really the only step in which you use it. Rub lightly graphite across the length of the page. The result should look very grainy due to the texture of the paper.

Step 3. Using either your shading or a paper towel / cloth, walk them around the sheet, smoothly blurring the background. The texture should still be visible.

Step 4. Good! It is time to sketch our penguin family. Use a pencil for graphite at this stage and do not worry about accuracy. At this stage, draw a sketch and proceed to the next step.

Step 5. Ok, now it's time to erase some of the shaded outline! Using your eraser, remove the lightest parts of the body of the penguins, lighten their belly, the neck of their parents and the faces of their chicks.

Step 6. Now, using your mechanical pencil, begin to draw the details and outlines of the drawing.

Step 7. In this step, we begin to darken the picture by combining mechanical and wooden pencils. Notice how I darkened the faces of adult penguins. I also erased a small space around the penguins to add more contrast between them and the background.

Step 8. Here I added more darkness and contrast to the image. I also began to draw in more detail the bodies of the penguins.

Step 9. In this step you see the result of adding darkness and detail. Please note that I also erased the larger outline around the penguins.

Step 10. It's time to add details to these adorable penguins! Only it seems to me, or do they really look like owls?)

Step 11. Here is the result of the previous step ...

Step 12. Now, using an acrylic marker, begin to draw light areas and outlines. Also brighten up the background. You can also add texture to the ground to make it look more like snow.

Step 13. Here we have a happy family of flightless birds =)

Let's try to draw another penguin

Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, look carefully at the picture where the penguin is drawn. Look at the location of the penguin, how and where different parts of the body are located.

In the center of the picture, the body of a penguin is drawn, the penguin's back and tail are on the right, the penguin’s head is on top, and the penguin’s legs are drawn below.

Now, in the same way, mentally, divide your sheet of paper for different parts of the penguin's body.

First, start drawing a penguin from the trunk in the very center, draw a large, vertical oval - this will be the body of the penguin. Draw a small oval from above - this will be the head of the penguin.

Connect the head and body with two small, curved lines.

From below draw small penguin legs.

On the right side draw a penguin flippers, the flippers should be large, full-length, slightly pointed below.

Now draw a penguin eye and beak, the beak should be a little slightly pointed.

Erase excess lines that are no longer needed, circle the outline of the penguin in a brighter way.

See how beautiful penguin you got. Color the penguin, as shown in the top picture, color the back and head in black, the breast in white, and paint near the head in yellow.

Stages of drawing penguins:

A pair of cute penguins are sitting near each other. To draw them at the first stage, it will be enough to draw two circles in the center of the sheet.

Now distribute the border outline on the body of the penguins.

In the lower part of each body we draw two tiny ovals on the sides. Get the cute penguin paws.

Draw the eyes. The penguin on the left side will be open. Therefore, we depict them in the form of ovals. But the eyes of the right animal are closed. So we will draw them in the form of two arcs.

We begin to draw a beak for each penguin.

Draw on the top of each muzzle one arc and get ready beaks. It is also necessary to draw one wing on each side.

Now draw a long and warm scarf using simple lines. A pair of penguins snuggled together in it and enjoy the time together.

We remove the auxiliary lines to prepare the drawing for drawing colored pencils.

So, first we take a black pencil. They will paint the main body of the penguins. We also completely fill in the oval eyes and give the outline to the small elements in the picture.

With a yellow pencil we completely color two beaks and two pairs of paws. Apply an orange tone to the base color to add volume to the elements obtained.

We will create a blue scarf and for this purpose we use pencils of several tones at once.

At the last stage, you can adjust some elements in the picture so that it looks even better. At this stage-by-stage drawing of penguins is completed.

Now you know how to draw a penguin easy and simple.

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