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Jealousy has always been an ambiguous feeling. Some are jealous because they love and are afraid to lose. Others are jealous because they are dissatisfied with the behavior of their partners. It is not necessary to say that jealousy helps in strengthening relations, because often on this basis people part. However, girls often begin to look for ways to make guys jealousy and be afraid to lose them if violent feelings subside in a relationship.

Jealousy is multifaceted, so you should look at the situation. The online magazine does not recommend absolutely everyone to be jealous of their partners, as some people react negatively to this. If there is no jealousy, then there is no trust. And why continue to continue the relationship if you do not trust?

To understand whether you need to cause jealousy in your boyfriend, you need to turn to past experience? Surely there were cases when a guy was jealous. Then everything happened by chance and not on purpose. Remember how the guy then behaved and what he was ready to do. If the guy again tried to conquer you and fall in love with himself, then he can cause jealousy to renew feelings. If your boyfriend was angry and even was ready to part with you, then you should not resort to this method of restoring feelings. You will have to look for other ways to return them.

How to make a guy jealous?

It is commonly believed that if he is jealous, then he loves. Psychologists are willing to argue with this. Not every person jealousy arises on the basis of love. But we will not speak unambiguously. All people are different, and let your boyfriend be jealous of you precisely because you are dear to him.

Jealousy in a reasonable sense of the word makes the partner mobilize, again pay attention to the person. Very often, over time, the partners seem to stop noticing each other. If you can cause jealousy for yourself, then the feelings have not died out yet. Even a sense of possessiveness is to some extent pleasant if it manifests itself in moderation.

Things are much worse when a man is absolutely not jealous of a woman. Even with obvious flirting and flirting, the man remains indifferent. Here you might think that a man is indifferent to this woman.

What can a man’s lack of jealousy mean? Many people blame jealousy, they say, "bad when they are jealous." And there are people who understand that jealousy is to some extent important. Who is right in their judgment?

It is easy to answer this question when you yourself put yourself in the place of a person whose beloved partner flirts with other people. Are you jealous when you see that your beloved (you really love this person!) Partner communicates and maybe even flirts with other people of your gender? No matter how many people say that he is not jealous, but when he begins to love a partner, this feeling wakes up in him. A slight sense of jealousy is present in the heart of any loving person. Therefore, we can unequivocally say that the expression “Jealous means love” is correct.

The level of jealousy completely depends on the self-confidence and self-esteem of the person, as well as on his degree of maturity. A mature, confident and self-respecting person only experiences slight jealousy when his beloved partner communicates with other people. Uncertain, with low self-esteem and immature person is jealous of his partner not only for people, but also for poles, cars, work, etc. In this case, they are absolutely jealous of everything that exists in life.

What does the absence of jealousy from a man to a woman mean? If a man calmly allows you to communicate with other men, then most likely he will just as easily allow himself to communicate with other women. The man is very vulnerable. If he sees that a woman is not enough for him alone, then over time he fences off her, starting to communicate with other ladies.

A loving gentleman is jealous of his woman, even if she just communicates with other men. If there is no jealousy, then we can safely say that the heart of this man is absolutely indifferent to the one that is considered his beloved. At the same time, if a man is not jealous and easily lets a woman meet with other gentlemen (even if they are just friends and colleagues), then with the same ease he allows himself to see other ladies. Here it’s impossible to talk only about communication, because a man knows the desires of the stronger sex, therefore he thinks that his woman is unfaithful to him as much as he is to her. In other words, he lets her go on treason (that is how he perceives the situation). And what kind of loving man would voluntarily allow his woman to cheat? No.

Dear women, do not test the patience of your men. If you are jealous, then rejoice at this: you are loved, do not push away, do not break other people's hearts with your communication with other gentlemen, even if you really just communicate with them. However, know that if you are not jealous (even a little bit), then they do not like. The man’s heart is completely cold. And what to do in this situation is up to you!

How to make a guy jealous from a distance?

Sometimes lovers diverge due to the need to be in different places. Relationships are not destroyed, but the guy and girl are forced to love each other at a distance. Is it possible to cause jealousy in such a situation? Yes.

To cause jealousy in a guy who is not actually near you, you need:

  1. Take care of your appearance. Anyway, the guy sees you through skype. He will obviously be puzzled by the fact that you have begun to engage in your beauty, and be jealous of you, because he will think that other gentlemen are looking at you.
  2. Do something else besides studying or working. Naturally, before your lifestyle was limited to study / work and home. Now start visiting other places. No need to change here. Just tell the guy how you sometimes walk with friends along the promenade, visit a nightclub, etc.
  3. Do not answer the guy’s call immediately. It is the means of communication that allow you to contact your boyfriend. To cause him excitement and jealousy, stop answering his calls instantly. Even let situations happen when he calls and you do not answer.
  4. Flirt with yourself. To do this, you can create a fake page on social networks and put a photo of some guy there. Let the guy see that some other gentleman is flirting with you.
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Reason for jealousy

Find out if there is a reason. Perhaps it seems to you that he has cooled. He may have problems or he is tired, depressed. Then he will need your help, support, and not unnecessary trouble in the form of a walking girlfriend.

Understand the situation well. But if:

  1. He is cheating. Some relationship-related men meet with women. If this is your case, proceed. Everything will become clear right away, how much he values ​​you,
  2. You have been together for a long time, your feelings have cooled and you need to renew the union. Recall that he is a hunter,
  3. You are ready for serious steps, you want to move on, but he does not show interest. Perhaps having flirted with others, you will hint that you can find a more determined person.

Next, a funny video in which comic tips are given on how to make your man jealous of a stranger:

How to make a man jealous?

Some effective ways to rekindle jealousy in a man that do not harm but wake him:

  • Try not to pick up the phone. If before that you were always in touch, he will be surprised, worried,
  • Change your appearance: a new revealing dress, fragrant perfume, hairstyle. He will definitely ask who you are trying for. Of course for him. But a spark of doubt creeps into the soul
  • Buy a bouquet, ask a friend to bring. Desirable red roses, it is possible with a note: "From a secret admirer",
  • Smile heartily to a friend you meet on the street during a walk together. Hold on, chat
  • Receive a couple of calls from a neighbor in his presence.

Tips of the men themselves

They themselves can tell about the most effective methods - the culprits of female anxiety:

  • A girl leading an active lifestyle, interested and interesting, who takes care of herself and does not want to let go of her partner anyway. She no longer needs to do anything, next to her: comfortable, calm, interesting,
  • Treat him like a child. More often they say that about girls. But men also need the attention that their mother once gave them. Now you have become her. Allow sometimes pokapriznichat, cheer, poke. He will appreciate, and you don’t need to invent anything,
  • The main law - do not be jealous in vain. There is doubt, talk like two adults: constructively, in the case.

Nothing more needs to be done: a well-groomed, loyal, reasonable, interesting girl is an occasion for jealousy. Be like that.

How to make her husband jealous and afraid of losing?

This is easier to do, you spend a lot of time together, each movement will be noticed:

  • During the call, go to talk to another room. Talk quietly, create the appearance of intrigue,
  • Make the speaker sound higher so that he hears a male voice in the handset,
  • Stop coming home on time. You can refer to employment at work, when it becomes a regular thing, he will be surprised
  • Refuse evening tea drinking. Explain that you eat a lot of sweets, do not want to ruin the figure,
  • Be sure to visit the meeting of classmates, university graduates. There of course was your first love, he is not married,
  • Go visit friends alone. This works especially well if you used to visit them together all the time,
  • Do not be jealous of him, especially when he specifically begs. Support his game when he flirts with another girl with the phrase: “Yes, you look good together!”

As you can see, there are many ways. It is easier for a wife to influence a man-spouse knowing his character. But be careful, sometimes we do not suspect the hidden complexes of man.

When a family has a child

Men think that having a baby binds a woman. Now she will only cook, nurse, clean. After childbirth, the girls change, it seems that she will not be interested in already. This is the main mistake due to which the husband ceases to care.

Act, but as always carefully:

  • Show that this is not so. A woman after childbirth is transformed, under the influence of hormones, it acquires milder features. With the right behavior, you will look better than before. Do gymnastics at home, tighten your muscles, take care of your skin. He will be surprised for whom this is all, because you are sitting at home with a child,
  • Do not lead a secluded life: walk, meet with familiar dads,
  • Trainers work in sports sections, benefit from it. Tell your spouse at home about him,

Psychologists' recommendations: be careful with provocations

Everyone advises to tease his man and assure that then he will come to his senses and will behave differently. And here is what psychologists say on this subject:

  1. Late calls from strangers, flowers and bright makeup - can ignite a conflict of destructive sizes. This approach will heat up the situation and rather divorce you than make friends,
  2. In love relationships, normal periods of estrangement begin. They are often perceived acutely by one of the partners, which is most likely due to previous painful experience. But soon this time will end, everything will fall into place,
  3. You do not have enough attention, but have you tried to talk to him about this? Did he deserve intrigues intrigued against him and did not deserve a simple frank conversation,
  4. If you still made him strain, then seeing that you are not going anywhere, he will calm down. Next time, he won’t even worry, having understood your cunning plan.

Girls, value the personality in your guys, respect them, conduct honest open dialogs with them. Then you will not lose precious attention and will look in the eyes of your friend as wise reliable person.

As you can see, opinions differ. Advising is easy, but you have to decide. We hope that they helped to understand how to make your boyfriend jealous if you really need it and there is no other way out.

How to make a guy jealous of correspondence?

If you and your boyfriend are just chatting with each other or maintaining your relationship in this way, you can be jealous of you in this way:

  1. Do not reply immediately to his messages. You can even wait an hour or two before answering.
  2. Be online, but don’t write to the guy. Let him think that you are in correspondence with someone.
  3. Write a message to the guy a little shorter than he tells you. This will make him think that you are not too interested in him.
  4. Once, call the guy a nickname that you didn't call him before. And then never repeat it again. This will create the feeling that you let out.
  5. You can send a message with gratitude for a good time or with an invitation to see your boyfriend as if by chance.
  6. You can put a photo in a hug, or at least in the company of another guy.

Understand that clearly open signs of your communication with other guys will cause violent feelings in the gentleman, who will begin to quarrel and accuse you of cheating.

How to make an ex-boyfriend jealous?

When a couple breaks up, a guy wants to return, take revenge on him or make him think about something. Well, in this situation, you also need to cause jealousy. How to do this in relation to the ex-boyfriend?

  • Change your appearance, become more attractive. While you are using your old wardrobe, you are not interested in your ex-boyfriend. Dramatically change something in yourself to look attractive.
  • Start chatting with other guys. It’s good if you are internally ready for such contacts. Even better, if the former sees you in company with another gentleman.
  • Start leading an active lifestyle. Post photos of your life on social networks so your ex can view them. And he will definitely do it, because he is also interested in your life.
  • Be always in a good mood. May every time the former sees you, you will smile and enjoy what is happening.
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To cause jealousy in a guy means to excite his feelings. But it should be understood that not every man needs to cause jealousy, and you also need to choose the moment when jealousy does not harm the relationship.