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How to get rid of wasps: insecticides and folk remedies


One of the beneficial insects for plants of the garden and the garden are wasps. After all, they feed on the larvae of pests of vegetable and fruit crops. Without wasps, it would be difficult to pollinate plants. But if an aspen family settles in the house, then this is dangerous to human health. Insect bites can lead to allergies, to dire consequences like Quincke's edema, anaphylactic shock.

Wasps have long been side by side with humans. There are many varieties of insects. When these are separate solitary individuals, they do not cause concern. But the family wasp clans that grow during the summer are becoming dangerous. Their nests built under the roof or in the walls of the house cannot be approached. Insects are aggressive towards humans as the onset of cold weather. Next, consider how to get rid of wasps in a private house and what to do if they are bitten.

Where wasps can live in the house and why?

It is known that they love to arrange wasp dwellings next to private houses and summer cottages. After all, fruit trees and flowers grow in the flower beds on the plot. Wasps need nectar, sweet fruit juice for nutrition. They find a nesting place in advance to survive the cold winter.

Most of all they like to build nests, social insects where it is difficult to see, find.

Only having risen on a roof, it is possible to see spherical houses made of newsprint. They can hang in the corner of the attic, hide under the slate. Even in the wall of a house, wasps can build their nest. There are varieties that settle in the ground, in basements, under the floor.

Insects choose such buildings, where owners rarely go. Therefore, it is necessary to often go around such places in order to detect pests in time. Lure stinging insects to find their place of residence can be a piece of meat or fish, which is placed on a table in the garden. It remains only to observe where the swarm flew from. It is better to get rid of the aspen nest in the spring, when it has up to 5-6 individuals. By autumn, the family grows, and then it will be more difficult to neutralize the stinging “ball”.

What is the danger of hornet's nests in the house?

Do not think that wasps are harmless. When one insect bites, it’s not scary. The affected area will slightly swell, turn red and after 2-3 days the pain will pass, and the skin will recover. But wasps can attack the whole family. And then this will lead to serious consequences.

In people with allergies, bites cause Quincke's edema, which leads to death.

In addition, like all wasp insects on their legs, they can carry pathogenic microorganisms. There were cases of infection with intestinal infections after a wasp sting. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the settlement of insects in the house.

Preparations against wasps, their action and use

The chemical industry produces effective means, the action of which is aimed at scaring away and destroying wasps.

Drug nameActApplication
RaptorIt affects the gastrointestinal tract of insects, paralyzing the nervous system.Aerosol is sprayed into the nest. After the paralytic action of the main substance on the wasps, the nest is removed and placed in a bag. It remains to burn a hornet’s house.
DareOdorless microcapsules kill insects.They lay out the product in inaccessible places at home. The drug is effective for 8-9 months.
KarbofosToxic to wasps.Prepare the solution according to the instructions. Dipped in a container with liquid nest, trying to drown with the inhabitants.
GetThe pale pink suspension contains the poisonous substance chlorpyrifos. It acts paralytically on the nervous system of wasps.Mix the powder with sweet juices or sugar, honey. Put the dish out in the open.
CommanderThe drug is based on imidacloprid, a substance toxic to wasps. It has a high penetrating ability, destroying insects in nests, in the ground.Prepare a solution before starting treatment. The substance acts for a long time, for 2 weeks.

Choose a chemical depending on where the hornet’s nest is located.

How to drive wasps out of the attic can be found in the video:

Wasp traps and lures

A more innocuous and simple way is to create traps for insects. Knowing that stinging insects love sweets, you can fill the plastic bottles with half compote or syrup diluted in water. Beer and kvass are also suitable. Climbing inside, the wasps will not be able to fly out of the bottle and die. So reduce the number of members of the wasp families. You can mix poison in dessert. Then the wasps will die faster.

Special baits are also used. Pieces of fish or meat are moistened with an odorless insecticidal agent. The clouds of wasps flock to dainty and die. You can lay out strips of cardboard next to the bait, smeared with a thick layer of glue.

Traps and lures will help destroy the insects themselves, but not their homes.

Amanita poisonous mushroom is used to combat flies and wasps. A mixture of 3-4 mushroom caps and 100 grams of honey boiled in a liter of water is an excellent bait, which leads insects to death.

Use also such substances that repel insects from the house. Having hung up the pods of bitter pepper in the attic, near the doors, the wasps are hunting for flying into the house. They begin to look for other places to create a nest.

Best folk fighting methods

Summer residents have come up with many ways to get rid of stinging insects that settled in houses:

  • Often use water. Immerse the nest of insects in a container of water, put a load on top so that it does not surface. You can destroy a house of insects in the ground with a strong stream of water.
  • A rag is moistened with gasoline or kerosene and a hole is plugged into the nest. Sometimes they set fire to houses, first dousing with combustible substances. But this method can not be used if flammable objects are nearby.
  • Smoke can make the wasps leave home. It remains to carefully remove the hive and destroy. To prevent wasps from returning, the place is lubricated with a liquid insecticide solution.
  • Dishwashing liquid is dissolved in water. Half a glass of soapy liquid is taken per liter. You can simply pour the mixture into the hole in the house or spray through a spray gun. The created impermeable film inside the nest will lead to the death of stinging insects.

Although folk remedies help get rid of wasps, the use of chemical aerosols will be faster and more reliable.

How to get rid of wasps under the floor?

It is more difficult to destroy the wasps dwelling, which is located in an inaccessible place, under the floor. First of all, you need to determine where the entrance to the hive is. By luring wasps with sweet nectar, you can do this. If insects regularly flock to the bait, then poisonous agents are added to it.

A population destroyed in this way will not annoy the owners of the house. A nest is filled with water or sprayed with effective drugs. Then you can be sure that the wasps do not return to their original place.

Boric acid in powder is used to repel insects.

It is mixed with sweet drinks, placing containers in the basement. To get rid of wasps under the floor, it is possible to use traditional, folk methods, as well as decoys.

Hornet's nest under the roof of the house - what to do?

The hive in the attic can be destroyed in several ways:

  1. Often just fill the nest with water. You can climb the stairs and lower the house into a container of hot water. But here you must be careful not to fall off the stairs.
  2. Bait made from honey, stewed fruit with an admixture of insecticides, will free the hive from the inhabitants. It remains only to carefully remove the nest and burn it in the area.
  3. It is advised that you pull the wasps inside the bag with a vacuum cleaner, and then pull it out and place it in a bucket of water. But there is a danger of insect bites that managed to remain at large.
  4. If the nest is located at a low height, then Dichlorvos or Karbofos is sprayed inside the aspen dwelling. Then plug the hole with a rag dipped in poison. After half an hour, you can destroy the abode of wasps.

Each method is effective and will allow to destroy the hive, save the inhabitants of a private house from the danger of insect bites.

How to remove wasps from the walls of the house?

Where only wasp nests are not built! It happens that inside a plaster or even a concrete wall they find a paper house. Here it is much more difficult to remove insects. Bait comes to the rescue, which are placed near the house.

Wasps will change their place of residence when a string of “decorations” of hot pepper hangs nearby.

When a hole in the wall is detected, it can be repaired with a durable solution. Foam is not suitable, since insects do not have to gnaw on the frozen mass.

Coating the hole with adhesive film is suitable. In concrete, houses are filled with water, kerosene from the outside of the house.

Video on how to get rid of an aspen nest:

OS Hazard Safety

Before proceeding with the procedure for getting rid of the aspen hive and its inhabitants, it is necessary to consider safety rules:

  1. It is best to carry out processing at night when insects are not so active.
  2. To exclude attacks, wasps protect their hands with gloves, the body with tight clothing. It is better to wear a mask and glasses on your face. If the nest is lowered into a container of water, it is better to keep the bucket on weight. Be sure to have an assistant nearby who holds the ladder and helps to quickly descend when attacked by an aspen flock.
  3. Before removing the nest, a plastic bag is put on it, inside which an insecticidal agent is sprayed. The package is tied at the base of the nest. The package must be tight so that wasps do not bite it.
  4. It is impossible to get close to the nest if an aerosol with toxic substances was sprayed into it. Wasps at this moment are very aggressive and will cause great harm to humans. No children or pets should be near.

People with allergic reactions should not deal with wasp nests. It is better to call specialists for this.

Popular places of resettlement of the aspen family

If wasps were wound up in the house or on the plot, then for a start you should figure out where they chose their habitat. These individuals need food, therefore, often settle in close proximity to dwellings, and sometimes inside it.

Here is just a rough list of places where insects can live:

  • under the roofs of sheds or residential buildings,
  • in the attic
  • in a variety of non-residential buildings,
  • in the walls of houses,
  • in the dark corners of living rooms,
  • behind the window frames,
  • if the skin is loose, then between it and the wall,
  • in hedges
  • in a variety of old things and any trash.

If you find that wasps began to appear frequently in an apartment, house or plot, then it is worth exploring all the possible places of their residence to make sure that there is no nest.

Important! If you searched the entire apartment and did not find the nest, and the insects continue to annoy you with their presence, then place a bait in a prominent place: a piece of fish or meat. After that, step back to a safe distance and see where all the new individuals will fly into the apartment. At the first detection, it is necessary to get rid of wasps in the house immediately to avoid their reproduction.

Especially often people are bothered by two species of these striped insects:

  • Domestic wasps are the most common individuals that build nests, live near humans and feed on nectar and fruits.
  • Earth wasps, unlike domestic ones, they are much more aggressive, live underground, building complex catacombs. According to the type of food, representatives of this species are predators, therefore they eat small midges and insects. They also feed offspring.

Did you know Only females have a sting, but males do not. Only fertilized individuals who hibernate will survive the winter, the rest die. Earth rocks have a "reusable" sting.

Reasons for the appearance of wasps

Striped guests may appear in sight for various reasons. We distinguish among them the main ones:

  • A variety of food attracts pests - meat, fruits, fish, sweets.
  • A cozy and convenient place to build a nest.
  • Nesting for the winter. Most often, minke whales come to private houses closer to the fall to overwinter calmly, because in severe frosts, adult fertilized individuals and offspring die.
  • An accident. Do not be surprised, this also happens with insects. They fly into the room in search of food or water. And as it happens, after one individual visits you, a whole swarm will soon buzz.

It is necessary to study these reasons in order to subsequently create uninvited guests in such conditions so that further residence is impossible.

How to fix wasps

The neighborhood with striped creatures does not bring pleasure to anyone. Bites provoke allergies, swelling, and in some cases even death. Therefore, it is necessary to study how the struggle with wasps occurs, from which they will change their place of residence and will not come again. The war can be waged with the help of insecticides, aerosols and many popular recipes.

Effective insecticides

By controlling pests, many modern insecticides can be used. They are represented by a wide range in many gardening equipment stores, so there will definitely not be a problem with the choice. You can get rid of wasps in the country and in a private house with the help of such drugs:

  • Mosquitall. This aerosol from wasps will help get rid of the lion's share of insects in just one treatment. It should be used only in non-residential buildings or parts of the house: sheds, garages, attics, closets, etc. Great for spraying under the roof. After the room procedure, an unpleasant odor spreads, so spraying in residential buildings is not recommended.
  • Dare. This microencapsulated product does not have a pronounced odor. It has a destructive effect on flies, mosquitoes and wasps. This drug needs to be processed all the places of living creatures. The effect will last about 9 months.
  • GET is the leader in the ranking of antiaxis insecticides. Available in the form of a whitish emulsion with a subtle smell. Suitable for the destruction of almost all types of unwanted small pests. Spray the aerosol onto the hornet’s nest, and within 10 minutes the whole swarm will die.

Poisoned Bait

In order to exterminate the maximum number of enemies, you can drip poison on any delicacy, such as watermelon or melon peels, jam or sweetened beer. Poison:

  • Karbofos,
  • Delta Zone,
  • Lambda Zone and so on.

Keep poison away from animals and children.

Plastic bag application

To maximally drive away minke whales, it is necessary to eliminate the nest of wasps.

Important! This troubleshooting method is complex and not always safe.

In order to destroy the wasps, follow this scheme:

  1. make a bag of high strength polyethylene,
  2. throw it on the nest so that it completely covers the dwelling of insects,
  3. after that, it’s in your interests to quickly tear off the nest and tie a bag,
  4. Urgently burn prey on a street fire.

A more reliable method is the package and dichlorvos. It is applied as follows:

  1. quickly process the nest with dichlorvos,
  2. then throw in the bag and tie it tightly,
  3. leave it like this for a couple of hours,
  4. burn the contents of the package.

Important! The fact that a person using this method is in close proximity to the nest is dangerous to health. Protect yourself as much as possible. Put on cotton pants, a warm jacket and jacket. Face and head also protect. Make sure that no open area remains on the body.

Exposure to gasoline or kerosene

It is kerosene and gasoline that have such a pungent and unpleasant odor that will become intolerable to wasps. The recipe is simple:

  1. Pour a small amount of gasoline into any container with which you can subsequently pour it or spray it.
  2. Then quickly pour the fluid into the cavity of the socket.
  3. Depart to a safe distance and wait for the pests to fly out of hiding.
  4. If they are in no hurry to fly out, repeat the processing.
  5. After the inhabitants leave the shelter, burn its remains.
  6. If the nest is built on a wall or on the ground, then, pouring kerosene, you can immediately set it on fire.

If you decide to set fire, prepare water and sand in advance. This is necessary so that the fire does not go to the outbuildings.

Important! You can try to use White, bleach or any household cleaning products for plumbing.

Lure Efficiency

Many summer residents use homemade traps in the fight. This is a simple and effective remedy for wasps, which can be strengthened in the vineyard or any fruit trees. The principle of their creation:

  1. cut off the upper third of the plastic bottle with a neck,
  2. sweet syrup or honey diluted with water is poured into the bottom
  3. the cap is twisted from the top,
  4. the upper part is turned upside down and inserted into the lower.
  5. make sure that the bottom of the neck does not touch the bait.
  6. you can make small holes just above the bottom of the neck, so the aroma of the bait will spread stronger and faster.
  7. arriving at the smell, the insect will fly into a trap, but will not be able to get back.

Important! If you are not sure that the bite will not cause you an allergic reaction, then you can’t engage in "close combat" yourself.

The fight against wasps is not an easy process that requires the utmost attention. Using these methods, you will get rid of the unpleasant neighborhood for a long time.

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I don’t know now where they are hiding and how to exterminate. Periodically come out. And even climb into their hands, bite. I burn with peroxide and then I'm afraid. I read about them on the internet.

What is the danger of wasps and their behavior

Wasps can live under the roof of the house, in the attic and even on the balcony. And also often they choose as their habitat a utility room on the site.

When wasps make a nest near a person, they are always dangerous. The reaction of insects is unpredictable even at the moment when a person is a few meters from the hive. Indeed, in order to protect their nest, wasps can attack with a swarm. If you do not intersect with winged insects, then you can leave them alone. But if they built a dwelling in the immediate vicinity with you, then you should think about your own safety.

Gasoline and other petroleum products

If the nest is located in the ground, then it is poured with aggressive substance and the outlet is closed with a rag.

If the wasps are under the floor, try carbide. Put a small piece into the hole in the nest and pour water. When toxic gas is released, the insects will die. For safety, cover the socket with polyethylene and move away.

Polyurethane foam

Process the nest with foam from the spray can. Insects will die of hunger, after some time, and then you can get rid of the nest.

And also the insect dwelling located in the ground can be poured with concrete.

To prevent winged guests from seeking your home, treat the curtains, windows and doors with a solution of vinegar. The procedure should be repeated periodically.

If you find a nest indoors, then use a potbelly stove. Melt the stove, putting fresh needles in it, and direct the chimney towards the nest. Smoke will drive insects away from your home, and you can remove the nest.

During rain, insects are usually found inside the hive and do not fly out. At such a moment, it is very convenient to fight them. To do this, take a large amount of boiling water and pour it on the nest, after which you can get rid of it. And also try this option: pour water into the container and place the downed nest there. Being in a liquid, insects should drown.

To fight wasps, fill the syringe with kerosene and carefully handle their home. Repeat the procedure until the insects finally leave their habitat. When this happens, burn the nest.

Special preparations

In stores, there are many insecticidal drugs that help in controlling pests.
Here are some of them:

  • Emulsion Get. Suitable for controlling any insects and has a slight aroma. The product must be sprayed onto the nest, after which the insects die.
  • An effective remedy against wasps is “Bold”. It has no smell and is effective for 9 months. They process insect settlement areas.
  • Mosquitall aerosol spray. One treatment is enough to kill many insects. Suitable for non-residential areas of the house, attics, roofs and outbuildings. It has a specific aroma, so it is not recommended to use the product in a residential area.

How to make a trap for wasps from a plastic bottle

You can make an insect trap with your own hands. To do this is very easy and fast, you only need a plastic bottle.

Bait manufacturing technology:

  1. The top with the neck must be cut off from the plastic bottle.
  2. Inside you need to put the bait. It can be jam, beer with sugar or a piece of meat.
  3. There you can add an ampoule with any insecticide or boric acid (this item is optional).
  4. We cover the top of the bottle with the cut off part, which must be placed with the neck down.
  5. We place a trap on the site or hang it.

Having flown into the bottle and tasted the goodies, the wasps do not get out of the trap and die.

Precautions and Prevention

To drive wild insects out of the house, do not forget about safety rules:

  • When working, wear gloves and dense clothing with a long sleeve, and also use a beekeeper mask.
  • It is better to engage in the destruction of nests at night when the wasps are in the hive.
  • Do not kill wasps that fly out of the hive, as the substances released during their death can provoke relatives to attack.
  • If insects massively left the nest, do not make sudden movements and slowly move away. The procedure can be repeated after a few hours.
  • To prevent the return of insects, the mounting location of the nest must be cleaned using sandpaper or a knife. And after that, it is recommended to treat it with hydrogen peroxide, manganese solution or alcohol.