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Femininity through the eyes of guys, or a side view


Describing the ideal representative of the beautiful half of humanity, guys often mention such a characteristic as femininity. Singers and writers glorify this quality, portray artists and composers.

What does femininity look like? Perhaps it's all about the right clothes and makeup? Or does a beautiful figure play a special role? Of course, external data does not occupy the last place in the concept of “femininity”, however, young people value internal female power more.

What is femininity?

Beautiful girls, who do not understand at all why the opposite sex considers them to be friends, sooner or later begin to ask the right question: what is femininity and whether men expect them from young ladies?

All this makes the representatives of the strong half of humanity feel like a man. Of course, in different cultures and eras femininity was interpreted in completely different ways. However, the qualities listed above are inherent, perhaps, to every time and people.

But! Modern ladies are becoming more confident in their own abilities, free and wanting independence. To cope with difficulties, women make efforts without asking for help from men. Femininity is gradually disappearing ...

Outward femininity

Guys love with their eyes, as you know, that’s why a feminine lady for them is one whose figure and appearance evokes a desire. This is the so-called external femininity, which creates a certain set of impressions for the stronger sex with only one glance at the girl.

How to become feminine and desirable for a man? Is body shape and selectivity important?

  1. A feminine woman, according to many men, has long hair. Historically, young ladies with a thick "mane" to the waist are considered more attractive than girls with short haircuts. However, the main thing is well-groomed and natural hair, it is better to do without high and excessively complex hairstyles.
  2. A beautiful figure is not just a tribute to fashion. You should not think about the standards of beauty, it is better to think about normal weight, exercise and nutrition. A slender figure, optimal body weight are signs of femininity.
  3. Femininity with men's eyes is the presence in the girl’s wardrobe of dresses, high heels, transparent blouses. In clothes, materials that are gentle to the touch, which flow and give the figure lightness and airiness, are preferable. Excessively brutal things destroy the female essence.
  4. Surveys at men's forums show that, not really understanding the intricacies of using cosmetics, guys subconsciously consider excessive “coloring” on their faces vulgar. In their opinion, a feminine woman prefers soft and delicate shades in makeup.
  5. The figure, of course, is important, but a well-groomed and neat appearance is considered no less essential condition for the external attributes of femininity. Beautiful skin, clean, smooth hair, neat manicure are the most feminine signs of a true lady.

Inner Femininity

It is extremely difficult to explain and talk about what is internal femininity through the eyes of men. Each representative of the stronger sex realizes what kind of woman she is, but rarely can anyone put it in words.

This is not a figure, not hair, but something so personal that it can induce a guy to action, cause him to desire to achieve a girl.

Let us again turn to men's forums. What do guys put into the concept of “femininity”?

  1. Feminine woman is relaxed and calm. Irritability, nervousness and hysteria do not decorate a sweet lady. She is like a cat, which is lying on a soft sofa, but at any moment is ready to pack up, concentrate and go on the “hunt”.
  2. The ability to trust a man is an important quality of girls. The commanding tone, numerous teachings and a heavy look are unlikely to adorn a woman. Guys, looking at a young lady, should want to stand up for her, hide behind her and in every possible way keep from any problems.
  3. True femininity is the ability to listen and communicate. This means both the ability to feel and “become infected” with the emotions of the interlocutor, as well as general erudition, the possession of certain knowledge, and speech skills. In addition, it is important for a girl to be able to keep secrets.
  4. Emotionality is also a sign of femininity, so you should not give in to feminist moods and forget about your nature. But! Excessive expression of feelings can transfer you to the rank of an unbalanced person and a hysterical person. An important rule is naturalness and, oddly enough, rationality in emotional manifestations.
  5. A figure, a beautiful face, good taste in clothes? Not. A woman has long been associated with motherhood. No beauty can compare femininity with a future mother, with a girl raising a child. This is a natural instinct, if you want, a female destiny.

What do men say?

Men's forums are full of opinions and comments regarding the feminine nature, femininity and the ideal image of the second half. So what kind of woman is she?

She is charming, distinguished by sophistication, good manners, and the ability to teach herself profitably, which produces an incredible effect. What is femininity through the eyes of men?

This image includes criteria such as:

  • internal softness
  • trust and respect for the partner,
  • ability to avoid conflicts
  • affectionate nature
  • love for a child
  • slim figure,
  • long hair in natural shades
  • love and the pursuit of purity in all aspects,
  • desire for self-development,
  • lack of bad habits.

Of course, some guys are crazy about girls with a strong character, purposeful and able to solve their problems on their own.

How to become more feminine?

True femininity lies in the simple truths that are available to every girl. But as usually happens, simplicity is an extremely complex thing. Men's forum and guys' comments show what they expect from potential life partners.

So, what can a girl change in herself so that a man considers her feminine?

  1. Inaccessibility. A girl is a goal for the stronger sex, because they still remain warriors and hunters. A man wants to conquer a fortress, to conquer the peak. A feminine woman is appreciated for her inaccessibility and the ability to be proud (of course, without too much fanaticism).
  2. Happiness. Joyful carelessness, smiling and easy communication give the girl more femininity. Many young men aspire to such a young lady. However, today's ladies are less and less happy about trifles, small surprises, acquiring detachment, masculine character traits.
  3. Weakness. Modern girls enter into a tough confrontation with men for social dominance, equal rights and more significant social roles. Such a struggle does not contribute to femininity, because by nature sweet ladies are weak creatures that need a male shoulder. Men on the forums are sure that the charm of a woman lies in her weakness.
  4. Effectiveness. An attractive and charismatic girl stands out from the crowd. A sweet young lady seems more feminine than a beauty, whose clothes are dominated by a masculine style. Shaping dresses and optional accessories always attract guys.
  5. Romance. Who said that sentimentality is out of fashion now? Watching the sunset, walking and kissing under the moonlight, watching a melodrama together is a romance, which, unfortunately, gradually disappears due to the glut of impressions and emotions in our lives.
  6. The ability to love. The uniqueness of a woman lies in her desire and ability to love, give her feelings and take the emotions of the chosen one. How beautiful is a girl in love! Especially when love is mutual. However, some modern young ladies prefer a short-term relationship that does not imply deep feelings.
  7. The ability to inspire. Inspiration forces representatives of the strong half of humanity to write poems and poems, perform feats, and improve themselves. However, only a feminine girl can inspire her figure, voice, love - in any way possible. There is a curious phrase that says that behind every great man stood a great woman.
  8. Thrift. The ability to create coziness in the home, to preserve the home and the desire to raise a child are qualities inherent in an economic woman. However, they are also present in a feminine girl, since both of these characteristics are taken into account by men when choosing a future wife.
  9. Moderation. Femininity does not imply the desire to fill the entire living space of a guy. Do not forget that a real woman is somewhat inaccessible, mysterious. She is a mystery that a man wants to solve. You should not fully disclose at the very beginning of the meeting, simultaneously demanding the same step from the partner.

Femininity through the eyes of men is a combination of multiple factors. Beautiful figure, romance and softness ...

A feminine girl knows how to adequately present herself to her chosen one, turn her own weaknesses into strengths of the person, create a warm atmosphere in the family and give emotions to a dear person. Be feminine, because it is so beautiful!

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