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How to make a temporary tattoo at home? How to make a temporary tattoo last longer?

Today, tattoos are fashionable. But what about if you don’t feel like keeping up with fashion, and you like the tattoos on your body, but scary tattooing (remembering that it will not come off and will not be erased when you get tired or overdone) is it scary? Let's figure it out how to make a temporary tattoo at home.

How to make a temporary tattoo?

There are many methods to make a temporary tattoo on your body (below, we will analyze each of them in more detail). In principle, there is nothing supernatural and difficult in this matter, here we can name several main components:

  • artist talent
  • fantasy (if the first paragraph is missing, but you want to get a tattoo)
  • tools (for each application method - their own)

What I would like to immediately note is the advantages of a temporary tattoo:

  1. A budget option. A temporary tattoo, whatever it is applied, will cost much cheaper than filling a real one, and if you draw it on your own body, then the costs will include only the purchase of materials for the “manufacture” of a temporary tattoo.
  2. Quick and easy. Applying a temporary tattoo to your skin is much faster and easier, so this process will definitely not take you much time.
  3. The name of the tattoo already reveals its advantage - for a while, which means that you will make it, walk with it for a certain amount of time (depending on the application material and method), and the tattoo will smoothly and imperceptibly leave your body without leaving it and trace.
  4. In case something goes wrong, for example: the drawing fails, the tattoo will not look very good, the master’s arm will tremble, etc. - These oversights can be corrected (not like in the case of a real tattoo).

For some, a temporary tattoo is a way out, because it may be required for such cases:

  • photo shoot
  • shooting films, series
  • games in the theater and other performances
  • for the wedding

The best option is if a temporary type of tattoo is done by someone, and not by yourself, because to another person:

  • it will be easier to do it
  • faster
  • more accurate

If you, having considered all the pros and cons, nevertheless decided to "get" yourself a temporary tattoo, then we suggest that you consider the simple methods of applying beautiful drawings to your body.

How to make a temporary tattoo with a pen?

This is the most commonplace method to make a temporary tattoo. If you decide to realize your design ideas on your body - this is a great way to do this. All that we need for the process under consideration:

  • gel pens
  • art skills
  • parchment paper or tracing paper

  1. Design a design for your future temporary tattoo. If your imagination is tight, then find the image you like in:
  • the internet
  • magazine
  • book, etc.
  1. Draw on the parchment paper your chosen pattern (it is advisable to choose the dark, saturated colors of the gel pen).

  1. Draw this picture completely with either one or several colors (it is worthwhile to carry out this process with extreme caution so that the picture does not “float”).
  2. After the layout of the tattoo is done, proceed to the choice of the place where you want to apply the picture.
  3. Attach the drawn picture to the selected area of ​​the body (a great option in this case, will be the help of a friend). There is a certain sequence of actions, knowing which, you can get a beautiful and clear temporary tattoo on the body:
  • apply a piece of paper on which the tattoo is depicted (drawing down) to a selected place on the body,
  • moisten a cloth or rags with warm water,
  • press it firmly against the paper with the image,
  • keep in this position for at least 40 seconds,
  • check if the tattoo has completely passed to the arm, lifting one of the edges of the paper,
  • in case not fully hold for a few more seconds,
  • when the picture is completely imprinted on your skin, remove both the rag and paper,
  • You give the image to dry (do not try to use it with your fingers or cling to clothing and objects until it is completely dry).

Despite the fact that the instructions at first glance may seem long, there is nothing complicated in the process of “making” a temporary tattoo using a gel pen.

If you know how to draw well for the whole process, it will take you no more than half an hour from start to finish (everything will depend on how complicated the drawing will be and how well its creator draws).

How to make a temporary henna tattoo?

At the moment, ethnic jewelry and pictures have become fashionable:

  • on clothes
  • things
  • pieces of furniture
  • instruments
  • body, etc.

If you decide to apply such a pattern to your body, then the best option for this is a temporary henna tattoo. Typically, such patterns are applied to:

Have an artistic talent? Then it is worth practicing applying more complex and sophisticated patterns to the skin.

If the gel pen pattern is washed off after several soaking with water, then the pattern made by the paint in question will decorate your body for a long period of time (it’s not in vain that even in resorts do this art).

Practice shows that the ornament applied with paint on the body can last from two weeks to one and a half months. The durability of the picture will directly depend on:

  • wetting frequencies
  • skin features

When dealing with henna, remember that this is a strong dye, so it is worth protecting clothing and other things from touching it until it dries completely.

Excess paint can be neatly cleaned fresh with a cotton swab or with a damp cloth. If it happened that you smeared clothes, you should immediately wash them, preferably with a strong effective detergent.

Preparation of skin for henna tattoos

First you need to choose a place for drawing. In this case, it all depends on your wishes, but it is worth considering the recommendations of specialists.

Do not regularly apply henna on the same area of ​​the skin. It is recommended to draw a picture in a certain place no more than once every few months, because the skin should rest from various kinds of effects on it.

Dermatologists argue that frequent application of paint at the same place can lead to an allergic reaction, as well as the development of a skin disease such as eczema.

  1. Two days before the procedure, protect the skin from burns, which may result from prolonged exposure to the scorching sun.
  2. The first thing you will need to do is remove excess fat from the skin:
  • rub with a washcloth the place of the future tattoo
  • wipe it with alcohol-containing compounds (if there is alcohol, you can also use it)

The skin should be smooth, so if you have too rough skin, it is better to peel it. If this is not possible, “polish” the skin well with a washcloth (now you know the secret, how to make a temporary tattoo last longer) Less dead particles on the skin - the tattoo on the body lasts longer.

  1. Hair at the site of the future tattoo can also be a hindrance, so the best option is to get rid of it, because a tattoo on the surface with hair may not be whole.

In addition, the paint lasts much longer on the hair, but not on the skin, and, ultimately, the tattoo will partially disappear:

  • off the skin in a few weeks
  • can stay on hair for several months (no matter how hard you rub it with a washcloth)

You must also remember that getting rid of excess paint from the body is a painless procedure, but not with hairs.

Paint preparation

The best option would be to cook the henna with your own hands, because the finished paint does not last so long on the body.

You want everything to go perfectly, and you get the desired result - you need to carefully approach the preparation of the paint. Do this 24 hours before using it.

So, consider a recipe for which we need 40 g of henna, from which, in the end result, we get 200 g of ready-made pasta.

Ingredients for cooking:

  • a couple of lemons (we will squeeze the juice out of them)
  • henna powder
  • container for mixing ingredients
  • sugar powder
  • plastic bag
  • spoons (to measure the dosage of the components)
  • syringe
  • a thin stick or a toothpick (those who can paint well with such paint can take a brush)
  • flavored oil (optional, but recommended component)

Instructions for preparing paint:

  1. Sift the powder through the smallest sieve. This is not a recommendation, but a rule for those who will make neat lines. If you forgot to sift the powder, then you can wipe the ready-made consistency through this sieve (it will be more difficult to do this, and it will be very easy to get dirty).
  2. Mix in a bowl or other vessel of your choice (preferably a glass, so that it is easier to wash it later from henna):
  • 40 g of powder
  • half a glass of lemon juice
  1. Stir the ingredients until smooth.
  2. Pour the resulting mixture into plastic cellophane, and leave it alone for half a day (wherever, the temperature does not drop below 21 0).

You should not combine the paint with water, because the coloring pigment is better allocated in an acidic environment. To get a picture in darker colors, add some natural paint (basma) to the henna.

Do not experiment and add other components to the tattoo paint, because it is not known what reaction on your body their connection can cause.

Remember, you need to prepare the paint in question a day before you use it.

  1. After 12 hours, several tablespoons of sugar powder should be poured into the previously prepared consistency. This ingredient is needed for the density of the prepared composition, so that it is easier to apply to the skin, draw it.
  2. Add a few more scoops of flavored (most often used wood) oil.
  3. The resulting composition should be so thick that it is convenient to squeeze it out of the syringe, so if it turns out to be too thick, you need to add lemon juice and carry out this procedure until you are satisfied with the density of the prepared solution.

The liquid composition can be thickened by adding henna.

  1. The paint must be left for another half day, and the paint is ready for use.

Possible colors for Hindi patterns

Images of paint on the skin can be in different shades - from reddish to orange.

Color depends on:

  • paint preparation methods
  • amount of ingredients added
  • the presence of additional coloring components (basma, etc.)
  • the area where the paint is applied (if you want a bright pattern, then draw henna on the legs or arms)

Immediately after washing off the paint from the skin, the drawn picture will be rather pale, but within two days after applying henna, the coloring pigment will stand out and you will get a saturated dark color of the image.

It is advisable not to wet the place where the drawing is located, at least for a day, so that the paint is well dried and the coloring pigment comes out as dark as possible.

Applying henna to the skin

  1. Degrease the skin.
  2. Apply eucalyptus oil to the surface where the pattern will be drawn. This is necessary so that the pores, as much as possible, expand and absorb the paint to the maximum. Do not forget that because of eucalyptus oil the paint will dry much longer, but the effect will be much better.

In this case, do not overdo it, because just a couple drops of such oil will be enough to rub them on the surface of the skin (otherwise, you can get an allergic reaction).

Henna is a paint that absorbs very quickly into the skin, so if you have drawn something or skewed the line, you should immediately correct your “errors” with a cotton swab or a damp cloth.

  1. Ornaments and patterns can be applied:
  • by hand
  • through the stencil
  • pencil (and after, the picture is induced by henna)
  • felt-tip pen

  1. Drawing directly on the skin. We fill the syringe with the prepared mixture and squeeze it gently onto the drawing, correcting it with a stick or brush.
  2. If you are not confident in your artistic abilities, or if you are drawing henna on your skin for the first time, it is better to first practice on paper, and then draw a drawing on the skin with a felt-tip pen, and only after that - induce it with henna.
  3. After the henna is completely dry, it will begin to fall off in pieces itself, it is not necessary to wash it, so as not to disturb the pattern.

If you want the drawing to stay on the skin longer, just soak it less with water. Now you know, how to make a temporary tattoo for a month.

How to make a temporary tattoo using a printer?

Get a temporary tattoo without henna You can also, for this you need a printer:

  1. First, using a laser printer, print the picture you like (on adhesive paper, so that the picture is a sticker). In the event that you do not have special paper, you can use adhesive tape by sticking it on the entire width of the future drawing (so you can make a temporary tattoo with tape).
  2. It is advisable to reflect the picture horizontally in a text editor (if it is an inscription or a picture with alphabetic characters).
  3. In order to transfer the sticker to the skin, you will need the following tools:
  • sponge or piece of cloth
  • vessel with water
  • hair spray (in this case, neither its properties nor the manufacturer matter)
  • perfume or cologne (which contains alcohol)
  1. We coat the area of ​​the skin on which the temporary tattoo will be applied with an alcohol-containing composition

  1. We apply the sticker to the hand with the side on which the drawing itself is applied.
  2. We dab the sticker on the hand with a wet rag or sponge (carefully so as not to budge it). We perform this procedure for several minutes.
  3. Remove the paper from the hand - the tattoo is ready.
  4. Now we need to fix it, at this stage we will need hair spray.
  5. We spray it on the area of ​​the skin where our tattoo is located (it is better to apply varnish in several layers).

Such a temporary tattoo can last on any part of the body for up to a week (depending on how often you wet it). In this case, you will succeed get a temporary tattoo without any powder.

How to make a temporary tattoo with a pencil?

For such a tattoo you will need:

  • pencil (preferably soft)
  • rags
  • scissors
  • eyeliner (preferably black)
  • tassel
  • alcohol-containing composition (or alcohol)
  • cotton pads
  • talc
  • tracing paper
  • spray for wounds

So, the method of applying a tattoo:

  1. We draw a pattern or picture with a regular pencil on tracing paper.
  2. Degrease the area of ​​the skin where our temporary tattoo will be located. To do this, you can use:
  • vodka
  • alcohol
  • soapy water, in case of emergency
  1. We apply a tracing-paper to a fat-free area with a pattern (respectively, a pattern down).

  1. With a moistened rag or washcloth, we press the drawing to the skin, soaking it well.
  2. Circle the translated drawing with an eyeliner.
  3. Leave alone for 5 minutes.
  4. Then sprinkle with talcum powder and evenly gently distribute it over the entire surface of the temporary tattoo.
  5. Put a spray for wounds on the drawing - the tattoo is done.

It is worth noting immediately that such a tattoo on your body will last only a few days.

Now you know the simple and popular ways how to make temporary tattooswithout leaving your home. A very convenient option: you do not need to spend a lot of money and time, and the effect is temporary, so after a certain period of time, you can update your tattoo or make a new one.