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The house (castle, tower, basement) with ghosts - you must admit, from this phrase alone it blows the secret and coolness of gloomy dungeons. Recall literature, horror movies, etc. things. In the most interesting of these stories, a ghost is always more than an adversary. On the one hand, it acts as one of the non-player characters - an ally, antagonist, or simply neutral. On the other - part of the room or building to which it is attached. A ghost is also the atmosphere, mood, and soul of the place where you are. And of course this is always a mystery.

Just now, I suggest you try to make one such “haunted house”. Getting started!

To start the background.

A long time ago there was a monastery on this site, but after a big fire they did not begin to rebuild it, so now it has long been abandoned. A huge building with traces of soot on the walls, covered with ivy and moss. Rumor has it that the place is inhabited only by wild animals, although ... maybe not only they. Strange sounds, mysterious visions and rushing shadows - more than one traveler used to say this. In a word, those who wanted to stay in the ruins of a monastery have not been around for a long time.
Recently, the clergy decided to partially restore the ancient building, and in order to scout the situation and put an end to rumors, hired a group of adventurers.

Creating a Ghost Personality

The identity of the ghost is where you start the conversation. A ghost is not an exact copy of the “former owner”, but it definitely bears the imprint of this person. As a rule, the most vivid and well-rooted features are preserved. The spirit of the elderly hostess of a small hotel, and after death, tries to whip the pillows of the guests, the accountant folds a neat pile of sheets of paper and ... occasionally naughty - spills ink. And of course, the spirit becomes attached to the familiar atmosphere.

Who can be the ghost of an old monastery? I think some ... monk would do. Good. What is a monastery? Quiet and peaceful place, except that it evokes sadness and loneliness. Our abandoned monastery evokes melancholy and loneliness two times stronger than usual. I think the ghost who settled here will also be remarkably consistent with these qualities.

Why did our restless monk remain in the walls of the monastery? Most likely died in a memorable fire. Fire, suffocating smoke, and this feeling - that you were trapped in a stone bag ... He did not forget this, one can say for sure.

Create a ghost presence

The ghost spreads a faint aura of warmth and affability. In an effort to please visitors, he helpfully opens the doors for them (with a quiet ominous creak ...) and with all his might tries to create comfort for them (unnatural cleanliness in the corridor and the surviving rooms ...).

But since the monk absolutely does not want to be alone, he is desperately trying to keep the guests. The doors slam in front of their nose, ivy so thickly wraps around the window openings that it is impossible to get out of them, the corridors are extended indefinitely, and the doors leading out to the same room.

In other words, guests can calmly go inside, but go outside ...

He is desperately afraid of fire - candles and torches barely smolder and go out without any wind, it is almost impossible to kindle firewood in a fireplace. At the same time, if someone tries to make a fire on the floor or pours oil on the fireplace to burn better, the ghost panics and the fire breaks out like hellfire, instantly spreading onto the walls and remains of furniture.

The monk, even after death, protects wisdom and knowledge - not only violently defending books, but also (whenever possible) trying to steal the most interesting from the heroes in order to securely hide in his library.

Visions of the past

A great welcome is flash drives or visions of the past. Old walls have a memory and “capture” the bright moments of the past. In an obscure play of shadows, you see someone hiding the ring under the floorboard and quickly escaping ... An obscure silhouette with a dagger brought in opens the door to the room and slides inside ... The roof of the building collapses, burying people running under the rubble.

Illusions are the keys to the past of this place.

Ghosts of the past

Unlike visions, these things are much more material. Strong emotions (and this is rarely joy and happiness) create “clumps” of energy, distorting the fabric of the material world. Fire suddenly flares up on the curtains. A flame-filled spirit suddenly rushes at you in mortal rage. The screams and roaring of the flame suddenly stun and are forced to squeeze into the floor.

Strange things

Some things, due to a long neighborhood with a ghost (or God knows why), acquire very strange properties. Use them boldly, but do not overdo it, each of them should create only a sense of unreality, the strangeness of what is happening, and not turn the situation into a farce. What can be used? For example:

  • Spiral staircase, the most common. You can get to the second floor and go back. But if you try to go down it below the basement, then adventurers will suddenly find themselves in the attic.
  • The wardrobe is very beautiful and well made, but half filled with dust. If you put something in there and close the door, when you re-open it, instead of an object, only a handful of dust will be revealed.
  • Annoying cat, always getting underfoot. If you kick him, the leg will freely pass through the body, while the cat itself is quite real - in any case, he rubs his legs and pisses in boots, he is perfectly working.
  • A bunk bed on wheels, which behaves like an angry bull - that is, chasing after everyone who falls into its field of vision.
  • Candles that burn without fire. They give light, but do not warm.
  • The Invisible Butler, who immediately cleans dishes and bowls, is worth a moment to distract you.
  • A “brownie” that braids horses (and cute elves) in a dream polishes belt buckles or sharpens knives.
  • The doors to the room do not open in any way for the "bad" adventurers, but they themselves swing open in front of the "good" ones.

Author: Alexander "Melfis K." Frolov. A source: Storm tower

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