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How to create a wedding monogram

A monogram is a complex and beautiful drawing, which consists of letters intertwined in a fancy dance. Usually, the first letters of a surname and a name are used to create a monogram, and in Russia they often attach the third initial to them - the initial letter of a middle name.

A masterfully executed monogram is a real work of art: unique, attracting attention and uniquely reflecting the individuality of its owner.

Monogram as a personal symbol

The oldest monograms found by archaeologists are already more than two and a half thousand years old. In ancient Greece, they were used to mint coins, decorating the metal surface with cunningly woven letters from the name of a city or region.

A little later, in the 1st century AD, the rulers of Rome decorated monograms with medals and standards. A few centuries later, Roman emperors began to use the monogram as their own signature and personal symbol. At that time, Rome was the cultural center of the world - it is not surprising that soon other European rulers joined this tradition.

Already in the 7th – 8th centuries, the Pope, the monarchs of France and England used the monogram:

By the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the culture of monograms reached its peak. They were used by royal houses and aristocrats, artists and poets, church hierarchs and famous industrialists. During this period, the monogram was finally fixed as a personal symbol, which testifies to the fame and high position of its owner, as well as the strength of his home and family.

Coins and jewels, personal items and clothes were decorated with a monogram, she flaunted over the gates of estates and in stucco molding over the doors of mansions. Things marked by personal symbolism were inherited and quickly became family relics, carefully stored in the family.

It is interesting: the monogram of Christ

Despite the fact that Jesus himself did not use the monogram, he still has it. Moreover: several versions of “Christograms” have appeared throughout history, but the most famous version has been and remains the version of Constantine the Great.

Having come to power in the year 306, this Roman emperor ordered that the legendary Roman eagle be removed from all standards and replaced with a monogram from the first two letters of the name “Christ” in Greek.

Until the fifth century, this monogram was the most widespread symbol of Christianity, and only after the fall of the Roman Empire did it give way to the cross. However, up to the present moment, the Christogram remains one of the main signs in the symbolism of Christianity, along with the cross and fish.

Monogram and monogram

These are very close concepts that are often confused. The fact is that a monogram is also a personal sign, and it is also based on intertwined initials. The key difference is only one: monogram is a more complex symbol, which is framed and complemented by heraldic and decorative elements.

This, by the way, is one of the most famous monograms in history: a personal sign of Catherine the Great. Her elegant “E” with two vertical features was known throughout the world: coins and medals were decorated with this symbol, sealed diplomatic and personal mail, it is found in the interiors of the empress’s palaces and houses.

Creating monograms in the modern world

Today monograms retain their popularity and significance: they are still used in order to emphasize the status of the owner or company. Many world famous brands use a monogram or monogram as their symbol.

Monograms in jewelry are very popular: they are decorated with personalized jewelry and insignia, honorary medals and orders. The works of the best contemporary masters are in no way inferior to the works of art of the legendary jewelers of the past.

At the same time, in order to make your personal mark, it is absolutely not necessary to be a famous couturier or heir to a noble family, just have the desire to consolidate your name in the impeccable beauty of precious metals.

The monogram is ideal for use as a title element of jewelry, medals and memorials. It could be:

- A beautiful piece of jewelry, such as a ring, cufflinks, earrings or a business card holder. Such products emphasize the status of the owner and can become a family jewel that children and grandchildren will be proud of,

- Medal with corporate symbols, which will mark the merits of the head or especially valuable employee of the company,

- An exquisite and absolutely unique gift to your loved one is a thing that will remind you of decades.

Do you have an idea for monogrammed jewelry? Or while it is only a matter of desire, but there are no concrete thoughts on the design of symbolism? In any case, you can turn to the masters of the Kvashnin jewelry house for help.

We will take into account all your wishes, develop a unique sketch of the decoration, select the appropriate metals and stones and can create a family coat of arms. As a result, you will receive an exclusive thing that will become the pride of any family or company.

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What is a wedding monogram?

Before you start a discussion of programs and services, it is worth remembering what a wedding monogram is. This is a unique inscription created from the names and / or surnames of the spouses. Sometimes the date of painting is inserted into it.

There are many ideas for monogram design, everything is limited only by the imagination of the newlyweds. If we are talking about a drawn monogram, then here you can use any font, size and color of letters, decoration with floral patterns, symbolic drawings, frames, etc.

Along with the drawn monograms, which are often applied to invitations and other printing products, voluminous wedding monograms made of wood, cardboard or even natural flowers are often used in the decor of the celebration. Such festive paraphernalia looks very impressive and original! Where can I use it? It can be either huge letters for a wedding photo shoot, or a topper for a festive cake - these are just a few examples from many ideas!

How to create a monogram of a wedding?

Typically, newlyweds make a wedding monogram to order from a master who either draws a family monogram in special programs for applying it to wedding accessories and other little things, or is engaged in the manufacture of a three-dimensional monogram for a wedding from any material: wood, fresh flowers, textiles, etc. P.

There is also an alternative option - you can use all your imagination and independently develop a family brand! How to create a wedding monogram without resorting to the help of professionals? There are several useful programs and services that we will talk about below (in the attached videos you will find instructions on how to make monograms or logos in them - the principle of their creation is the same).

Office word

You can draw a monogram for a wedding with your own hands using Office Word, experimenting with fonts, color and size of letters, as well as filling the background, inserting frames and decorative details.

This option is quite easy, but it is hardly possible to create something truly original. But if you need a simple version of the monogram for a wedding photo shoot, in particular, to create volumetric letters from cardboard, then this is a completely working option.

Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop

You can draw a monogram yourself using special programs: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop. You can use any font, color and size of letters for the inscription, as well as take advantage of various effects and additionally decorate the inscription with any original patterns and drawings. The possibilities are endless!

The advantages of this option - you will get a very effective result, but only if you know how to work in these programs. Otherwise, this may alienate many newlyweds, because it will be very difficult to find time to learn the basics of Photoshop before the wedding.

An assistant in the development of a monogram can be Paint, in which you can create an inscription using the desired font for the monogram, the size and color of the letters, and also add decorative elements. As in the case of Word: everything is simple and free, but, alas, not always impressively beautiful!

Free online services

If none of the above options suits you, pay attention to free services online, with which you can create a beautiful monogram for a wedding. It can be either special sites for creating monograms, or logo development services - they have the same principle!

Working with such services is quite simple and easy, the main thing is to have access to the Internet and follow step-by-step tips. Of the minuses: some functions may be available only in a paid mode, so you need to be prepared for some expenses.

We will talk about the latter option below, so that you can see with an example how to create a monogram on one of these online services, spending a minimum of time and effort.