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How to make false nails at home, on tips, how to glue and remove, rules for care


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Making artificial nails is easy and fun, especially for young children. Due to the fact that attaching a false nail to the nail is quite simple, it may also be interesting for adults to “try” a new pattern or color of varnish on this false nail.

False nails and their advantages

False nails are a category of manicure, which is carried out both in cosmetology salons and at home. This option is ideal for women who suffer from brittle nails or slow growth of nail plates.

Overhead tips allow you to change your image every week, causing excitement among others.

Advantages of false nails:

  • time saving
  • affordable price,
  • Do not adversely affect the body and nails,
  • do not require special care skills,
  • allow you to experiment and easily replace manicures at any time,
  • look like natural
  • resistant to the environment
  • easily removable at home.

But this does not mean that no rules need to be followed. Any technique has instructions and subtleties.

How to glue false nails on varnish, what glue can be used

Artificial nails should be sold complete with special glue or have an adhesive base.

If there is no glue in the kit, then it should be bought separately. It is better to make a purchase in specialized stores where quality and natural products are sold.

Actively use two types of glue:

After choosing the glue, you can proceed to gluing.

You need to act sequentially:

  • The old nail polish is removed from the nail plates.
  • Gloves should be worn during the procedure.
  • The barbs are removed and the cuticles are pushed back with a wooden stick.
  • The file is made the minimum length. With a soft file you need to go over the entire surface, giving the base a roughness.
  • Now a small coat of colorless varnish is applied. This will enhance adhesion.
  • One drop of glue is applied, and a false nail is glued on top of the natural one.
  • Excess glue is wiped with a napkin.

It is important not to glue the product right next to the cuticle, but to make a 2 mm indent. If after a while the nail starts to stagger, it is worthwhile to heat it with a hairdryer to restore the properties of the glue.

Let's watch a video on how to glue false nails:

How to make false nails at home on nail tips

You can do this as follows:

  • Pruning. Tips are produced very long, which allows you to make the length as you wish. Cutting is best done with a special boat or tongs, scissors can damage the plates.
  • Now you need to give shape. It can be created using nail files with different abrasiveness.
  • The plate needs to be disinfected, the native nail should be degreased with acetone.
  • Tips are glued to the nail plate, if necessary, processed with a small file. Particular attention should be paid to the border between the nail and the edge of the plate.

Accuracy in movements is important so as not to be injured. Without experience, it is better to carry out this procedure in a specialized salon.

Let's watch an interesting video, a master class on nail extensions on nail tips at home:

Care Tips

A glued nail will last a long time if properly looked after. To do this, follow these recommendations:
Avoid contact with acetone. This substance can dissolve the material and ruin the coating.

Reduce length periodically with tweezers and a nail file.

Inspect the nails, if defects are found, it is better to remove the plates, and only after 7 days to stick new ones.
After washing, wipe hands thoroughly to avoid the formation of mold under the nails.

Compliance with these elementary rules will preserve health and beauty.

How to remove

Removing tips is easy. You will need to lower your hands for 15 minutes in hot water. The glue will soften and dissolve, the nails will be removed. If after a specified time the pads do not fall off, instead of hot water, you can use a nail polish remover.

Do not use this option of manicure constantly. It is necessary to give the nails a rest to preserve the structure and appearance.

The benefits of false nails

  1. Time saving.

False nails are a great way to quickly make manicures for girls who are always in a hurry. Having planned a hundred affairs a day, they will leave some of them unfinished:

It is difficult to simultaneously engage in a home and a loved one, while not forgetting about yourself. So it turns out that a manicure can suffer because of a delicious soup - after all, you took the time to cook vegetables and meat, and you did not pay attention to your hands.

If short nails can be maintained in good condition without any problems, then long nails do not work properly for household chores.

And if in the evening a party is waiting for you at which you want to look spectacular? And if you decide to make a beautiful photo shoot? This is where you need false nails. A little time spent - and you will get a beautiful manicure that you can get rid of at any time.

False nails can be taken with you on a trip and put your hands in order before going out in the evening. After all, it’s hard to find a nail salon for a vacation, but you want to look attractive even away from civilization.

  1. Ease of removal.

As you know, extended nails are not so easy to remove on their own. Depending on the material, you will either be sawed off or dissolved in a special liquid. And false nails can be removed independently without much effort. It is enough to take the liquid without acetone and carefully dissolve the glue on which they hold. You do not need to go to the salon and waste time. False nails at home are easily glued and easily removed. The main thing is to do everything carefully and not rush, otherwise you may injure your nails.

  1. Saving money.

Nail extension costs a lot of money. You’ll give them away just to make your nails longer and give them a beautiful shape. But you still need to draw a drawing - for this they take an additional charge in the salons. So it turns out that such a manicure costs a lot of money, although you can make a similar manicure much cheaper. Also, if you want, you can quickly change the pattern on the nails or even get rid of them. Many girls think that false nails last only a few days. In fact, with proper care and accurate wear, you can go with them for about three weeks, as well as with extended nails.

How to make children's false nails from napkins, from adhesive tape

Girls often imitate moms and want to have a beautiful manicure. To do this, you can use tape or a napkin.

Scotch nails:

  • A piece of adhesive tape is cut off, which then needs to be wrapped with a finger around the nail.
  • Now you need to cut a strip of the nail, but the length should be done twice as much.
  • The strip must be pressed on the nail plate to create a glossy surface, the same needs to be done with the edges of the tape, this will allow you to get curved.
  • Now the resulting nail can be painted with varnish and wait until it dries. The manicure is ready!

Napkin nails:

  • You need to measure each nail.
  • Draw them on a napkin (it is better to make blanks a little more, then to adjust them when gluing).
  • Scissors carefully cut the nails according to the drawing.
  • Own nails should be coated with colorless varnish, and immediately glue paper blanks. In order for the napkin to hold well, it is important to hold each part for at least 15 seconds so that it does not fall off in the future.
  • From above, the napkin can be coated with any varnish.

So, false nails are a quick and easy version of a beautiful manicure. If you follow all the recommendations for care and maintenance, then no problems should arise. However, if possible, such procedures are best carried out in beauty salons.

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Re: How to make false nails at home, on.

And for some reason, my false nails do not hold, they disappear the very next day. And I also noticed that after gluing them, my nail rollers begin to itch and swell a lot. I suspect it is allergic to glue.

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Re: How to make false nails at home, on.

Everything can be. For example, I am allergic to gel nails. Symptoms are the same as you describe. Maybe you just needed to try a different glue, and not the one that comes with the false nails?

How to make false nails at home

For those who glue nails for the first time, a small instruction. The procedure for gluing nails is quite simple and does not take much time:

Choose false nails.It is better to buy several packages of false nails at once, so that there is plenty to choose from. If possible, attach one nail from the package to your own - see how such a length and shape looks on your nails. Usually false nails are square in shape, however, it can be corrected with a file. It is worth paying attention to the material from which the false nails are made. The better it is, the more natural the nails will look.

Preparing nails for the procedure.Before glue false nails, you need to do a manicure. This may not be enough time, but without a manicure the effect will be different and false nails will not look beautiful. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them. Spread the false nails on the table in the gluing order and prepare the glue.

Each nail in turn from the inside grease evenly with glue and firmly pressed to the nail plate. You need to hold the false nail for about 10 seconds, so that the glue has time to dry. Repeat this procedure with all other nails.

Now you can finish the manicure and varnish false nails. If you bought false nails with a finished picture, then you do not need a coating, your manicure is ready.

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False Nail Care Tips

To nails worn longer, you need to choose the average length of the free edge.

Once a week, false nails need to be filed a bit.

If irritation occurs on glue or material, false nails should be removed immediately.

False nails can not be bitten.

It is necessary to wash dishes and floors with gloves to avoid frequent contact with water.

If the nail accidentally falls off, it can be glued (but only if it is not injured).

If you broke a false nail, you need to carefully remove it and treat your nail with alcohol.

Sometimes we do not have enough time and money for a good manicure. The output may be false nails. At home, you can easily turn your ordinary nails into holiday ones without spending a lot of time and effort on this. Do not forget that constantly wearing false nails is not recommended. From time to time, give your native nails a break so that they do not weaken.