Useful Tips

How to develop self esteem

Introspection. Any person, being unique and gifted by nature, is worthy of personal respect and recognition from the outside. This must always be remembered, it is always necessary to feel. To increase self-esteem, you need to work with yourself. Analyze your internal state, find the reasons why making friends with yourself does not work. Slow and regular introspection also helps to more clearly identify those causes that can positively affect self-esteem.

Self love. Many people in the modern world are prone to conflicts with themselves. One person may not be satisfied with his appearance, another person believes that he is not good enough in some business and does not have enough talent / abilities and so on. Without self-love, without self-acceptance, it is impossible to achieve the desired level of self-esteem, to develop self-worth. It is important to remember that if there is no self-respect, then others will be dismissive.

Stop associating self-esteem with outside opinion. The tendency to depend on the opinions of other people in modern society is very strong. However, just such a habit can kill all the internal positive feelings. We must learn not to take too much to heart other people's statements, outside criticism. It is important to understand that it is impossible to please everyone that people have different tastes and views. Self-esteem should not suffer only because some random passerby did not like something in the appearance of another person.

Develop a habit of praising yourself. Praise is a great incentive for self-esteem. You must praise yourself for everything, even the little things. It is necessary to abandon constant self-criticism, from humiliating oneself, from belittling one’s abilities and achievements.

Learn to forgive. It is important to develop the ability to not only forgive other people, but also to forgive oneself. The latter can be a very complex action, but it is necessary. It should be understood that any person is not a machine, he can make mistakes, he may not be successful in any area of ​​life. Do not blame yourself in vain for what did not work. Getting rid of feelings of shame and guilt in front of yourself is a serious step towards strengthening our faith in ourselves.

Reading psychological and motivational literature. Striving to develop, do not limit yourself to studying only relevant resources on the Internet. It will be useful to read books aimed at developing positive qualities, including self-esteem. In addition, such literature can help to look at life from a different angle, give motivation and inspiration to change and action.