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DIY satin ribbons


Everyone is already tired of the usual hair ornaments from China. Firstly, they sometimes just fall apart, and secondly, all products are almost the same and without a “twist”. Why pay for low-quality goods, if you can make hair bands yourself? It’s not difficult to make simple elastic bands from satin ribbons with your own hands, even a teenager can cope with this. And time for the manufacture of rubber bands for hair from ribbons will take quite a bit.

This option in black and white is not only simple in execution, but also good for its versatility and simplicity, that will look great on a girl-schoolgirl and go well with a school uniform.

We will consider how to make elastic bands from ribbons with our own hands step by step, in the form of a photo master class.

Tape accessories

One of the easiest to make is a satin ribbon elastic band. Even a teenager can cope with it, not to mention adult girls. The most important thing is to learn basic skills, follow the schemes and master classes found on the Internet, and also show your imagination. Only in this case you will get a fashionable thing that is distinguished by an unusual appearance and personality.

The basis is weaving, folding and collecting parts into a single whole. For needlewomen who are just starting to test themselves in the new handmade direction, it is better to use basic skills at first, gradually complicating the schemes and techniques. Even the simplest ones can look spectacular in the braid or tail of a girl if they are correctly and originally decorated. To do this, you can use a variety of details: beads, beads, rhinestones, sequins. If you like to embroider, add embroidery to the finished product, it is especially popular this season. Try different decoration options so that as a result you have plenty to choose from.

DIY satin ribbons

Main components

As a material for the creation, multicolored satin stripes and various decorative elements are used. In addition, you will need ordinary or nail scissors, a glue gun, matches or a lighter to get rid of extra ends and, of course, skillful hands. To make your task easier, buy a ready-made elastic in the store and decorate it yourself. But in this case, you will have to buy an item on which everything will be attached. She can be made of plastic crab, metal hair clips.

How to choose a quality item?

What products can not be bought:

  • Look carefully at the material. This is especially important for persons with chic long thick hair, since only strong, reliable objects that do not tear at the most unexpected moment are suitable for them. Also, a low-quality product is able to bring curls to the point that they become weak, brittle, dull.
  • Many ladies prefer to bundle with clerical garters, which are famous for reliability. But to remove them, while not losing a piece of hair, is quite difficult.
  • Another option that can not be used is roughly lined specimens with a metal clip. They severely damage the structure of curls, due to the fact that they exert strong pressure on the hair trunks. If you have dry, brittle strands, this option will significantly impair their health.

What to look for?

  • If you want the accessory to bring pleasure, and not harm and suffering, choose a soft, gentle format product. For example, silicone products, which can be transparent or suitable in color to your locks. The main advantage of such a product is that it fixes well and is almost invisible. Among the shortcomings is the fragility.
  • Attributes with a special hook that perfectly hold the curls do not pull out the hairs when you remove them. On the shelves they are presented in different types and colors.
  • Standard, soft, which are sold in 3 pieces per pack. They are easy to find in the market, they are high-quality and inexpensive.

So, we made a choice. Now we pass directly to the master classes.

DIY satin ribbons

This Japanese art has long been popular far beyond the Land of the Rising Sun. In general, kanzashi is a traditional attribute for hair in Japan. Almost always they are worn in combination with a kimono. Japanese craftswomen make flowers of extraordinary beauty from silk squares using the tsumami technique (folding).

To create a stylish little thing reminiscent of a daisy, lily or dahlia, you must:

  1. From satin or silk cut 16 flaps-squares. Their size should be 5x5 centimeters. Next, you need to hold along the edges of the squares with a lighter or matches to prevent the thread from getting out. Repeat the procedure for the inner petals of a different color.
  2. For the outer row, each square is bent diagonally twice, and surround corners with fire. For the inside - three times.
  3. Fold a small blank into the larger one and join with hot glue.
  4. Total single layer should be 12.
  5. 2 circles should be cut out of cardboard. The diameter of one will be 3.5, and the other 2.5 cm. All two-layer petals are glued in a circle to the first base, and single-layer ones to the second, which is smaller.
  6. Connect them together.
  7. Garnish the craft with beads, rhinestones and glue the resulting flower onto a hairpin, crab.
DIY satin ribbons

From different tapes

Peculiar 3D gizmos, differing in volume and effect, are obtained if you use strips of different widths. For their manufacture:

  1. Cut a 9x16 cm rectangle from the cardboard. Draw a horizontal line in the middle of the rectangular figure and wind a ribbon around it.
  2. Remove the skein so as not to damage the coils, sew the middle and pull off so that a bow forms as a result.
  3. Repeat the procedure described in paragraph 3, but from another, narrower attribute.
  4. It is necessary to cut out pieces of bright color from exactly the same length and width as the resulting product. The edges should be scorched so that the strings do not come out.
  5. Gather everything ready for a thread.
  6. Cut a circle out of cardboard, tighten with a cloth, carefully sew on. Using a glue gun, fix everything on a geometric figure, decorate with decorative elements: pebbles, buttons, droplets.
DIY satin ribbons

With bows

Among girls and adolescents, such things have always been popular. So why not create such an accessory on your own, which will attract admiring glances to your child and make your hair style gorgeous?

  1. Take two meter sections with a width of 2.5 and 0.8 cm and one fifty centimeter, where there will be 8 mm.
  2. Prepare two blanks of thick paper in the shape of the letter P measuring six and eight cm in size, cut off the edge of the wide strip diagonally, lay in a large pattern so that the cut and folds are located on each edge.
  3. Fasten everything with pins in the center. Using the seam “forward”, assemble everything together and fasten.
  4. Repeat for the other, and then sew everything together, place the bead in the middle.
DIY satin ribbons

Such a product is most needed for babies who are engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, because for them it is important to look good, stand out from others and draw attention to the person.

  1. To get started, prepare five small bows.
  2. Take the rubber band. To be able to adjust the product depending on the thickness of the beam, sew a button on it.
  3. Cut 6 circles of felt, put in them two cuts for threading.

Behind you will find a large bow decorated with cabochon and rhinestones. To make it, you will need 4 tapes: the first - 5x28, the second - 2.5x23 cm. Form two figures, put a small one on the bigger one and fix it.

For holiday tips, prepare 2 pieces of five by ten. Cut their corners along an oblique line so that it looks symmetrical.

Tops - pick up. Sew everything together, and glue the ends to the inside. Decorate with beads, lace, stones.

Next, take a segment of a thin strip, wrap around the prepared element, while capturing the garter in the middle. Decorate the center with a miniature fabric flower, cabochon.

Please your daughters, sisters, nieces with such a wonderful unusual gift. They will certainly appreciate the effort, because you will make a present with your own hands and from the heart.