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How to rebuild a straw hat


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Straw hats are easily deformed, especially when traveling. Nevertheless, do not immediately throw away the crumpled hat. A straw hat is quite simple to return to its original form.

Is it possible to return the hat to the store

Article 25 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights". Art. 25 of the "Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights" lists headgear as products that can be returned to the store if they did not fit the buyer in size, style or for other reasons within the time period established by law. How to do this, this article will tell.

The Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" allows you to return or exchange not only defective, but also high-quality hats, if they do not fit the buyer in size, color or style. A letter with information about an unacknowledged theft from the apartment of the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kostanai region was received by on Sunday, October 11. The person who sent the message did not identify himself in any way, leaving only an email address.

“The statement about the theft came from the entrepreneur, and it is he who appears in this case as the victim.

How to restore the shape of a straw hat at home?

Use your hands to straighten dents and other defects on the surface of the product.

To keep the shape near the top, put a hat to dry on a round jar or roll paper as a base.

Instead of such a procedure, you can use a spray bottle.

Hands straighten all the defects on the hat, put it on the base.

Can a straw hat be returned to the store

In this case, you can return the shoes under the guarantee that each manufacturer gives on their goods.

If there is nothing to replace, the buyer has the right to demand from the seller:

  1. leave a request so that when the product you need appears, you are notified.
  2. to purchase for the spent amount any other goods in this store,
  3. return your own money spent,

Suppose that you have jewelery in your hands that has a marketable appearance, saved checks, and has not passed 14 days from the fixed time of purchase, and the seller refuses you legal requirements.

How to clean a straw hat at home

After removing the dust, a sponge moistened with vegetable oil can be lightly walked on it, then dried with a cloth. A straw hat may turn yellow if it has lain in a closet for a long time, or, conversely, it has often been worn.

There are simple ways to maintain the whiteness of the straw. Method 1. Mix the juice of one lemon or citric acid with water and simply spray the resulting solution over the entire surface. Then dry. Do not spray abundantly when spraying.

Method 3. If there is no lemon, it can be replaced by 3% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia:

  1. straighten the hat and wipe with the prepared mixture,
  2. mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia,
  3. iron with a hot iron.

In preparation for winter storage, linen, cotton and many other things have to be washed.

A bit of practice

Straw, as the basis for a summer hat, is extremely pliable and practical. She does not require special conditions of storage and protection from her owner, but no one is safe from small troubles in the form of mines and deformation of the product’s fields. Especially often such situations can be encountered while traveling, but this is not a reason to abandon your favorite accessory.

So how to restore the shape of a straw hat? The main weapon in the fight against jamming and straw deformation will be ordinary water. The principle of operation is based on the fact that water nourishes the straw, giving it thereby plasticity. Thanks to this, the hat will easily regain its original or desired shape.


One of the most common way to restore shape to straw hats is to steam the straw. This technique is also used in specialized hat stores. Various devices are suitable for steaming: an iron, a steamer for clothes or a pot with water.

• How to straighten a straw hat with a pot of water. The main task is to place the hat over the steam, evenly working over jammed areas. The only thing to remember is safety during the procedure. To avoid the occurrence of burns, the product is recommended to be kept at a distance of 15-20 cm from the pan. • Garment steamer. The principle of manipulation is similar to the previous method, but do not turn on the device for maximum performance. Straw is a plastic, but at the same time delicate material. When the straw is saturated with steam, the creases will straighten and the product will take on an even outline. Also, immediately after steaming, the shape of the hat can be slightly corrected by creating the necessary bends. After drying, the straw will remember the acquired shape. • How to straighten a straw hat if it is wrinkled with an iron. This method is extremely effective, but requires increased attention to work and compliance with an important rule. The straw hat should be smoothed out only through a wet cloth, preferably if it is a soft terry towel or something similar. In the process of ironing, it is necessary to control the humidity of the fabric and to exclude open contact of the sole of the iron with straw.

Soaking in water

How to straighten the fields of a straw hat so that they acquire a uniform shape and the correct geometry? For such tasks, a second, more cardinal method of recovery is suitable - soaking a straw hat in water. It is necessary to lower the product in warm water or moisten using a spray gun, then twist the hat. The described manipulation allows you to straighten the fields around the entire circle evenly. In addition, this method is great for changing shapes, creating a relief, both in the fields and in the hat top. All you need to do is fix the desired bends and allow the straw to dry.

Straw hat is a hardy version of the headgear for sunny summer days, it has a high degree of strength. However, it is worth remembering that this is a natural material and should not be subjected to daily transformations. On the pages of the online store "Kalyaev" there are current and inexpensive summer models of straw hats that can please any fashionista.