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9 qualities of a man who will never reach heights in his career

In karting, how fast you can go through a circle depends on driving skills. Once you master the basic principles of driving a map, you will begin to gain an advantage over rivals. Here are the basics to help you get better.

1. Sit correctly on the map.

It sounds stupid, but it fundamentally changes the management of the card. Sit back in the seat and keep yourself from the temptation to lean forward toward the steering wheel, or yank cards while bouncing in the seat. Both of these actions negatively affect acceleration.

2. Hold the steering wheel correctly.

The lowest points for which you must hold the steering wheel correspond to the location of 9 and 3 on the watch dial, the highest - 10 and 2 hours on the dial. Make sure that your hands are symmetrically positioned on the steering wheel, and you constantly hold them like that while moving. If you move your hands lower or higher, this can lead to additional difficulties in managing the card.

3. Examine the limits of braking.

As soon as you get used to the speed of the map, and also learn how to properly sit and hold the steering wheel, you need to study the limits of braking. Operate the brake pedal quickly, brake sharply enough so that the rear wheels are almost completely locked. Be sure to release the brake before turning.

4. Experiment with straight lines on the tracks.

Many riders believe that they start turning too early, so try to keep the cards straight for as long as possible and take the trajectory as wide as possible before the start of the turn.

5. Hold cards right as often as you can.

Maneuvers reduce the speed of the map. Try to turn later until you reach the turn apex, after which you know what you can carry or carry.

When you apply these tips, at first you will drive slowly. This is normal, and as soon as you get used to them - you will start flying!

Train your card management skills as often as you can. If you feel that these new methods are complicated, try to master them gradually, or make yourself work hard.


On the one hand, it is difficult for such colleagues not to sympathize. Management constantly exploits them, and even ordinary, but unscrupulous employees can use this character warehouse for their own purposes.

On the other hand, these soft-bodied and supple people are irritating. The man, who constantly agrees with everything and has no courage to express discontent and stand up for himself, unlikely to be able to occupy a high position.


People who never apologize to other people and consider themselves superior to the rest do not cause positive emotions in anyone. But even more discontent is caused by those who apologize constantly and often without reason.

Meanwhile, unnecessary apologies reduce the chance that the ideas of such colleagues will in principle be heard. They are indecisive, often withdrawn, passive and afraid of criticism. That is why some career heights do not shine for them.

Fear is a very powerful force with which you can control the masses. But a cowardly colleague, or even an alarmist, usually acts irrationally.

Cowardly colleagues can blame other employees for their mistakes, or they can completely ignore their shortcomings, instead of quickly correcting the mistake. All this adversely affects the results of their work and the work of the whole team.


Hot-tempered or temperamental employees usually pour out all their emotions on colleagues. And it does not matter whether it is joy or resentment, anger, impatience. Such people are convinced that their colleagues bring them. Therefore, they don’t even try to restrain themselves, bringing down a flurry of emotions on people who are actually innocent.

It is rarely possible to establish normal contacts with such colleagues and work productively. In the team they are most often not welcome.

Sprinters often blame their lack of opportunities for their defeats, claiming they were just out of luck. But a successful business is always more painstaking work, and not just luck.

Sprinters, in their work, usually do not understand that they have to run not a short hundred-meter race, but a marathon. Therefore, they “boil” on the second day of work on the project. And as a result, they may not bring it to the end.


Such employees cannot soberly assess reality. Time and progress do not stand still, new approaches to work and even completely new forms of it appear. Conservatives live in the past. Their skills do not develop, as they are convinced that they have reached the peak of their skills.

As a result, such a person will never be able to achieve significant career growth simply because he is used to responding to any innovation with the phrase: “They always did it, why invent something.”


Too arrogant people can waste time. And both your own and yours. The problem is that they perceive any remark addressed to them as a challenge and try to fix or do something that is completely unnecessary.

Outwardly, such people look very self-confident, but in reality this is not so. As a result, they can make major mistakes, which prevents them from moving up the career ladder.

In the film about the wizard Harry Potter, dementors are magical creatures that feed on positive emotions, leaving a person only the most terrible nightmares and terrible memories.

In the work team, you can easily encounter the same character. He inspires terror with one of his appearance and spreads the negative around him, without saying a word. Effectively working with such a person is almost impossible, as his pessimism reaches just epidemic proportions, and your good mood and working spirit when dealing with him will dry out in a matter of seconds.

We pass the word Lando

I started karting when I was seven years old. One day after school, my dad took me and my brother to a local track. It was Clay Pigeon, it just passed the stage of the British Super One Series championship. As soon as I saw the race, I told my father that I wanted to ride. When I started, I was just one of the guys who rode the local track for fun. At this moment, I had no ambition to get to the level at which I am now. I just started and then got involved more and more.

I think it's good to have your own maps. It does not have to be new, there is no problem to take a used one. After shopping, go to the local karting track and just start driving.

Walking at your own pace is a good start

When I was eight, I joined a local go-kart team called B.R.M. at Clay Pigeon. It was a very small team, just a couple of pilots, people like me who were involved in local races on the maps, plus the owner of the team and the mechanic. I think that for a start it’s good to go at your own pace, and then, as soon as you feel comfortable, join the team. If you do not practice professionally from an early age, then you should not go to the best team, just find a decent one that may compete in national championships. They will teach you, give more experience in karting, and then you will form a foundation. But it’s better to start racing at local kartodroms, and then when you rise to a higher level, you can try to get to the national championships.

I finished 14th overall in the first UK Super One championship. I have never been the fastest. It was not that I entered and dominated. Then I began to participate in national and British championships, and at the end of my "era" in the "cadet" class we took a manager, and I had a plan for how the future years would go. This was the moment when I became more serious and more professional, I was 11 or 12 years old.

You should believe that you can win - then you get used to it

Until you get to Formula 1, you always look at the guys who win in the category above and think: “They are very good - I can never beat them”. But then, when you move on to the next category and start winning, you realize that this is possible. I think you should believe that you can win - then you will get used to it.

I have never participated in any KZ kart races that are with a 6-speed gearboxbut I really think this is a very good way to learn before getting into the car. KZ cards (42 hp) are much faster than regular ones and require a completely different driving style. I think there are some important skills that you can gain in racing with this class. I have heard from many people that this is definitely a good practice. But it is very difficult, especially at the level of the European and World Championships - it is hard to win in this category.

I recommend using rib protection. It is necessary, and in terms of security is very effective. Some people wear neck protectors. I tried several times, but could not ride with it! In addition, you only need your helmet, jumpsuit and boots. If you start visiting different tracks, you can buy a new set of tires or start changing gear ratios. If one track has a long straight line and the other has only narrow angles, your gear ratios begin to play a big role in winning. If you want to be fast, you should be precise and decide what characteristics are needed in a particular race.