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How to change language settings in Windows 7

Who had to deal with a situation where Windows 7 seemed to be installed on a computer or laptop brought from abroad, but the interface turned out to be non-Russified, but was presented in the language of the country in which the device was purchased? In the best case, only an English interface could be present. How to change the system language in Windows 7 of a certain version and, in general, how much is it possible to perform such actions? Let's try to figure it out.

Can I change the language of a Windows 7 system using standard tools?

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Differing versions of Windows 7 do not always have the right set for changing the interface language. According to most experts, using standard tools and changing the language of the Windows 7 system is possible only in versions of Ultimate and Enterprise, and then only by installing special service packs. In all other versions, without manually downloading an additional language pack, nothing will work. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Russified professional version (Pro) has its pitfalls. For example, you can download a language pack with the same Kazakh language to change the interface, but you can’t just install English. Next, we consider several basic options that are most often used for different versions of Windows and give a guaranteed one hundred percent result.

Changing the interface language in Enterprise and Ultimate versions

Changing the system language in Windows 7 of these two modifications can be quite elementary.

First you need to go to the “Update Center” section using the usual “Control Panel”, then set a manual search for available packages, mark updates for language packs in important or optional updates and install them.

After that, you just need to select the section of regional standards in the “Control Panel”, go to the language and keyboard tabs, and then select the desired language from the drop-down list. Upon completion of the actions, the system should be completely rebooted, after which the entire interface will be presented in the exact language of your choice.

How to change the language of Windows 7 Home Premium / Basic / Starter?

Not all is so simple with these modifications, and the classical method described above is not suitable for them. However, there is a way out. First, you will need to go to the special section for downloading language packs directly on the official Microsoft website, select the required package, paying attention to the version of the OS for which it is intended, and the bit depth of your own operating system, and then download it to your computer.

The standard file has the MLC extension and is an executable component. To change the system language in Windows 7 Premium and similar versions, it is enough to simply start the installation as an administrator using the PCM menu for this, and after it complete the standard steps to change the interface language, as shown above.

If for some reason, even after a reboot, some elements still will not be translated into the selected language, in the previously used section of the regional standards, you will need to go to the Administrative tab and change the language already there, using the corresponding button. And only after a restart, everything will fall into place.

Nuances of changing the interface language in the Pro modification

Finally, the biggest problems await the owners of professional modifications. Changing the system language in Windows 7 Pro is somewhat more complicated, but the above methods do not work at all. However, there is one interesting solution. First, download the installation file of the selected language, taking into account the capacity of the system in the form of an EXE file. Now run the installer and wait for the CAB file to appear in the download directory, then instantly copy it to another location on the disk. This is necessary only because upon completion of the installer, it will be deleted automatically, and the desired or unsupported language simply will not be installed. Suppose you copy a .cab file to directory 111 on drive “C”.

Now run the command line (cmd) on behalf of the administrator and write the command shown on the image, press the enter key and wait for the package to complete installation. Then, for example, to change the Russian language of the interface, to English, execute two more commands (see the screenshot below).

Now you can completely get rid of the Russian interface. If this is absolutely necessary, go into the registry (regedit), expand the HKLM branch, through the SYSTEM and CurrentControlSet sections find the MUI directory and completely delete the Russian language section in the subfolder UILanguages ​​(ru-RU).

After restarting the system, there will be no trace of the Russian interface.

Changing the language with third-party tools

All of the above presented to an unprepared user may seem quite complicated. Therefore, in order not to engage in such actions, you can use special utilities from third-party developers. One of the simplest is the portable program Vistalizator. In it, you just need to add the desired language, and then wait for the download and installation of the required package. All operations will be performed automatically, and in time the process will take about 15-20 minutes.

How to change

In order for the menu, folders, and all other names to be reflected in an understandable way, you need to set the necessary parameters in the Windows settings, just changing the keyboard layout will not do.

First you need to go to the control panel of the operating system, this can be done through the Start menu in the lower left corner of the screen. After opening the window, select the category “Clock, language and region”. Then click on the item “Language and regional standards”.

A small window will appear in which you need to select the tab “Language and keyboards”. Here you can change the interface language. After the changes, you will need to log out so that your PC can set new parameters. If there is no necessary option, then it is possible to install the language pack.

How to install a language pack in Windows 7

To add a language pack, you will need an Internet connection so that the system can download the necessary data from the official Windows site.

Installing a new package is in the same window where you can change the language settings. You must click on the button “Install or Uninstall Language”. Next, a window appears that prompts you to select the desired action. In this case, click on "Install interface languages".

After that, a window appears again offering to select the action: “Launch the update center” - the search and installation will occur automatically, or “Browse the computer or network” - if the disk contains the necessary files, the user can install the language pack manually. But in most cases they use the first method with automatic installation.

When Windows Update opens, select “Optional updates” and mark the required languages ​​in the list. Then click on the button “Start Installation”.

When the installation is complete, the selected language options will be available for change in the operating system.

Automatic updating may not work if a pirated version of the OS is installed. In this case, you can try to download and install language packs yourself.

If the operating system is in English

If you purchased a PC, and it defaults to English that you do not speak, then you can change it to Russian in the same way.

The control panel is called the “Control Panel”. After its opening it is necessary to select the category “Clock, Language, and Region”, and in it “Region and Language”. Then we go to the “Keyboards and Languages” tab and at the bottom of the window we see a drop-down list with languages. Among them we find Russian, we agree to change and are allowed to log out of the system.

If Russian is not available in the list, you will have to download it. In the same window for changing the language settings, click on the “Install / uninstall language” button, select the first item in the window that appears (this is an automatic update of Windows), then again select the first item and select “Optional updates”. Next, mark the required option and wait until all files are downloaded and installed. After that, change the language, and you can use the computer.

How to change the keyboard layout in Windows 7

To change the keyboard language (that is, the text will be printed in another language, and all the names, menus, etc. will remain in the same language as before), you must simultaneously press Shift + Alt. Depending on the settings, these may be keys that are located on the keyboard both on the left side and on the right.

For Russia, by default, two working options are installed: English and Russian. If you want to add another language, you need to click on the language bar in the lower right corner of the screen, open the settings and click the "Add language" button.

Switch language

Initially, a certain set of languages ​​is laid down in the Windows 7 operating system, between which you can switch at any time. Additional localizations are available for download from the Update Center. And some can only be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

To begin, consider the case of how to change the language of Windows 7 to one of the predefined ones. It will also be relevant for localizations that you download from the Microsoft website or Update Center.

Log in to Control Panel. Then switch to the standard view in the menu "View". Scroll to the end and open the very last item. Go to the tab "Language and keyboards". There you will find the item "Choose an interface language".Select the desired translation and apply the change.

Note: this item may be missing. This indicates that there is only one language on the computer, and it is currently being used. When you load other localizations, the line "Choose an interface language" will appear.

Option 2: Install a Language Pack

Selected Windows 7 language packs are available at Consider the situation with the installation of the Georgian translation:

  1. Follow the link above.
  2. Scroll to the desired language and start downloading it.
  3. Run the file with the extension mlc.
  4. The installation of the language pack will begin.
  5. Now you can install the new translation you just downloaded from the menu “Language and regional settings”.