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How to make bulk purchases of clothing


Wholesale purchases (another common name is a joint purchase) is a very convenient way to save time, effort and money. Usually in different forums and social networks there are topics or groups of wholesale purchases (OZ). OZ is the purchase of goods in bulk, but each product already has a buyer. You can buy anything in this way: clothes, shoes, food, toys, household goods, for animals and much more.

In good groups there are a lot of participants, and the more participants, the faster the minimum wage is gained. Minimal - this is the minimum amount of money that you can buy in bulk. For example, on one wholesale site, the minimum wage is 10,000 rubles. That is, you need to collect orders for 10,000.

Purchase has a time limit. Say, the purchase of shoes-1 for a week begins. After the participants wrote what they need, size and quantity, the order is formed, paid and sent. This particular album no longer accepts orders. Open the next album - shoes-2. And so on.

Purchases are organized by org. Org - the organizer of the purchase. Buyers pay him on the card the cost of their order plus a small percentage, and the org already orders, receives, sorts and sends the goods to the places of distribution. The percentage to the wholesale price is usually from 15% for delivery and work org.

Place of distribution - it happens at a predetermined metro station at a certain time. But more often, distribution takes place in apartments of volunteers in different areas of the city. Volunteer is usually a regular participant in the purchase, which takes other people's goods at home, so that they can be returned upon the arrival of the buyer. The buyer shows the check (transfer from the bank) and receives his package with the goods.

I want to give some tips on participating in bulk procurement.

  1. No need to have many groups - you can get confused and forget where and what was ordered. Choose some good groups with everything you need. Check out the rules of each group, the percentage of services and places of distribution. Choose a group with a minimum percentage, a large assortment and convenient distribution. Made an order - write down all the information about it (create a notepad or create a file).
  2. Advantages of OZ: saving time (you make an order from home on a tablet, phone, pc), saving money, saving strength (no need to wander around many shops). In addition, looking at albums with goods, you get the same buzz as when shopping in real life. You can also get advice from participants or orgs, you can sell in a group an unsuitable product.
  3. OZ Cons: the risk of getting the wrong color or size, the risk of not getting your goods (very small, but there is a loss of small orders when transporting to different places of distribution), the risk of forgetting that you left the order, not paying and getting into the ban group. In addition, you must constantly remember, go in, check to see if the time has come to pay for the goods.

OZ is profitable, convenient and pleasant. You just need to figure it out. Enjoy the shopping!

Remote Purchasing - It's Possible

The opportunity to order clothes from the factory without going directly to another city or country exists. It is only necessary to take into account that for a start (namely, for small wholesale purchase) it is worth choosing a ready-made clothing factory. Unless, of course, you want to wait a few months for the clothes to be sewn to order. With regard to prices, it is better to specify them through an agent. Factory sites typically list retail prices. You can request by email the catalog with the price list. By the way, in this way you can already begin to create demand for your offer, namely - to show this catalog to your friends, relatives, friends, and make an order, based on their preferences. True, not all articles can be indicated in the catalog - clothing production is designed for the seasonality of its sale. Be careful - some factory items are positioned as bestsellers, but experience shows that this is not always a good product.

If the factory is not able to provide a catalog, you can ask to photograph the products and make an order based on the photographs. This option only seems simple, because many factories are afraid that things will start to copy. Therefore, a specially attracted person should take pictures. Another disadvantage is that photos are taken unprofessionally, things look ugly on them, so it’s better not to show such photos to potential customers.

Another way is to make a purchase on Skype. Of course, you must have “your own person” who arrives at the factory, calls you from a laptop, tablet or phone, and you can use the video link to view the products yourself. The plus is that you can ask to turn clothes, turn inside out, wrinkle and so on. True, not all factories allow you to make an order on Skype, especially if you are buying clothes for the first time. The worst option is to entrust someone to go to the factory without you and make a purchase in accordance with their own ideas about fashion. Such things can be of completely inappropriate quality and style that you simply cannot sell.

What to buy

If you just decided to start your own business, focus not on people at all, but on your friends. It is important to know who will take from you the things that you buy at the factory. Based on this, decide on the size, styles and price. It is ideal to choose a clothing factory in accordance with the needs of your customers. In this case, you practically do not risk being left without money with a bunch of unsold goods.

Remember that everyone has different tastes, and if you focus only on your preferences (and this often happens among beginners), sooner or later all things can migrate to your closet. Consider seasonality. In winter, factories, as a rule, produce winter clothes, in summer - summer clothes.

How to realize delivery and payment for goods?

You deliver the goods personally or your courier service. The client pays for the goods upon receipt, and all the profits immediately in your hands. (The courier service transfers the entire amount to you, except for the payment of its services) At first, this is the most preferable option, since you can use the settlement and cash services, which will provide your client with a real check and save you from having to register a legal entity.

Delivery by Russian post. The client pays the order upon receipt, and after a few days you receive the full amount by postal order in your Russian post office. The only nuance-cost of transportation you will need to pay when sending, so either ask your customers to pay for delivery in advance, or include this amount in the amount of cash on delivery.

Point of issue and post offices. In this case, payment is made through the terminal upon receipt, and you already receive your profit directly from the company, which provides the possibility of self-delivery and storage of goods.

If you are afraid that the buyer will not come for the goods, it is better to ask him to make an advance payment for delivery.

Which suppliers operate on a bulk purchasing system?

Absolutely everything, because for the supplier it is the most profitable option for cooperation. The supplier immediately receives money from you for the entire purchase volume. With this format of interaction, your supplier is only the seller, and you are the buyer for him.

Therefore, your potential partners are

  1. Any online stores
  2. Offline stores, wholesale bases, markets
  3. Manufacturers of goods

  1. Lowest Wholesale Price
  2. Independence from intermediaries. Delivery speed, packaging of goods from different suppliers, promotional materials - it all depends on your desire
  3. You can take a photo for social networks and site
  4. Work with any regions

And, of course, features of work with purchases:

  1. Significant investment
  2. You need to store goods somewhere
  3. Risk: part of the product may remain unrealized
  4. You provide
    • Delivery
    • Return
    • Warranty service
    • Receiving money from a client

Therefore, this form of work is more suitable for the formed online store with sufficient sales and for unique goods or goods from abroad.