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The most effective exercises for back muscles with dumbbells


The health of the whole body depends on the condition of your back. A feature of training men is increased attention to the development of muscles in the upper body.

A set of five exercises can be performed at home. Dumbbells are the only equipment you use. And in their absence, you can use bottles of water or sand.


Want to pump your back at home? Looking for an effective set of exercises for pumping back muscles? This article describes the training of the trapezius, latissimus and long back muscles using dumbbells, developed by a fitness trainer. A detailed description of each element of the training is accompanied by a video instruction. Follow the correct technique for completing tasks. Avoid sudden movements that can cause micro-injuries. Before you start the complex, take 5-10 minutes to warm up.

A set of exercises for the back with dumbbells for men

ExercisesSetsRepeats / Time
Belt dumbbell pull312,10,8
Deadlift with dumbbells on straight legs315
Dumbbell Dumbbell Breeding312-15
One-handed dumbbell barbell312,10,8
Dumbbell Sumo Link315,12,10
Technique of execution:
  1. Stand straight. Bend your legs slightly. Lower your arms with dumbbells along your torso.
  2. Lower the case to such a level until a right angle is formed, or about 45 degrees to the floor.
  3. Raise your hands to your belt. At the top, linger for a few seconds. Then lower to the starting position.

how many: 3 times for 12.10.8 repetitions for each of the hands.

Deadlift with dumbbells on straight legs

One of the most effective basic exercises. With it, you can use a huge number of muscles, increase coordination of movements. The body will develop symmetrically.

Deadlift with dumbbells on straight legs

Precautionary measures

Performing back exercises is important not only for men, for women and girls this muscle group is no less important, because only with a pumped back can you effectively train your legs, chest, abs. A strong spine is needed by people regardless of gender and age.

The muscular group of the back consists of deep (straightening, upper and lower dentate) and superficial, including trapezium, latissimus dorsi, or “wings”, lumbar.

When composing a set of classes, consider which areas need the maximum study. It is also necessary to remember the basic rules and precautions during strength training. Mandatory during classes:

  • use a special support belt, since the main load lies on the lower back,
  • do not neglect warm-up, warm up muscles and joints,
  • to take dumbbells correctly from the floor, it is necessary to bend over, take inventory and level out due to leg extension,
  • pay attention to the technique of performing the movement, first practice without the load, master the basic exercises, and only then complicate the program,
  • increase the load gradually, start with the minimum weight, and as the body adapts, add pounds,
  • breathe properly, exhale effort, relax on inhalation.

Before you start training at home with a barbell or dumbbells, you must consult your doctor. Take an examination and find out if your body is ready for serious stress.

Training program

Exercises to strengthen the back with dumbbells will bring visible results with systematic exercises. A properly selected complex is effective for weight loss, and for posture, and to create a sculpted athletic physique.

Most of the movements are performed vertically, because lying down to pump up the back will fail. For the training to work, it must include the following exercises:

  • Deadlift. To perform, stand straight, legs apart at shoulder level. The back is straight, slightly bent in the lower back. In the hands of a dumbbell of suitable weight. Lean forward, bend your knees slightly. Hands slide down along the hips and stop in the middle of the lower leg. Then slowly return to the starting position.

  • Tilt Standing. This exercise is ideal for the broadest muscles; trapeziums, extensors and rhomboid muscles are also indirectly involved. Primary position - stand straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders. Dumbbells lie on the floor in front of the athlete. Squat, take inventory. Legs are slightly bent at the knees, the body is tilted by 45 degrees. We pull the dumbbells to the level of the body, the elbows are strictly laid back, then we straighten the upper limbs.

  • Lifting dumbbells to a belt on a bench. The latitude, deltas and biceps are involved in the study. Starting position - we hold the dumbbell in the right hand, put the left knee and hand on the bench. The case is parallel to the surface of the bench. We straighten the arm with the dumbbell as much as possible, the shoulder drops. Then we return to the starting position.

  • Inclined arms. The movement is aimed at pumping trapezoid and deltas, the remaining groups receive a secondary load. We stand straight, bend our knees slightly, tilt the body forward. We hold dumbbells with a direct grip. We take a breath, on an exhale we part our hands to the sides. On inspiration, we return to the original position.

  • Chin lift. Exercise is great for arms, shoulders, trapezes. We stand straight, legs are slightly apart. The back is straight, arms are extended along the body. It is necessary to raise arms to shoulder level. The elbows at the maximum point are divorced to the sides and are above the line of the brushes. On inspiration, lower the limbs down.

You can create a training program directly for the back and work out this muscle group once a week. It is also allowed to combine training and use 1-2 best exercises for the upper body in a restorative complex.

Features and differences of female / male training

The same exercises are used for girls and boys, but in order to get different results, you should know some features of the training. The frequency of classes for women is 2-3 times a week. The number of approaches and repetitions is purely individual. The average score is 3 sets of 10-12 times. Accustomed to this mode, you can complicate the task.

You should start with the deadlift, because this exercise for the back with dumbbells is great for beginners and those who took a long break in training. If after classes a girl feels bad, exhausted, it is necessary to review the level of intensity, it is better to reduce the number of repetitions.

Men often believe that for a wide and pumped back it is necessary to take large weights. This is their main mistake, which often leads to injuries during exercise. You need to start small, and only after adaptation of the body should you add pancakes on dumbbells. Guys will also help the barbell. It can be used as an alternative to dumbbells when doing deadlifts.

If you want to see traced muscles on your back, you need to prepare for hard work and be patient. It is important to adjust your diet and establish a drinking regime. Failure to comply with these conditions will lead to negative consequences or lack of result.

Do not forget to relax, do not exercise every day. Remember that cells, fibers and tissues need time to recover.

In conclusion, we recommend watching this video:

A brief digression into anatomy

The muscle group of the back is represented by deep and superficial muscles:

  • Deep muscles - upper dentate, lower dentate, straightening the spine.
  • Superficial muscles: Trapezius, latissimus, or the so-called “wings” of the back, rhomboid, lower posterior serratus muscle, lumbar, pectoral. The superficial muscles are smaller in volume and they are located in the form of two layers.

All of these muscles are responsible for our posture, hold the spine directly. They have the greatest length and form a V - shaped view of the back - just the one that many athletes strive for.

Before make a training program, you need to determine which muscle groups need to be worked out. The load must be targeted, that is, aimed at a specific muscle group that needs it.

Therefore, "just exercises at home" often do not give results. It is necessary to connect those exercises that will contribute to a quality study of the target muscle group. The spine and muscle groups of the back are the main, one of the largest in terms of area and volume of body structures.

A set of 6 exercises

The home complex of the exercises listed below ideally works out all the muscle groups of the back and gives it sculptural forms, helps to get rid of fat in this area. You can choose among them those that can interest you more.

Exercises to strengthen the back muscles can be performed in turn, or you can use any one or two of the listed complex in each workout. On average, it is recommended to do two to three times a week.

Instructors strongly recommend using an individual approach in training. What is meant by this? That load, which is ideal for one person, can be completely inappropriate and even harmful to another. This also applies to the selection of the weight of the dumbbell, and the number of approaches, and other important factors.

Important! You must first rehearse all the stages of this type of exercise without dumbbells, or using the minimum weight.

1. Deadlift

It is suitable for both men and women, whose goal is to work out and strengthen the muscles of the back. With the right technique, the exercise acts on the target, without taking away the load on other muscle groups.

It works well on the main muscles of the back, buttocks, quadriceps femoris. It gives excellent results in the formation of a slender figure and relief muscles. To hold the body during this exercise, all muscle groups are included in the work to varying degrees.

Caution! This is a rather traumatic exercise, if you are a beginner, then hyperextension is more suitable for extensor spins.

  1. In the beginning - a warm-up, which may consist of active movements aimed at warming up the muscles.
  2. The legs are slightly apart, hands with dumbbells are lowered, the back is straight, but in the lower back we bend it a little.
  3. We bend forward, while the legs remain straight. If it's hard - it is permissible to bend them slightly in the knees. As a result, hands with dumbbells slide down and are located above your feet. Then we make the movement of the dumbbells up.

We do an average of about ten repetitions. See the video for more details:

Note! As the muscles strengthen and stretch improves, it is necessary to increase the number of approaches - from three to five.

2. Deadlift standing

The exercise is aimed at working out the latissimus dorsi, which give it a relief. Muscles are also involved - extensors of the back, trapezius and rhomboid. This movement perfectly removes fat from the shoulder blades.

  1. We stand straight, legs wider than shoulders.
  2. Dumbbells lie on the floor, in front of the feet.
  3. Squat and take dumbbells in your hands with a direct grip. In this case, you can not bend so as not to harm the lower back.
  4. Slightly bend the legs at the knees and lift the dumbbells up so that they slide along the side of the thigh from the knees to the hip joint, and then try to pull them to the level of the belt.

Exercise can be done with head rest in the upper part of the gymnastic bench, in order to partially remove the load from the lumbar spine. We repeat the required number of times: on average, from ten to twelve in three sets. The number of exercises for beginners is ten times using minimum weights.

3. Lifting dumbbells back to waist

We work on the development of the latissimus muscles, biceps and deltoid.

  1. Hold the dumbbell in your right hand with a direct grip.
  2. We put the knee of the left foot on the bench. We bend the right leg at the knee, bend forward and rest against the edge of the bench with the left hand, bend the back a little - so that its natural bend is preserved. The case is parallel to the bench.
  3. We fully straighten the hand with the dumbbell, lower the shoulder a little. Raise your hand with a dumbbell as high as possible. Attention! Only hand works.
  4. With this movement of the arm the latissimus muscles are perfectly developed. Repeat ten times.
  5. We continue the exercise, also giving a load on the left side.

4. Inclination breeding

The working muscles are trapezoid and deltoid. The broadest backs and all other muscle groups receive the next level of exercise. More suitable for beginners option with focusing your head on the bench.

  1. Bend in such a way that the hip joints form a right angle and the body is parallel to the floor.
  2. Hands are parallel to the legs. The palms are turned inward.
  3. We bend our arms in the elbow joint, we reduce the dumbbells under the chest. Straining the upper back, we part the dumbbells to the sides and return them, bringing them under the chest.
  4. The back is exactly parallel to the floor. The loin retains a natural bend.

We repeat ten times to begin with. The number of approaches is increasing gradually. This also applies to the weight of dumbbells.

5. Lateral slopes

We work out the trapezoid, deltoid muscles and remove the fat from the sides.

  1. We hold the dumbbell in the right hand, the back is straight. Knees slightly bent.
  2. We bend, lowering the dumbbell to the left leg. A hand with a dumbbell slides from the hip joint to the foot and back.
  3. Repeat the exercise a specified number of times.
  4. We take a dumbbell in the left hand and train the opposite muscles of the body.

6. Lifting to the chin

Trapezius and deltoid muscles work, and biceps and shoulder muscles are also included. High Dumbbell Traction not suitable forwho had in the past shoulder injuries or other problems with the shoulder joints.

  1. We take dumbbells from the floor, the back is straight.
  2. Raise your arms with dumbbells to shoulder level. The elbows are higher than the hands.
  3. Hands slowly lower down and repeat the exercise a specified number of times. On average, ten to three approaches.

General recommendations for the implementation of the complex

There are a number of general recommendations that you can use to achieve maximum effect in training your back at home with dumbbells:

  • It must be remembered that all exercises with dumbbells for the back are a danger when ignoring the technique of their correct implementation. There is a risk of lower back injury, since she receives a heavy load in the first place. Sometimes, with weakness of the muscles of the lower back and inability to exercise, instructors recommend putting on the belt for the first time.
  • Do not neglect workout Before doing exercises with dumbbells - muscles need to be prepared for exertion. Even experienced athletes can get injured without using a warm-up!
  • It is not recommended to lift the dumbbells from the floor, leaning behind them, especially if you use large weights. Bend your knees, keep your back straight. Take the dumbbells and lift them due to the extension of the legs at the knees.
  • You need to pay more attention to mastering the technique of performing exercises with dumbbells, rather than seeking to get results as soon as possible. Classes with dumbbells do not endure haste. You need to deal with it slowly, paying attention to each movement being worked out.
  • Before starting strength training, consult a sports doctor, especially if you have previously had injuries to your back or joints.
  • Do not start your first classes with large weights. - it is fraught with injuries.
  • The basis of proper breathing is the formula: always exert muscle tension as you exhale, and relax your muscles as you inhale.
  • Deadlift with dumbbells of minimum weight - this is a strength exercise that can be recommended for men who begin training, and have not yet had time to adapt to heavy loads.

Performance features for women and girls

  • Girls can do dumbbells two to three times a week,
  • Start with minimum weights.gradually increasing them,
  • What type of exercise should I start with? Deadlift with dumbbells is an excellent exercise for women, designed to strengthen the muscle corset and give it a relief shape.
  • If you recently began to engage in strength training - do three sets of ten exercises,

The number of approaches for girls can be adjusted both upward and downward. Reduction is recommended if after training you feel a feeling of great tiredness and fatigue. Classes should bring joy and pleasant fatigue to the muscles.

Features of training for men

  • Men very often repeat the same mistake - they tend to immediately take large weights. This leads to various injuries.such as sprains and torn ligaments.
  • If you don’t follow the technology of working with dumbbells from the first training session, it is possible to get injured for this reason and lose interest in strength exercises forever.
  • Для начала рекомендуется делать три – четыре подхода по десять упражнений с минимальными весами. Особенно это касается тех, кто давно не занимался физическими упражнениями. Когда ваши мышцы адаптируются к нагрузкам – вес гантелей можно постепенно увеличивать. The main principle of doing exercises at the very beginning is not to harm.

If you enjoy doing strength exercises and feel that you have worked hard after training, it means that you are doing everything right.

Note! If you have a heaviness in your whole body and it is difficult for you to budge - the number of approaches and the weight of the dumbbells need to be adjusted downward.
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Royal posture and a beautiful gait are pleasant results that you can get by doing exercises with dumbbells for the back. Well-developed back muscles support the spine and are the prevention of its curvature and other problems.