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How to pack a suitcase

Packing things on a trip is easy when everything is planned ahead, thanks to the following tips. Remember that things need to be packaged depending on the weather, location and planned events. Do not forget to put hygiene products, medicines and valuables, such as jewelry, in a separate bag that you can hide on the top shelf.

  1. Check the weather at your destination before starting. It will be raining? Take a raincoat or something that gets wet and dries quickly. If it’s hot, take shorts. Do not forget: Will you need a swimsuit or swimming trunks?
  2. Plan ahead every day.. This will help you decide how many wardrobe items to get. If you take too much, you will be sorry. Remember, you can always buy a cheap t-shirt or shorts on the spot. If you pack too much, you will regret it, but if you pack too little, you can always compensate for it. Remember, probably, in every city that you visited, there was a laundry. There will also be less space left for a cluttered suitcase for purchased gifts and souvenirs.
  3. Put bulky or heavy clothing on the bottom. Always place heavier and bulkier objects in the lower part. So it will be easier for you to find the right thing in your suitcase.
  4. Pack a few light layers. This will be useful for both hot and cool weather, as you can easily get clothes if you freeze and take them off if it is hot.
  5. Fold or fold your clothes. If you need more free space in the suitcase and you are not worried about its weight, roll up your clothes (as this will take up significantly less space than folding). If you do not need a lot of space and you are striving for the minimum weight of the bag, fold your clothes. Fold your clothes as tight as possible to achieve a space-saving effect. Folding does not necessarily make your clothes more wrinkled, you just have to fold more carefully so that wrinkles do not form. Fold the thing as tight as possible. It will be useful to first fold it along natural compounds.
  6. Use your shoe's interior space effectively. Put socks in shoes if there is no more space for them. If you have any other small trinkets, then you can also put them in shoes.
  7. Use folded t-shirtsto separate and organize departments of your suitcase. This will help distribute the content.
  8. Put fragile items in the center of the suitcase. Thus, they are less likely to break. If possible, do not take anything fragile.
  9. Put shirts and other formal wardrobe items on top. Put the shirts on top so you can easily get them to hang or stroke. In addition, this will allow them to lie more evenly.
  10. Put shoes in a plastic bag. This is so that after you take it off, you can set it aside without damaging or staining other objects in the bag. You can also use a shower cap for this.
  11. Put your underwear in creases and gaps. Place the underwear and socks on the sides when the suitcase is already full. This will make sure that you did not fill them with a valuable place in the middle.


-Put the hygiene products in a separate bag so that they do not spill onto your clothes. When you need them, they will be at hand.
-Pack your clothes and shoes according to the outfits, do not throw it anyhow, otherwise the suitcase will be packed inefficiently.
-Take a book or magazine with you so you have something to do. If you have a tablet or player, you can take it with you. If not, and you travel often, then think about purchasing this or that.
-Always take travel-sized toiletries to save space. If you are flying on an airplane, they should be no more than 100 milliliters.
-Never take a mouthwash. Always buy a small bottle on the spot. It is very sticky if spilled.
-Take the deodorant on the plane, the journey can be long and you can start to smell.

We recommend that you take your suitcase as carry-on baggage so you don’t worry where your things are or where they will go. In addition, in this case, you will have to learn how to take only the necessary things, and your bag will beat less.
You don’t just need to throw your shoes in a suitcase, gently put it on the bottom.

Save time: Fold things outfits so that all items are together and ready for use.

If you travel by plane (or undergo any other type of heavy check), make sure that you do not have with you any knife, weapon, lighter, nail clippers, silver, perishable objects, or a lot of liquid, as this is confiscated.
If you plan to shop at your destination, it is always useful to bring along an extra bag or a suitcase that can hold more than you took with you. Or one that can expand. If you put a bag-shaped bag at the bottom of the suitcase, it can be useful if you return with more things than you left.
If you bring any electronics or valuables with you, keep an eye on them. They can be easily lost.
Many airlines have weight restrictions and check baggage. These weight limits are getting smaller and smaller. Pay attention to it.

What is luggage for?

Some tourists neglect the advice of packing their bags properly. It is not right. Even those bags whose frame and upholstery are made of durable materials need to be packed. Such actions will protect baggage from damage in the event that airport employees will treat them carelessly. For example, after traveling, scratches or chips may appear on the plastic parts of a suitcase or bag, as well as tearing of the fabric and other damage.

Plastic packaging will protect your luggage from pollution. Accidentally leaking liquids from things of other passengers will not be able to damage the surface of the bag. In addition, packaging can be a guarantee that things in a suitcase will remain safe and sound. It would never occur to anyone to tear off PET packaging.

Important! How to pack a suitcase? To do this, use polyethylene. They are wrapped in luggage in several layers. This method is also used for packing things when traveling by train, bus or traveling by plane.

It must be remembered that it is not worth dropping a bag or suitcase under the very top. During loading, with a strong shock or fall, the lock may not withstand. All contents will be on the floor or ground.

Also, do not forget that before you pack your suitcase on an airplane, you must first familiarize yourself with the rules for transporting cargo with an air carrier. Many have strict standards for weight and size. You will have to pay extra for an advantage. The cost of excess baggage transportation services depends on the flight plan.

How much will the paid packaging cost?

Some tourists do not have enough time to pack their bags in high quality. Others simply have no idea how to wrap a suitcase with foil. Many are too lazy to do this on their own. Especially for such travelers, a packing service is available at each airport. As a rule, it is located near the registration desks or the entrance to the building. In the same service you can weigh luggage. In some cases, such a service is paid. But the fee is symbolic - 50 rubles. You can also weigh in hand luggage.

You can pack your luggage either by yourself, taking the tape on the counter, or with the help of the packaging service staff. For customer convenience, information on how to wrap a suitcase with foil is placed at the counter.

As for the cost of the service, it is different at each airport. Approximate price for packing suitcases at Moscow airports:

  1. "Sheremetev" and "Vnukovo". For packing a suitcase or bag weighing no more than 32 kg, you will have to pay from 350 to 500 rubles. If the weight of the baggage exceeds the specified parameter of 32 kg, the package will cost about 700 rubles,
  2. "Domodedovo." Since a large number of airlines operate at the airport, the cost of packaging services will vary. For example, Aeroflot customers can pay with bonus miles for packaging. To do this, they need to contact the staff of the PACK & FLY service. Customers of other air carriers can pay 500-600 rubles for packing one bag.

In "Domodedovo" all packing racks work without days off, breaks and around the clock. In addition to PACK & FLY, packaging services at this airport are also provided by other companies: Truestar, Vex Upak and others. It is worth considering that many companies provide discounts on packaging services to WWII veterans and other categories of citizens.

How to pack your suitcase: detailed instructions

In order not to spend money on paying for packaging services, everything can be done independently. To do this, you need such items:

  • cling film,
  • Scotch,
  • scissors.

It’s not difficult to get all this. For packing suitcases it is better to choose a thick film.

Getting down to action:

  • with one hand it is necessary to press the film to the suitcase or bag on one side, and then make one revolution,
  • then you need to make a few turns, holding the film on the surface of the bag,
  • Before making the last turn, you need to put a sheet of A4 format under the film, indicate your contact information on it.

The last action is a precaution. In case of loss of luggage, tourists who find it will be able to contact the owner.

Tip. During packaging, you do not need to wrap the wheels and handle with foil. It will be inconvenient to transport the suitcase while traveling.

Do not forget that before packing the suitcase is weighed. This will help establish the exact mass. If it is more than the established norm, some things can be transferred to hand luggage or other bags.

There is another way to pack a suitcase - installing a special cover. It is made of durable waterproof fabric. With its help, the surface of the baggage is reliably protected from various damages. It also looks more attractive than a plastic film.

What to take on a trip

Packages on a trip end with packing several bags or suitcases. In order not to take anything extra with you, you need to add everything according to certain criteria:

  1. The selected items should be suitable for various occasions. For example, a light dress on the floor will please with versatility. It can be worn both for a walk and for dinner in a cafe or restaurant. Classic jeans or simple polo trousers can help out in similar cases. It should be taken into account that if the trip is full of sightseeing tours, clothing should be convenient and practical,
  2. Clothing should be multifunctional. For example, pants that easily transform into shorts are great for both warm and cold weather. Jeans and modern sweatpants are considered practical and universal.
  3. How much space will a thing take in a suitcase? Massive jeans and jackets made of dense materials are not only heavy, but also bulky. If the weather allows, you can do without them when traveling,
  4. The thing should dry quickly after washing. This criterion is especially important in countries with high air temperatures. After excursions or walks you always want to refresh your clothes. But it may be needed in a few hours. That is why the thing must dry quickly.

Some tourists are guided by the rule: 10 things to travel. On the one hand, it is practical and convenient, but on the other, it’s not very good. Firstly, the weather on the trip may not be the same as the tourist was counting on. Secondly, it is unlikely that such a quantity can fit all the essentials.

How to pack in a suitcase

It all depends on what type of transport the tourist makes the trip. For example, before packing in an airplane, you must be guided by the following rules:

  • it’s better to put bulky things and shoes at the bottom of the bag,
  • socks and tights need to be rolled up,
  • do not take a lot of cosmetics (in hotels care products are provided free of charge),
  • no need to take a lot of clothes (you can always get them on vacation).

It is better not to take large suitcases and bags with you. If they weigh more than the established norm, you will have to pay extra for their transportation. The cost of such a service depends on the flight plan.

Care must be taken with the packaging of liquids that are transported on an airplane. Each airline has certain rules. Liquid can be transported no more than 1 liter per passenger. It should be noted that this 1 liter should consist of bottles with a capacity of not more than 100 ml. What is classified as liquids can be found on the website of the selected carrier.

So, the right shoes when traveling - an important thing. Do not recruit her a lot. Two pairs will be enough. For example, sandals or slates, sneakers / sneakers / shoes. It must be remembered that shoes should be comfortable and practical. It is unlikely that someone will like it if it is rubbed during the trip. This is not critical, but unpleasant. All shoes must be laid at the bottom of the suitcase. It is worth considering that some models may be needed immediately upon arrival on vacation. It’s better to put such shoes on top of all things.

We move on to packing things in a suitcase. Many tourists use vacuum bags. They are not always convenient for transporting clothes and other accessories. On a trip, the iron may not be at hand to put everything in order. After evacuation of air, the packets take an irregular shape. This is another drawback that will not make it possible to rationally distribute everything inside the suitcase.

It is better to follow the rules in the package - the whole space should be tightly filled. T-shirts, thin sweaters, blouses, t-shirts and blouses should be folded with an envelope and put in a stack (on top of each other). It’s better not to roll them up - they will take up more space. Clothing that is wrinkled by just touching it must be wrapped with special paper.

The suit must be folded over the things that lie at the bottom of the bag. Initially stacked trousers. The jacket is twisted and folded in half. It is packed in a suitcase in length. Shirts should be fastened before folding. So they will wrinkle less. Collars should be raised up.

Empty seats in the suitcase can be filled with linen. Towels, pajamas and other similar things are best put in a separate package. So they will not be confused with outerwear. Socks can be laid on the edges of a suitcase or in shoes.

It is better to pack personal hygiene items in the side pockets. They should be in small bottles so as not to add weight to the bag. All the same, the entire bottle during the trip cannot be used.

Many tourists take equipment with them: laptops, netbooks, tablets and more. It is better not to put such items in a suitcase. Movers will not be careful about luggage. There is a chance of damage during travel. It is better to pack the equipment separately in hand luggage or special covers.

As a rule, experienced tourists have already developed their own scheme for packing things in a suitcase. But for beginners, the article will help you figure out what you need to take on a trip, and without which you can do.

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Suitcases: reliable protection for your belongings

Suitcases are associated with the bulkiness and inconvenience of wearing. Indeed, it is difficult to call them hand luggage, which you can carry in your hands for a long time and without any inconvenience. The wheels that every modern suitcase is equipped with will not travel everywhere. For example, on an old cobblestone or off-road, they will break.

All the advantages and disadvantages of a suitcase come from its rigidity. The walls reliably protect things, nothing is mixed inside, everything remains in its place. If you plan to bring fragile things from a trip, it is better to give preference to a suitcase. Good protection of things is especially important for those who fly by plane. Each loader is convinced that in the bags and suitcases lie exclusively firewood and bricks, with which nothing will happen.

The disadvantage of hard walls is the fixed volume. You can always squeeze a little more into the bag. With the suitcase, the Tetris game is recalled: you need to arrange things correctly. Carrying a suitcase in your hands is inconvenient, but it is not always possible to carry it. This is not a problem for those who ride a taxi and plan to live in a hotel. But if the trip involves moving on public transport, it is worth considering whether a suitcase is suitable for this.

Choosing a suitcase: what to look for

When choosing, you need to look at:

  • Pens. They are attached differently to the case of the suitcase.
  • Sizes. There are three standards - S, M and L. The smallest will fit only the necessities: personal hygiene items, underwear, a pair of T-shirts. With an average suitcase you can go on a visit - there is a place for gifts in it. Large models are designed for those who, just in case, carry a fur coat, skates, scuba gear and plan to capture everything that is sold in local stores from a trip.
  • Type and number of wheels. Two-wheeled suitcases travel at an angle - only 30% of the mass of luggage is handled. They cope well with rough roads. Идеально, если колеса утоплены в корпус и имеют диаметр от 50 мм. Практика показывает, что маленькие колесики быстрее ломаются.

Очень важен материал, из которого изготовлен чемодан. Эта тема требует отдельного внимания.

Plastic and fabric suitcases

  • Impermeability.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Strength. Depends on the material of manufacture. The most expensive products are made of shockproof plastic with titanium impregnations. After a lot of trips, they can be inherited in a very good condition. The standard material is polycarbonate with metal impregnations. Combines a sufficient level of protection and an affordable price.

The disadvantage of a plastic suitcase is its mass. You have to pay for the safety of things with physical labor - even an empty product can weigh 4-5 kg. And ultralight suitcases, as a rule, are unreliable.

The advantages of fabric products:

  • All things being equal, products are cheaper than plastic.
  • They are stretched by 30-50 mm, allowing you to place a little more than the manufacturer stated (but still a little less than necessary).
  • Fabrics are not afraid of scratches.
  • Low weight.
  • They have side compartments where it is good to put essentials (personal hygiene items, napkins, etc.). In the first hour at the hotel, you will thank the manufacturer for not having to look for all this in unpacked baggage.
  • If the fabric is treated with water repellent, it will not get wet and will not get dirty.

When choosing a fabric suitcase, be interested in whether it is saturated with a water-repellent composition. If not, it’s best not to buy.

The disadvantages of the products include the ability to cut them. In addition, the fabric gets dirty, and even a small suitcase is unlikely to fit in the washing machine.

For those flying on an airplane, it is important to know two rules for packing a suitcase:

  1. Do not overload. Movers throw luggage to each other. The heavier it is, the higher the likelihood of under-flying.
  2. Use a cover or protective film. Locks may not save you from theft.

Bag - for fidgets

Bags are convenient to use in cases where you are not going to be in the same city throughout your vacation. On a bus tour, on a trip by car, it is better not to take your suitcases.

Regardless of their type, the benefits of bags include:

  • Roominess. Things do not need to be folded neatly on top of each other and save every cubic centimeter of space. You can just squeeze everything until the lightning converges. Of course, you should not overload the bag, otherwise the fastener will break quickly.
  • Convenience of carrying. Throwing a bag over your shoulder is much more convenient than carrying it in your hands. There are tourists who go on vacation with one bag, and come with two (in the second - souvenirs). Taking an empty suitcase with you is not so convenient.
  • Convenience of storage. About nine travel bags can be stored in the tenth, and all this somewhere in the back of the closet. With suitcases this will not work.

The disadvantages of travel bags include their fragility. With the same treatment, the suitcase will last longer. The most common problem that is typical for bags is tearing off handles, moreover, at the most inopportune moment. There are also tear-off clasps and broken zippers. But the owner is to blame for this, because the bags are made of fabric, not rubber.

Types of travel bags, their advantages and disadvantages

Three types of travel bags can be distinguished:

  1. Sports bag. She doesn't necessarily look like sports. There are very elegant leather goods. It is good if the handles have a continuation, encircling the entire bag. Thanks to this, the load is distributed differently.
  2. Traveling bag. Such bags are known from antiquity. They have always been considered a sign of good wealth, status. Previously, products were made from carpet fabric, today - from leather.
  3. Backpack. Those who go camping do not have problems with a choice: naturally, a backpack is always taken. A roomy travel backpack is also convenient for less extreme travel. The only problem is that many people consider such bags unrespectable. Indeed, it would be strange to see a businessman in an expensive suit with a backpack behind him. But for young people this is a great option.

When choosing a travel bag, pay attention to the material of manufacture. The skin is very beautiful, but it does not tolerate high loads. Therefore, leather goods are suitable only for those who carry a few things with them. More durable options are made of polyester, nylon. It is important that the bag is saturated with a composition that protects it from getting wet.

Still, what to choose?

The decision depends on where you are going. For luggage transportation on airplanes and regular buses it is better to take a suitcase. If you need to walk a lot with your luggage, it is more convenient to use a sturdy travel bag. Those who plan to travel often are better off having both. Choose carefully and carefully. And, most importantly, buy train tickets in advance.