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Pay bills online


As a rule, invoices are issued when the person who purchased the product or service did not pay for them immediately. In this case, there is a need for instructions explaining how to pay the bill and what actions to do this. The document can be sent to the buyer by e-mail, by courier or by mail. Payment is required in all cases, the main thing is to choose a method convenient for yourself.

The question of how long is given for the repayment of the invoice does not lose relevance. Usually, the buyer receives the goods only after he pays for it. It remains only to find out how many days are given to him to transfer funds at the specified details. The ability to pay within the first days after purchase does not always exist.

The day of payment is usually indicated by the company providing the service or selling the goods. The date is recorded in the invoice, and the buyer just needs to not miss the deadline. Very often only three days are given for payment. It is best to clarify the information regarding the period of making money with the employees of the organization.

What should the exposed document look like?

An account intended to make a payment for a product or service cannot be confused with any other document. Accurate information is entered into it, for example, the details of the supplier company to which the funds are sent. The expiration date of the paper is written. In some cases, the buyer may find here the day from which the invoice began to operate.

Provider data, name and telephone number with address (if any) are also indicated. Includes information about the buyer - an individual or another company. The paid goods are described, their cost, quantity and the full amount payable.

The paper must be signed by the head and senior accountant of the company. Without a signature, an account provided for payment of services does not gain strength, as well as without the seal of the organization.

Important! In Russia, almost everywhere, the same forms of accounts are used, designed to pay for the purchased goods. If there are differences, they are insignificant, and basic information is always indicated.


Any payer can deposit funds to pay the bill in cash, as this is the easiest way. The buyer needs to come to the main office of the company or the store in which the order was placed. An invoice is provided here, as well as the amount specified in it.

The disadvantage of this option is precisely the need for a personal visit to a certain service point. For example, if a buyer lives in Belarus or Kazakhstan, but made a purchase in a Russian store, he is unlikely to fly to pay for it in another state. In this case, it is optimal to study non-cash payment methods, that is, payment transfers.

Cashless payments

There are various ways of cashless payments, but in the case of the purchase of some goods and services, people most often use the services of the bank, transferring money according to the details of the supplier organization. This is done online if the payer can go online and can use Internet banking. Consider the process of payment is the example of Sberbank - the most popular banking organization in the country.

  1. Log in to the official portal of Sberbank in order to enter your Personal Account.
  2. Enter the tab for making payments and transfers and click on the "Pay by details" button.
  3. Indicate the TIN, BIC, account number, select the card from which the funds will be debited. All this information is written in the invoice.

This payment option is carried out exclusively through the Sberbank Online system - you cannot use an ATM here. This is a convenient and quick way, when using which the payer completes the procedure in five, maximum ten minutes.

In such a situation, there is no need to visit the office of the company, which means that you can save your own time. The main thing is the availability of accurate payment details necessary for transferring funds online.

What is online payment?

Any receipt, service or product can be paid on the Internet, if you have the necessary details. All online stores in which you can pay with international bank cards (Visa, MasterCard) or other online payment methods use acquiring service. Acquiring translated from English means receive / acquire. This is an electronic system that provides communication between the bank, the online store and the international payment system (MPS).

Payment systems set the terms for the processing center. For example, MasterCard and Visa require companies that accept payment cards to be certified under the PCI DSS standard. Maniveo also has such certificates of quality and protection of payments.


In the search engine or address bar, enter “Sberbank Online” and follow the link. You get to the service start page. In the upper left corner of the screen, enter your username and password. Click on the “Login” button below and wait for the system to respond. An SMS message with a one-time access password will be sent to your phone number, which you need to fill in the field in the center of the new page. Confirming the entry, you get to your main page and receive a message on entry to the phone.

Fill in the details

Now take an account and begin to carefully fill out all the fields on the “Recipient Selection” tab.

When paying for an organization, all fields are required.

Identify the recipient will help:

  • account number (do not confuse with correspondent account),
  • TIN of the seller,
  • bank identification number of a financial institution.

If you have multiple cards or accounts, do not forget to choose the one from which you will be charged.

To facilitate filling in the details with a pencil, break the long numbers into triples and prepare a magnifying glass.

With the correct set, after clicking the “Continue” button, the name of the recipient and his bank will appear on the screen. These data must be verified with the received invoice. In case of discrepancy, check the entered numbers and if an error is detected, click on the "Back" link. Having corrected the inaccuracies, proceed to filling out the following details.

How does online calculation work?

Issuing Bank - a bank that issued a plastic card, which is its property.

Acquiring Bank - a bank that owns a terminal or an ATM in which the card is served.

Any online payment for a product or service takes place in several stages:

  1. The owner of the bank card makes an order on the store’s website, and the system offers payment options.
  2. The online store redirects the user to the intermediary bank page. This should be displayed in the address of the page that appears. The payment system acts as a link between the buyer and the bank.
  3. Now the buyer can enter data on the card (16-digit number, CVV-code and expiration date of the card). To be sure of the protection of data and payments themselves, Visa and MasterCard set strict conditions for acquiring banks.
  4. If the bank card supports two-factor authentication, then after entering all the data you will be on the page of the card issuing bank. The system will prompt you to enter the password from SMS, which will immediately go to the mobile number associated with the bank card.
  5. Data on the form of payment is received by the acquiring bank for debiting funds.
  6. The acquiring bank sends a request to the payment system to which the card belongs.
  7. The payment system determines the bank that issued the card and sends an authorization request to the processing center.
  8. The issuing bank notifies the acquiring bank of the possibility of the transaction.
  9. The received response (confirmation or rejection of the operation) is transmitted by the acquirer bank to the online store.
  10. The buyer receives a system response about the payment result.

Enter the missing data

  • number and date
  • appointment
  • surname, name, patronymic (if any) of the payer, his address by registration, etc.

To proceed to filling in the following fields, do not forget to click the “Continue” button.

Upon completion, you will be prompted to enter the payment amount. When you go to the next screen above it, the amount of commission will appear.

We give confirmation

Click "Get Code via SMS". A letter will be sent to your phone with the details, the total amount to be withdrawn, and the code for the operation. The code is valid for 300 seconds. Carefully check the indicated data with those displayed on the screen. With full identity, fill in the code field and click “Confirm”. The full details of the payment with the electronic signature of the bank “Executed” will appear on the screen.

3 links become available:

  • Print Check
  • Save As Template
  • Repeat.

The phone will receive a message about the withdrawal of money.

Track the result of the passage on the main page and in the history of operations. From the last page at any time you can perform it again, as well as perform any necessary actions.

Next, proceed to the next steps, or click on the “Exit” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

10 minutes are enough to carry out a financial transaction. Feel the pleasure of using the service.

Connection Sberbank Online and its functionality

Sberbank card holders know that the service allows transfers and payments to individuals and in favor of organizations. Money can be sent both to a company that has an account with Sberbank, and to another financial institution.

To pay the invoice through Sberbank Online, it is necessary that it is connected.

In any case, it is recommended that a client of Sberbank gain access to the service, since it allows you to perform many banking operations yourself and monitor the status of your accounts:

  • check balance, view expenses and income on the account,
  • control payments on loans, specify the date and amount of the nearest,
  • open deposits, replenish them, control the receipt of interest,
  • send loan applications,
  • make transfers
  • pay utility bills and other services,
  • create auto payments for regular expenses,
  • make a currency exchange
  • etc.

You can connect Sberbank Online using the identifier issued at the branch or by phone, as well as register yourself. The latter is available for cardholders, since registration is performed by its details and phone number.

To use Sberbank Online, the user must have Mobile Bank active, as through SMS there are confirmations of all operations. In addition, the client receives a notification when a service visit is made.

In your personal account Sberbank Online

The instruction on how to pay with Sberbank Online for an account is quite simple. You will need to go to Payments and transfers and find the item Translation organization.

Step 1

When filling out a payment order, they are first asked to indicate the details of the recipient: account number and TIN and BIC. This information is recorded in the invoice.

In this section, you also need to select your card from which funds are sent. Their list is contained in the corresponding column. For convenience, a balance is marked next to the name.

Step 2

The next step involves filling out the details of the transaction:

  • name of company (recipient),
  • amount
  • appointment.

All information is taken from the invoice. In the appointment you can specify: payment of the invoice, its number and date. Sometimes a company asks for other information to speed identification. Clarify this is directly to the company to which the invoice belongs.

Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

By clicking Continue, the user enters the confirmation window. Here it is worth checking once again the completed data, checking the invoice, and then click on Confirm by SMS. If something needs to be changed, click on Edit.

In the message from Sberbank comes a digital key. It must be recorded in the window that appears and select Pay.

After sending the money, the seal of Sberbank Completed appears on the payment, on which the details of the branch that completed the transfer are marked. You can print it to have a paper payment confirmation. It is located in the history of operations.

Via the mobile app

Sberbank’s mobile application allows you to perform most of the operations available in Sberbank Online. The application is required to download and assign a code to enter.

You can pay the bill through the Sberbank Online application according to a similar principle. After entering the application, in the Payments section, click on To an account in another bank, and follow the instructions:

  1. write the account number in the line that appears,
  2. select Transfer by details,
  3. write TIN, BIK,
  4. Enter details: amount, purpose,
  5. Click on Save check to be able to view payment information afterwards.

At the bank branch

To pay the invoice at the branch, you should go with a passport and a card and contact the operator. He independently complete the transaction on receipt.

At the office, you can also pay your bill in cash without a Sberbank card. To do this, you do not need to present an identification card, but simply transfer the account to the employee.

The amount of the fee for bill

You can pay by Sberbank Online free of charge if the beneficiary's account is also opened with Sberbank in the city of the sender.

In other cases, such a commission is provided:

  • In rubles: 1% (not more than 1000 rubles),
  • In foreign currency: 0.5% (maximum 150 cu).

The term of the transfer is up to 2 business days.

For the payment required to pay a commission.

  • to an account with Sberbank, within the same settlement: 0%,
  • to an account with Sberbank in another region: 1.5% (minimum 30 rubles, but not more than 1000),
  • to an account with another institution: 2% (minimum 50, maximum - 1,500 rubles).

If the bill must be paid in foreign currency, the commission is 0.7-1%. Free - inside Sberbank in one city.

The amount of the commission charged by Sberbank when paying the bill


You can pay the invoice at the office of Sberbank, which is not always convenient and requires a significant commission. Then how to pay an account through Sberbank Online will be cheaper and more convenient. It is possible to complete the transaction yourself, following the simple instructions. You can also pay the bill in the Sberbank application.