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How to learn to get up early in the morning or habit number 1 of successful people


  • Wake up at the same time! When introducing a new mode - remember that now you will have to choose a specific time range into which you will regularly get up. If you constantly “jump” in the clock (wake up at 5:00, then at 7:00, then at 9:00), in the end, do not accustom yourself to get up early in the morning.
  • Many famous and successful people recommend learning to get up early, such as:

    • Michelle Gaas (President of the Starbucks chain of coffee shops, which are very popular in the USA), he has been waking up for 4 hours 30 minutes in the past 15 years in order to do business.
    • Laura Wonderkam, who is an expert in the field of time management, is confident that those who regularly wake up in the early hours of the morning can build a successful business.

  • Barack Obama, the current president of the United States, says that most of his success in politics is connected with the correct regime of the day, since it was he who allowed him to work as productively as possible.
  • Margaret Thatcher, this famous woman, surpassed the commander Napoleon, who slept 4 hours a day and claimed that a long sleep is a crime. Margaret slept only 3-4 hours a day, and sometimes even less, since her day could end at any time, but began exclusively at 5:00 with her favorite program on BBC radio.
  • And what time do you wake up in the morning ?!

    Pros and cons of getting up early

    I always with two hands to start my day as early as possible and have time to do more things. But, unfortunately, I was originally not one of those people who wake up at dawn of their own free will. Always envied her friend who is capable of such. But now my regimen has changed, I have something to compare with, and when I thought it over, I made several advantages and disadvantages of this matter.

    • Better performance. This plus is perhaps the most significant. In the morning you can easily do the work that could stretch for the whole day. Now I like to get up early, do all the necessary things before dinner, and devote the rest of the time to less important things. For me it is much easier than waking up at nine, swaying, and I don’t want to take up anything.
    • Memory works better. Yes, friends, did you pay attention to the fact that in the morning the brain remembers better information? I remember when a school was asked to study poetry or some paragraphs from history, evening cramming rarely ended in success. And as soon as you get up early, sit down at the textbook and you're done! The material bounced off the teeth. By the way, you can read how to improve memory in this article.
    • You stop being late and can calmly pack up. Are you familiar with the situation when you are in a hurry, dress that the first is at hand, run out of the house faster, be sure to forget something and, as a result, are late for your transport, and therefore for work or school? How awkward then to make excuses to the boss. But all this can be avoided, you just need to wake up a little earlier. In my habit of getting up right away on an alarm clock, the time for which I am calculating with a margin as I take into account various unforeseen situations. I always have time to get together, have breakfast and calmly go where I need to. By the way, there are always about 15 minutes left when I arrive at the right place.
    • Feeling of vitality and a charge of strength for the whole day. Once you set up a new regime of the day, go to bed at ten in the evening and get up early will not be a problem, but a joy!
    • Feeling depressed. You will get up broken in the morning, but only if you do not observe the correct regimen.
    • This is not an easy task, and it will be difficult to retrain yourself. It will be difficult for “owls” to get used to stay up late and get up at the last minute, and then fly headlong. The body will give resistance, but everything becomes a habit. Before the birth of the child, I was a real “owl”, I liked to stay up late and get up as late as possible, I slept on weekends until 11 in the morning. And now it seems awful to me! How can you lose so much time? The restructuring of the body lasted for months, but in the end I managed to slightly change my regimen.
    • Difficulties in the family. Yes, this minus is also very significant. I understand how difficult it is for people in pairs who have different daily routines. For example, a wife gets up at dawn and goes to bed very early, and a husband who comes home from work only at ten in the evening falls asleep at midnight and sleeps in the morning until the last moment. When does such a couple find time to be together?

    If you are an early bird

    This type of people has a very close relationship with sunrise and sunset.

    The easiest way for an early bird to wake up is at six in the morning, in winter time can move by an hour. Such people go to bed early too, of course, not literally with sunset.

    Larks have the best performance before lunch or from four to six in the evening. In the period from an hour to three, they are advised to take a little nap in order to replenish their strength.

    Going to bed is recommended at nine to ten in the evening. The later, the more frustrated they will feel.

    If you are an owl

    For this type of people, getting up at an early time is a real painful torture.

    The best time to get up is nine in the morning. These people are fully awakened and can get down to business only around 11 a.m. It is owls who are frequent buyers of coffee, in order to cheer up before work.

    The best time to complete important tasks is in the evening, or at least around two in the afternoon.

    Owls can easily stay awake until 11pm. But at midnight their performance decreases and it is better to go to bed before this time.

    Creating a comfortable sleep mode

    To create the right and suitable for you sleep and wakefulness regime, use the techniques that I will advise you.

    1. Give your vacation the necessary amount of time. On average, your body should rest eight hours. If this does not work out for you, then think about what you do before bedtime. Maybe finally it’s worth putting the phone down and getting a good night's sleep?
    2. Do not try to immediately change your mode. Move it gradually, every two to three days for 15 minutes. So changes will occur less noticeably.
    3. Follow your schedule. Lie down and get up at the same time. Even on weekends, do not enjoy sleep longer than usual.
    4. Do not sleep in the afternoon. Daytime sleep can bring down the entire schedule, so do not abuse it. If your body needs to rest, then you can take a little nap for lunch.
    5. Healing herbs can help you improve your sleep quality. Chamomile or lemon mint does an excellent job of this.
    6. Set your body to sleep. Before going to bed, exclude all actions that excite the body: watching TV, social networks and so on.
    7. Relax your body. Listen to soothing music that helps you fall asleep at the right time.
    8. The bedroom should be dark and not stuffy. Get thick curtains that will create a night in the room and ventilate the bedroom before going to bed.
    9. Create a day. If you get up when it is still dark outside the window, then artificial light sources will be your way out. Just turn on more lights and then waking up will be easier.
    10. Do not eat at night. Do not charge yourself with energy before bedtime. Determine the time for dinner to go to bed on an empty stomach, and after waking up, have a hearty breakfast, this will help you wake up faster.

    Well, friends, have you already found your mistakes that prevent you from getting enough sleep and getting up on time? Then rather fix them!

    How can you learn to get up early in the morning easily?

    Surely it happened to you that in the mornings when your alarm clock rings, you turn it off half asleep and say to yourself: “Another five minutes.” And the minutes can drag on, and in the end, you jump with the realization that you are already late. Or another situation in which you get out of bed sluggishly and half asleep going to work, and even when you get to the place, you cannot wake up.

    I will help you step by step to figure out how to wake yourself up quickly.

    1. Wake up immediately on the first alarm clock. No need to translate it or still lie in bed. Get up right away, it will be easier.
    2. Turn on more light in the room. Especially relevant advice in the winter. When I get up on a winter morning, it’s like night outside, a light comes on throughout the apartment. This method really works, waking up faster.
    3. Drink one glass of water on an empty stomach. This will energize your body and make up for lost fluid.
    4. Do a light gymnastic exercise.
    5. Wash yourself with cool water or take a morning contrast shower. This is an awesome way to cheer up.
    6. Eat a healthy breakfast, it will energize your body.
    7. Turn on the music. I loved, as soon as I got out of bed, to include energetic favorite music and gather for it. Try to do so and see, morning will not be such a terrible time span of your day.

    How to sleep well at night?

    So, you are ready to change your life and create a sleep and wake schedule that is comfortable for yourself and your body. But not sure if you can get enough sleep?

    I will give you some tips.

    • Strictly follow the schedule, go to bed and get up at the same time.
    • Do not eat before bedtime. For a better sleep, fall asleep on an empty stomach, as we said above.
    • Set aside phones and tablets half an hour before bedtime.
    • Eliminate all sources of noise and light. Fall asleep with the TV turned off in silence.
    • After waking up, do not fill up. This is verified. If you woke up earlier than the alarm clock and saw that you have another 30 minutes, do not fall asleep again. Otherwise, getting up later will be much more difficult.
    • Relax before going to bed and spin positive thoughts in your head. For example, I like to dream about something good and immediately fall asleep.
    • As we have said, prepare your bedroom well for bed. Ventilate the room, it should be cool in it, and create darkness.
    • Sleep only in comfortable pajamas in which your body breathes.
    • Pay attention to the pillow, it is she who often disturbs our sleep.


    1. When you learn to wake up early in the morning, you will have more time for training, you will stop being late, you will feel alert and more productive.
    2. Larks are best at waking up at six in the morning, and owls at nine.
    3. Develop yourself a sleep and wakefulness regime. Get up and go to bed at a certain time, change your regimen gradually, sleep less during the day.
    4. Get up at the first alarm clock, turn on energetic music, more light in the apartment, wash yourself with cold water and eat a hearty breakfast - all this will help you quickly get out of sleep.
    5. To get enough sleep, go to bed on time, before going to bed, remove the phone, turn off the TV. Stay in comfortable pajamas in a cool and dark bedroom.

    On this I will end this article. I would be glad if you find the information useful and share recommendations using the social networking buttons below. Do not forget to leave comments.

    How to learn to get up early? Practical calculations

    1. Early rise is an early retreat to bed. The thing is how much you sleep.

    Very often I hear talk of an early rise without context, what time a person goes to bed, and this is a gross mistake that will cost you strength and tone.

    It’s not just what time you get up, but how many hours do you sleep.

    Sleep is a restoration of strength, it is necessary exactly in the amount that your body needs.

    Most sources claim that the optimal sleep time for an adult healthy person is 8 hours. I give my vote to this opinion - many times tested in personal practice, again in conditions without an alarm clock and the ability to sleep as much as you like. 9 hours - if you are tired, but within the acceptable limits. 10 hours - for a sick person. 12 hours - after a serious physical or emotional overload. Moreover, overload can be both in the negative and in the positive connotation.

    It is believed that a person has enough and 6 hours on an ongoing basis. Maybe. With an ideal state of the body and nervous system, as well as with additional energy stimulants - if you are in love, you have a crazy project on fire, a very young child, or other things that are vicious about you. Then the person will sleep little and not get tired, but this is usually a short-term story, which is better not to abuse.

    I would not reduce my sleep time out of the blue: it is a full sleep that provides a full life.

    This begs the obvious and not the most desirable conclusion for some: early rise is an early retreat to bed.

    Unfortunately, there are no other options, including the idealistic alignment of “stay up late and wake up early”. Especially if you are over 25 years old and nature no longer lends you extra energy.

    Haruki Murakami has a wonderful book: "What I talk about when I talk about running." This is the autobiographical story of a man who, at 33, completely changed his life. From the owner of a small bar, he became a writer. A world famous writer. From a heavy smoker - a marathon runner. From an owl - a lark. He shows by personal example what the habit of a conscious person means.

    Here's what he says about the daily routine:

    I am, without a doubt, a morning person. In the morning hours it is easiest for me to concentrate, to do all the important and necessary things. In the afternoon, I go in for sports, household chores, or just something that does not require much mental effort. Toward the end of the day, I put off all work and relax with a book or listen to music. I go to bed early. I adhere to this schedule so far and thanks to this, the last twenty-three years I have worked, it seems to me, quite effectively. However, this way of life does not combine with night or even evening entertainment, and this sometimes complicates our relations with people. Some literally go berserk because, wherever you call us in the evening, we always refuse. But I now consider that it is very important for an adult (youth does not count) to determine life priorities for himself. There should be a routine in life according to which you spend time and energy. If, having reached a certain age, you still have not chosen such a schedule, then very soon your life will lose its clarity and contrast

    2. The first month must be tolerated.

    If you move to an early rise from the state of "owl", then at first you can not avoid turbulence. You just have to go through it. The body will get used much faster than it seems.

    How to learn to go to bed early if you do not want to sleep at all?

    You have to get yourself up early.

    If you get up at 6 in the morning (or another time, which means “early” for you) and bear with it during the day, then on the 4th day you will simply be cut down at 22-23 o’clock in the evening. And since you went to bed early, the climb will be easier. The circle closes again. Only now you are turning into a lark. Congratulations!

    3. Set two alarms away from the bed.

    Alarms are far away, the call is opposite, the interval between calls is 5 minutes. Banal advice, but it works pretty well if you really want to learn how to get up early.

    4. Turn on the music immediately after waking up.

    I always had a strange relationship with music. The fact is that when a song falls into my playlist, it quickly bothers me. Therefore, with quality personal selections, I never got along. I really like music from a distance, somewhere overheard and accidentally hit. I never know any names, or albums, or song titles. Therefore, advice on music in the morning was a breakthrough for me. It turns out that music can awaken. Thoughts are completely immersed in the melody, and the desire for sleep dissolves.

    In my case, these are the mantras of the Virgin Premal. One of the few performers who stably keeps in my meager playlist.

    5. Do not eat at least 3 hours before bedtime.

    Do not overload your stomach and intestines with food. Will it is better and easier sleep. If today you regularly eat before bedtime, then this is still the same habit. Try for an experiment to live at least a week (ideally a month) in a different way, and you will feel a difference that will affect not only your dream, but also overall well-being and appearance.

    6. Start your morning rituals.

    Drink a glass of water, wash, do exercises to music and there will be no sleep, or at least it will not be as obvious as 15 minutes ago. Make these activities a habit. Healthy rituals build a healthy rut for the whole day. A healthy day forms a healthy life.

    You are the result of your minutes

    General recommendation for any deliberate progress - from smaller to larger. Do not try to introduce all good habits abruptly, it’s better to move forward from week to week to the desired rhythm. For a month you will completely adjust your convenient schedule.

    When the body is rebuilt and you enter the rut of a new habit, you can catch yourself waking up before the planned call for 5 minutes (but this does not mean that you do not need to set an alarm, otherwise you will fall asleep again). Правда, происходит это с теми, кому есть зачем вставать и их жизнь, в целом, им вполне симпатична.

    Когда нет сил оторвать себя от кровати по причине полного разотождествлени я со своей текущей реальностью – это другая проблема. Тут будильники и прочие советы не помогут. Здесь надо себя сначала разобрать , а потом собрать заново, чего бы это по факту не стоило. Если по утрам не хочется выходить в мир – так жить нельзя. Become at least a punk, at least a novice, at least a president - any goal in front of you, and forward, just not to wallow in the muddy waters of a lack of taste for life.