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Costume for the girl for the New Year: the image of a fairy fairy


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"The Snow Fairy." Christmas tale for children

«Snow fairy»

Christmas tale

It snowed all night. First first timid snowflakes smoothly flew to the ground and melted, falling on it. Then the snow began to go thicker and tumbled down, circled snowstorm!

An old woman - a former actress - came out of her house, chillingly wrapping herself in an old, once fluffy shawl. She forgot to buy bread for dinner and went after him to a shop around the corner. A small shadow flickered at the high fence, in which the woman recognized the neighbor's girl Anna. The baby leaned against the grate of the fence and sobbed quietly and plaintively. "What are you doing here, Anna?" the old woman asked her, “go home soon, you are completely frozen!” “I can’t go home now! - through tears said Anna. - Mom and sisters will see that I am crying, and also upset! - and continued to cry. “What happened to you, dear girl? Soon Christmas, a wonderful holiday, we must rejoice, not sob! ”

-How can I rejoice? On Christmas in the city hall there will be a tree for childrenbut I have nothing put on“I don’t have any elegant dress or ribbon in a braid or satin shoes!” Anna continued to cry.

The kind woman was thoughtful, and then told Anna: “You better go home - warm yourself, drink some tea and go to bed, and at Christmas night will come Snowy fairy and bring you everything you dream about! Behave well, help everyone and sleep soundly at night, don’t peek, otherwise you won’t get anything! ”

-How do you know that she will come to me? - asked Anna, immediately ceasing to cry.

-Snowy fairy sitting in a white fluffy chair on snowy above and above he sees all the little girls and boys. If they help mothers, are not capricious and behave well, the fairy comes to Christmas and fulfills their desires. You, Anna, are a very good and kind girl, therefore Snowy fairy will definitely come to you!

- Thank you, thank you! - exclaimed a happy girl - I’ll run home and wait for her!

The woman, too, was in a hurry - she went into the shop, bought a sweet raisin bun for dinner, and returned to her house. But I immediately forgot about dinner, remembering about Anna.

She took out her theatrical dresses and started them sort through: in this modest blue dress, she first appeared on the stage, in this silk green - she played the main role in the play, and in this white one decorated with white lace, she ...

The woman stood up and resolutely put the white dress aside, and the rest hung back in the closet. Then she took large tailor's scissors and quickly began to cut ... The kind woman did not sleep all night, but by morning a wonderful white dress, decorated with lace and sparkles, hung on a hanger.

-That is - she said tiredly - now, baby Anna, you have something to dance at the celebration! Do not forget about the shoes and the ribbon ... The woman dressed and went to the shoemaker.

She was almost approaching his house when suddenly she turned in front of her snow whirlwind! The woman got scared and stopped. When the snow subsided, the old actress saw a little man in all white. He was holding a small, beautiful box.

"Who you are?" the woman asked in a slightly trembling voice. “I am a gnome, a senior gnome (he corrected himself with a bow)at Snow fairies. "Is it Snow fairy exists? - the woman asked - I came up with it for one little girl who ... "

“I know, I know,” the dwarf interrupted her, “she wants to go to the ball at the city hall, but she has nothing to wear, and you decided to help her and sewed her a dress from your beloved, etc., and Snowy the fairy saw this and was so moved that she nearly melted and decided to help a little - give the girl satin slippers, because you won’t get them - the shoe would not sew them in debt! Hold it! ”And the dwarf handed her the box. The old woman stood rooted to the spot. “Keep it up!” -said the dwarf and put the box right in the snow. Not a good woman and words to tellas rose again snow whirlwind and gnome disappearedas if he weren’t ...

The woman looked around - nobody!

“I will see this! , the woman thought, and shook her head, “I have become quite old ...” She took a step and started, she almost stepped on something! It was a beautiful little box!

“So, everything is fine with me - it was a real gnome!”. The poor woman gently opened the box - inside were wonderful white satin shoes!

She closed the box and hurried home. “Now the girl will have a holiday! - the kind woman rejoiced, - Now I will bring her our fairy gifts! ”

The old woman took a hanger with a dress and hung a white satin ribbon on it, then took a box with shoes, wrapped herself in her scarf and left the house. She went to the neighboring house where the girl lived, but did not immediately ring the doorbell, and first hung the dress next to the door, put a box with slippers under it and only then pulled the cord ...

The kind woman barely managed to take cover around the corner of the house when Anna ran out onto the porch.

We will not describe the joyful exclamations of her and her older sisters and mother, as well as the tears of a happy kind woman at the sight of this joy that she (via fairy snow fairy, of course) created for the poor de vochki!

Such fabulous you can also make a miracle by doing a good deed to someone who needs it - just look carefully around!

"Snow-snow fairy tale." The script for the New Year's performance-matinee for the children of the preparatory group New Year's music. Spectators sit in the prepared places. Children enter the music room beautifully, the host meets them. Fairytale.

Herringbone “Snow Fairy Tale” The work was carried out jointly with the child. For work you will need: cardboard, glue, yarn, newspaper, skewer or stick for sushi snowflakes and beads.

Photo report on the exhibition of joint creativity of children and parents “Christmas Fairy Tale” New Year, Christmas ... What a wonderful and good holiday. On such days, both children and adults want tales and wonders. And if these miracles are done.

Photo report on the contest "Christmas Fairy Tale" Regulation on the family contest "Christmas Fairy Tale" 1. General. Objectives: • involving parents in active participation.

Competition "Snow Fairytale" In our kindergarten, it has become a good tradition to conduct winter competitions of children's and parental crafts. This time in our group the heroes of the exhibition.

Synopsis of the musical lesson "Snow Fairy Tale" "Snowy Tale" Abstract of the lesson for children of the older group. Objectives: To expand children's knowledge of music. Empathize with music, manifestations.

Literary drawing room “Christmas Fairy Tale” Purpose: to acquaint children with the traditions and history of the Christmas holiday. Quietly snow falls - Frost outside. A miracle will happen :.

The musical and literary composition "Christmas Tale" Christmas Tale Theatrical performance The hall is festively decorated, in the center there is an elegant Christmas tree, toys are under it. That sounds.

Materials for the manufacture and decoration of the costume

The very first thing you need to do when preparing your costume is to discuss which fairy girl wants to be. Depending on the chosen image, you need to think over the color scheme of the costume and decide on the decoration of the main elements.

  1. flower Fairy. You can take a light sundress or a dress of bright color as the basis of the costume. If there is no successful option in the wardrobe, then you can sew a light satin dress from satin yourself. Wings are better to make a more neutral color - pale pink, light yellow, light green. Use a fake rose or other flower as a tip on a stick.
  2. Snow fairy. For a snow fairy costume, you will need a white T-shirt and a home-made fluffy white tulle skirt. The skirt is decorated with small silver snowflakes or rain. The magic wand is also decorated with a large snowflake, rain or tinsel. As a headdress, you can use a ready-made diadem or a regular hair band wrapped in tinsel. Wings are made in white.
  3. Forest Fairy. You can assemble a forest fairy costume from improvised items. For example, you can take a regular T-shirt and leggings of the same color as the basis. The main emphasis here will be a colorful tulle skirt of different colors. Do it yourself is very easy. Also, the image of a fairy must be supplemented with wings, a magic wand and a corresponding decoration on the head.

For the manufacture of the main attributes of the fairies will need the following set of materials:

  • Fatin,
  • Colored tights or stockings,
  • Wire or cord,
  • Pliers,
  • Silicone or nylon thread,
  • Scotch,
  • Cardboard,
  • Wide elastic
  • Decorative elements (optional: beads, sequins, sequins, rhinestones, tinsel, ribbons, beads, volume contour),
  • Glue, scissors,
  • Wooden stick
  • Felt,
  • A bit of cotton or sintepon.

Costume Instructions

When all the materials are prepared, you can begin to manufacture the basic elements of the costume.

Tulle skirt. It is better to choose a wide elastic band in the color of the future skirt. We measure the length of the elastic at the girl’s waist and sew it. We pull the finished belt onto the back of the chair. Next, you will need a tulle of one, two or three colors. The number of shades depends on the author’s ideas. Fatin must be cut into ribbons about 15 cm wide and about 50 cm long. The length can also vary.

Tip. The ends of the segments of tulle are best made beveled. Then the skirt will look more magnificent.

Now collect the skirt. To do this, we fix each piece of fabric with a knot on an elastic band, alternating shades. The skirt is ready!

Wings. To begin, we will make a pattern. We draw the selected shape of the wings on cardboard. Now bend the wire or cord along the contour. We wrap the joint of the ends of the wire with tape.

If there is a transition of the wings from large to small, then you can fix the fold with a thread, nylon or silicone. We stretch the fabric to the finished structure. To do this, cut off “legs” and socks from tights or stockings and tie one end to a knot. Now we pull this workpiece onto the frame of one wing. The edges of the stocking are pulled into a knot using thread. The resulting nodule is placed on one side - closer to the back so that it is not visible. We do the same with the second wing.

The wings can be attached directly to the costume or made an additional fastening with elastic bands to put on shoulders. To make gum, take a wide satin ribbon in the color of the wings, fold it in half and sew. Inside we pull the gum. She should pull the tape a little.

To fix the gum, we sew a patch of felt and sew the gum to it. Now we sew this blank directly to the wings themselves. From the outside, the place where the wings are fastened can also be decorated with a felt trim decorated with flowers or beads.

Now let's get down to design. Here you can give free rein to imagination. Rhinestones, sequins, beads, sparkles, beads, volume contour will be used. All small parts are glued with glue.

Tip. As a draft use a cardboard pattern of wings. Draw an invented design on cardboard, attach a wing on top and start decorating along the contour.

Magic wand. To create a magic wand, you need to make a blank in the shape of a star from felt. To give volume, you can stuff a star with cotton or synthetic winterizer. Now we plant the resulting workpiece on a wooden stick.

The pattern on the star is embroidered with beads and sequins, and New Year's rain or flowing ribbons of various colors can be attached to the base.

Headdress. There are many options for a fairy headdress. For example, you can decorate ribbons, flowers or tinsel with a regular children's hair band. According to the scheme, you can make a small crown of wire and decorate it with beads and beads. In children's stores closer to the New Year holidays, small tiaras with fastening in the form of a rim or scallop begin to be sold.

The most moving image for the girl on New Year's Eve is a sorceress or a fairy. A carefully crafted fairy costume made with your own hands can become a real masterpiece.

Outfit Options

There are many different fairies.. Adults can hardly remember the names of the cartoon heroines of the Winx club, but the girls adore these sorceresses, because they have a good heart and they always resist an evil character, and also have a sense of style.

Since the Winx Club has six fairies, and they change their outfits in almost every frame, parents can easily choose one of their favorite outfits: Stella, Muse, Bloom, Leila or Flora, and make it from improvised materials.

Modern cartoon fairies do not wear sophisticated hairstyles and lush dresses, so you can make a fairy costume from everyday wardrobe girls. Elements of the outfit can be:

  • bright T-shirt or top with rhinestones or other decor,
  • short shorts
  • bright leggings
  • colored socks or fishnet tights.

Things need to be decorated, correctly match in color and, if desired, complement the image with a fluffy tutu skirt. For the manufacture of which you will need:

  • two colors of tulle - ribbons 15 cm wide and 22.5 m long,
  • elastic for a belt,
  • centimeter,
  • scissors,
  • glitter hair spray:
  • glue gun
  • rhinestones, beads, stones - for decoration.

The skirt made of ribbons of different lengths that can be alternated through one or two will look original. The result is an asymmetric bottom of the product.

The skirt can be sewn shortsince she will be dressing over leggings. Cut the ribbons of tulle into a short cloth: 25 * 2 + 4 = 54 cm, where 4 is the allowance for the knot.

The length of the elastic should be equal to the half-circumference of the child’s waist minus 4 cm. Sew the ends of the elastic and put it on the back of the chair.

Fold the ribbons in half, loop the elastic under the loop. Thread the ends of the tape into the loop and tighten it so that the elastic does not wrinkle.

When all the ribbons are sewn to the skirt, sprinkle them with sequin hairspray and decorate with rhinestones secured with a glue gun.

For making fairy wings You can use the downloaded and printed template from the Internet or redrawn on whatman paper. If necessary, wear a wig with long hair and make-up - with sparkles and bright lipstick.

Forest Flower Fairy

A forest fairy outfit can come in handy on Autumn and New Year's Eve. Such a suit can be completely different: floral, juicy shades of green or red - in the summer, golden, yellow or orange - in the fall.

The easiest way to make a costume is - from t-shirts and felt. For him you will need:

  • long T-shirt in green or salad color,
  • felt of green, lettuce, yellow, orange,
  • scissors,
  • glue gun
  • marker.

T-shirt from the bottom to the chest line cut into thin strips, similar to a fringe and from below tie them into knots.

From felt to cut leaves of any shape and shade. With a marker on the leaves, draw veins and decorate the bodice of the T-shirt and fringe with leaves, using a glue gun.

In conclusion, choose leggings matching the color of the T-shirt and craft the jewelry on your head.

Optional accessories

In addition to the costume, for the image of a sorceress need to make a hat. Some jewelry options:

  • cap
  • hoop,
  • a hairpin decorated with flowers or leaflets,
  • crown.

You can make a chic crown from cardboard decorated with shiny paints and flat pebbles, wire and beads, felt.

Making Fairy Wings

The easiest option is to draw wings on cardboard or print according to a template.After that, paint by hand or decorate with glitter varnish.

For making creative wings from wire, nylon or tulle for a sorceress, it is necessary to prepare:

  • thick wire
  • pantyhose from kapron - solid or other color,
  • satin ribbons of different colors,
  • acrylic paints in a spray can,
  • glitter and rhinestones,
  • glue gun
  • scissors,
  • brushes
  • Scotch.

Bend the wire, forming the contour of the wings with pliers. Connect the ends of the wire together with tape. On each of the wings, leave small ends of wire, with which the wings will connect together.

Put on nylon tights on the frame. Tie kapron at the junction between the wings. Unroll the connection itself with tape. To create a perforated wing, burn a hole in it with a match.

Decorate the wings: paint them with paint in a balloon, paint with acrylics, decorate with sparkles, glue rhinestones and pebbles.

You can fix the fairy wings to the back of the girl with the help of rubber bands or satin ribbons.

Delicate translucent fairy wings can be made of wire and tulle. Necessary materials:

  • thin wire
  • tulle
  • pliers,
  • acrylic paints,
  • rhinestones, sequins, beads, sparkles - for decoration,
  • gum or tape,
  • glue gun.

The pattern of wings can be drawn independently or downloaded on the Internet. In accordance with it, bend the frame from the wire. If necessary, paint the wire.

Open two pieces of tulle for each winglet and sew, so that in the center there is no seam.

Pull tulle on the frame and sew in the middle. Attach elastic bands to the central part of the wings, with the help of which the wings will be put on the child’s shoulders - over the suit. Decorate the wings as you wish.

Magic wand

Magic wand iIt is a constant accessory of fairies. To make sticks from ribbons and decor you need:

  • flat stick 35-40 cm long,
  • organza,
  • glue,
  • acrylic paints,
  • satin and paper ribbons,
  • artificial flowers,
  • tassel.

An ideal option for the base is a leg from an inflatable ball, since its surface is smooth and it is easiest to decorate it.

Paint the stick with gold or silver paint. Then wrap it with organza. To put fabric on glue. Stick decorative elements to the stick.

To create a bulk felt stick cut out three stars or flowers of different sizes and glue them together. Glue the stick from the ball with ribbons of different colors and make ponytails from them.

Glue stars or flowers with ribbons on one edge of the stick. Sprinkle a magic wand upon request.

Thus, there are many different options for making a fairy costume, depending on the theme of the holiday, you can choose the right image for your child and sew it with your own hands.