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All Ways to Check the Word

If in the Microsoft Word document you are working with, you need to check the text, or make a list in which each new paragraph will begin with it, and you have a question: "How to do this?", Then in this article, let's understand .

I’ll tell you where to look for the Checkmark symbol in Word, and how to put it in a square in the document. The latter is often used if you answer in the Word questions in the questionnaire. Well, if you often have to use it, then you can assign a combination of hot keys.

Inserting a checkmark through Symbols

Take this example: there is a questionnaire in which you need to indicate that you need to mark the answers with certain characters. One of them will be a bird.

Position the cursor where you want to place it. Next, go to the "Insert" tab and in the "Symbols" group, click on the same button. In the menu that opens, select “Other Symbols”.

Such a window will open. In the Font box, select Wingdings. Scroll down a little and there you will see a bird. Click on it and click on the “Paste” button. To close this window, click Cancel.

After that, the selected character will appear on the sheet.

In order to be able to insert it into the boxes, you just need to select the appropriate character from the list.

Make a tick using hotkeys

If a document needs to be checked in the table or in the text more than once, then it will be convenient not to go to the desired tab each time and select it, but to assign a certain key combination for insertion.

In the "Symbol" window, in the "Symbol Code" field, a specific code is indicated for each. If during typing, press Alt and type numbers, what you need appears on the page.

For example, I select a bird, for it the code is "252". I put italics in the text of the document, press "Alt" and "252" on the numeric keypad. After that, it should be inserted, but this did not happen for me, something else was added.

If you also did not succeed, you can independently determine the key combination for it. To do this, click "Keyboard Shortcut".

In the next window, make sure that the checkmark is selected. Then place the cursor in the “New shortcut key” field and press on the keyboard those keys that you want to use.

Please note that they must not be printed in this field, namely, click.

I chose Alt + P. In the field “Current value” should be “[no]” - this means that the selected combination is not used anywhere. If another command is indicated there, try a different keyboard shortcut. When you are done, click “Assign”.

After that, the window should indicate that to insert the bird into the document, press "Alt + P". Close the window by clicking on the appropriate button.

After that, in all documents, not only the current one, you will need to press “ALT + P” on the keyboard, you could choose a different combination to insert the desired character on the page.

Put checkmarks using Lists

In order to make a list in Word in which each new item will start with a bird, you need to make it marked, and select the desired icon as a marker. There is a separate article about this on the site, you can read it by clicking on the link.

It is created like this: place the cursor in the place where the beginning will be, then on the “Home” tab, click on the black arrow near the “Markers” button. Select the desired one from the menu that opens.

Type the first item, press Enter and go to the second. Each new item will begin with a check mark.

If for the list it is necessary that this symbol would not be one, but in a square, then click "Define a new marker".

In the next window, click on the "Symbol" button.

Here we do everything the same as I described above. Select the font “Wingdings”, find the sign in the window and click “OK”.

In the "Sample" field, you can see how the list will look. Click “OK” in this window.

Type the first paragraph and all subsequent ones, each with a new line - they will begin with a check in the box.

Adding a checkmark to the profile

If you need to fill out a questionnaire in a Word document, then the question arises: how to mark a suitable option? Everything is simple here, we do not need to insert a check mark, but simply replace the empty box in the desired response field with the box in which the bird will stand.

First you need to determine how the list was created with the answer options: automatically or manually. To do this, enable non-printable characters. On the Home tab, click Display All Characters.

Now in the question, click on the square that corresponds to the desired answer. If it is highlighted, as in the example, then the list is automatic. Accordingly, you need to click on the "Markers" button on the "Home" tab to remove it.

The box will disappear in the selected option. Now place the cursor at the beginning of the line with the answer option. Next, go to the "Insert" tab, in the "Symbols" group, click on the desired button. The last used ones will open in the dropdown menu. If the icon you need is there, click on it, no, select “Other Symbols”. About the search for the necessary and insert it into the document, read at the beginning of the article.

Now we replaced the empty square with the filled one. You can put a couple of spaces between the square and the text to separate them from each other.

If in the questionnaire you click on the square, but it is not highlighted, and the cursor is positioned to the right or left of it, then the numbering is set manually. Accordingly, remove the box.

And then everything is already familiar to you: the “Insert” tab - “Symbols” - “Symbol” - and select the one you need.

That's how we figured out how to put a normal checkmark or checkmark in a square in Word in various ways. As you can see, this symbol can be inserted simply in the text, in the table, create a list with it, or mark the selected answer option in the questionnaire.

Put a checkmark through the symbol window

How to check the "Word"? The easiest way for a novice user is to use a window with characters in the program itself. However, this method is time-consuming, so read the article to the end to choose the method that is right for you. Well, in the meantime, we go directly to the instructions on how to insert a checkmark in the "Word" using the panel with symbols.

Having opened the program, you need to go to the "Insert" tab. Now on the toolbar, find the "Symbols" button, click on it and select "Other Symbols" in the drop-down menu - the window we need will appear.

Unfortunately, you cannot find a checkmark in the default character set, you need to select Wingdings in the "Font" drop-down list. Now in the field with symbols you can find the right one. Often it is located at the very bottom, so lower the slider below, find the checkmark, and then click the "Insert" button.

Check the box with hexadecimal code.

The first way, how to put a tick in the "Word", we have figured out, but, as mentioned above, it is not the last. Now let's talk about the hex code. Although the wording may inspire an inexperienced user in horror, there is nothing complicated in this, now we will examine in more detail.

From the name it becomes clear that we will deal with the code. In this case, the code at checkmark 221A. Knowing it, you can quickly put a symbol in the right place without resorting to a table with symbols.

So, place the cursor where the symbol should be. After that, enter the code 221A (in Latin). Next, without pressing any other keys, press ALT + X. Now your code has been converted to the desired character.

This method is quite fast compared to the previous one, but many can forget this code, so it's up to you to decide whether to use it or not.

Put a checkmark through the ALT code

Now let's talk about how to check the "Word" using the ALT code. This method is practically no different from the previous one, it just uses a different code and a different method of entering it, but first things first.

The code that we will use is quite simple to remember - it is 251. However, this time it is necessary to enter it in a different way. You should initially hold down the ALT key, and after that, holding it, press the numbers 2, 5 and 1 on the right numeric keypad sequentially. After you release ALT, the character will be entered at the specified location.

Now you know another way how the “tick” symbol in “Word” is put. By the way, this method can be used not only in the program; it works correctly in all input fields, but only in the Windows operating system. For example, in UBUNTU the code will remain the same, but the key is different - it is manually assigned by the user in the settings.

Put a checkmark in font

Everyone knows what a font is in Word. It is diverse, it can surprise with its creativity and beauty, but few people know that among all the variety there is a font that is not intended for writing. Its name is Wingdings 2, and now we’ll talk about it.

To quickly select it, start typing its name in the field where the font name is written. Selecting it and pressing a couple of keys, you will find that instead of the usual letters put different characters. It is among all the possible keys that our checkmark is located. In order not to languish for a long time, you should immediately name these keys - "P" and "R". Just before entering them, be sure to hold down the SHIFT key and make sure that the keyboard layout is in English, otherwise you will not achieve the desired result.

Now you know where the checkmark on the keyboard is. In addition, you can download special fonts with check marks. There may be different variations of this sign.

Make a list of checkmarks

Well, in the end, it's worth talking about the most banal and unpopular way. Unfortunately, it only works when creating a bulleted list.

The bottom line is this: in the "Home" tab in the "Paragraph" area, click on the bulleted list icon. And from the drop-down menu, select the very checkmark. However, this does not allow you to insert checkmarks arbitrarily, but if you wanted to arrange the list in this way, then it is perfect for you.