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How to make a person miss and think about you

- 7 great ways that make men think of you
- How to make a person miss you in the distance
- How to make a guy think about you by the power of thought?
- Three proven ways to make a man bored
- How to force the strong sex to yearn - dirty, mean ways!

1. Keep a distance between you.
Do not confuse distance with indifference. You have a life together and a personal life. Live both of them.

2. Do not be imposed on him, do not try to fill yourself with his whole life.
Both of you should have your own life. It is completely natural and normal. And do not attach any other meanings here.

3. Make sure that your romance does not develop too rapidly
In the old days, women conquered men, not giving what he wants, but forcing it to achieve. And over time, he will constantly think about you.

4. Write enticing messages.
One hot message in the messenger, with a reminder of what awaits him at the next meeting, will make him think about you until the cherished evening. This is much more effective than overwhelming it with low-content SMSs.

5. Make friends with his friends.
If you become your own person in his company, your task will be greatly simplified. Everything is very simple - other people will remind him of you.

6. Do not be comfortable.
A girl who is obedient and flexible will be remembered less often than a beauty who can sometimes offend his pride.

7. Do not be "Not like that."
You just need to be yourself and not build from yourself a kind of "different" that you can hardly imagine.

How to make a person miss you in the distance

In the life of happy stable couples, there are situations when you have to leave for a while: for example, because of a trip on a business trip or for an internship in another city or country. If people have been together for a long time, they trust each other and will worry because of fear of betrayal. However, men are less emotional creatures than their wives, proven by psychologists. Then the woman has a question about how to make the man bored?

Below are the solutions: If you have a permanent relationship, you should forget about principles like “don't call first” and leave them to adolescents. If you miss a man, this is normal, and there is nothing derogatory to call when you want. Try to talk more about your life, about new friends. Ask what is going on with him. Then at the meeting you will not have the illusion that you know nothing about each other.

If you are determined to learn how to make a man miss you, do not neglect the possibilities of meeting. For example, there is a chance to see you at the weekend - great! Rare dates, especially of an intimate nature, only inflame mutual desire and serve as an excellent prevention of treason (unfortunately, this can happen if you have not seen each other for six months).

You may be interested in the topic of how to inspire a man.

How to make a guy think of you by the power of thought?

This is already from the realm of science fiction or special training and daily training, but still - if you believe strongly, it will certainly work out.

1. Lie on your back and relax. Think of him ...
Try to imagine the energy channel between you. As your thoughts slowly rise high into space and, in wavering waves, sink to it. Thought streams come together in a sweet dance, just as you dance, a slow dance with each other. Imagine what he was thinking about you right now. Has your soul become warmer? Perhaps he really remembered about you. Imagine that he is texting you now ... Do you hear the sound of an incoming message? This is your boyfriend wrote to you, which means you did it!

2) Another interesting method.
When you will be with the guy in the same room, mentally draw an invisible beam between your heads. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, direct this beam directly into his forehead. Say to yourself the phrase “You will constantly remember me,” repeat it again and again, until you feel the power of these words.

You can make a great “anchor” on his mind. Suppose you teach a guy that you send him an SMS every morning or walk past him in the office, greeting and smiling. You can come up with more suitable options yourself. The main thing is to make them a habit.

Do it daily, so you get the guy on a certain reaction on his part. He gets used to these actions. This will not take much time, a week or two. Then abruptly stop doing it. You will knock the guy out of the so-called “comfort zone”. He, perhaps without realizing it, will begin to think about you and wonder what happened. This is called a direct method of exposure.

3) There is also an indirect method.
Here you need a trusted person who communicates in the same circle with your boyfriend. The role of this person is to constantly remind the guy of you. There are a lot of ways to do this unnoticed. You can say that you helped him a lot yesterday. Or say that you have the right drive. You can call you with a question with this guy. There are really a lot of ways. The main thing is not to overdo it. And then the ongoing conversations about you will fill the poor guy’s edge and he will tremble on your behalf.

Three proven ways to make a man bored

• surprise him
Do not be an open book. Warm up the man’s interest in himself, tell, for example, about the summer spent in Paris or that you know how to play the violin. Go to the karaoke bar and show off your singing talent. Never reveal all the information about yourself, let him know something new every time about you, being near you.

• Be sincere
Make a man feel that it was in you that he found a soul mate. To do this, just be sincere. Listen with interest to what he tells, ask questions, remember who he is talking about. Next time, let the man understand that they listened to him and remember everything.

• Do not build illusions
A common mistake of every woman: she thinks that the man also crush on her, like she is on him, or that he is as snotty boy as the previous boyfriend, but remember why you got rid of him. If a man does not stand at your doorstep every day with a bouquet of roses, this does not mean that he does not like you.

How to force the strong sex to yearn - dirty, mean ways!

Below are some really dirty ways to make a man think of you more often.

a) Hang up before a man.
If you end the conversation before the man, then this will make him want more. Recognize this is happening to you all the time. Well, maybe such tough behavior will bear fruit.

b) Do not settle for a last minute meeting.
This option is even trickier than the first. Never, we repeat, never show that we just sat and waited for your beloved to give you time. This will not only make you look like a loser, but also take it for granted. Never be a fallback.

c) Good perfumes.
Pick a good aroma and remember: it must be subtle. You will know that the fragrance worked when a man reaches for you. But remember, do not fill yourself with perfume from head to toe. Leave your mark on the man so that on the way home he can feel your aroma.


Any woman is looking for a man with whom she can connect her life. But it’s not enough just to find him; you must be able to keep him. To do this, you need to make him miss you. Success is ensured if the man is interested and communicates with you.

There are a huge number of ways to attract the attention of a beloved man and make him think about himself. The most reliable of them is the method when a man reciprocates with you and is ready for a serious relationship.

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Thank you for the wonderful conversation. This is the rational for everything you are talking about. I have a problem. The man has been seeking a meeting with me for almost 2 years .. and I did not take him seriously. He stopped talking with me. And I realized that I was in love with him . But probably late. He said that everything burned out .. is it possible to return his feelings .. we are at a distance and not near

Hello, Oksana. I understand you, it happens. You communicate with a person, you do not take it seriously, and when you leave, you understand its value. Oksana, everything is in your hands. I think it's worth telling him about your feelings. After all, love is God's gift. Everything will be fine. Good for you. With respect, Nadezhda.

Hello! My name is Larisa! We lived with a guy for 3 years! And now, like a week, we broke up and I really miss him! And I love him very much! How to make him come back to me

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My name is Natalia. I'd love to understand him. When 3 days have passed since the last date, and he runs home as soon as possible, I am tired. I work late, all my requests to meet are refused. And before going to bed he no longer writes good night. How to behave with him.?

How to make a person bored

Before you make a person miss you, you need to disappear for some time from his life. If you are always around, then it is likely that no one will miss you. Of course, voluntarily leaving a loved one is not easy.

But only in this way will he have enough time and space so that he realizes your absence and how much you are dear to him. Only in this way will he realize how much he needs you.

To make a person bored and think about you, be busy all the time or just create an appearance if this is actually not the case. Talking with your partner the next time, do not immediately give a direct answer to the question of what you are doing now.

Just laugh it off, tell some funny story that recently happened to you. Thus, you will simultaneously show that you are a light and cheerful person and demonstrate the richness of your life. Then your chosen one will have no choice but to recognize you as an interesting person and want to spend more time with you.

If you want to make a person bored and think about you, during a date ask questions about some pleasant memories that bind you together. For example, ask: “Do you remember when we last visited the beach, did you build a beautiful sand castle?” But to devote the whole evening to memories is also not worth it. Only periodically recalling pleasant moments in common do you make a person think about how much all of you have in common.

If you live separately from each other, it would be nice to forget some trinket from him: an earring, a hairbrush or a CD. This will be a good way to make him think of you more often. Every time he comes across this thing at home, he will involuntarily think about you. The most important thing is that the thing you have strategically forgotten does not need an urgent return. It does not have to be a wallet, keys or mobile phone.

Perhaps the most effective way to make a person miss you is to be the soul of the company. It should always be fun and easy with you. If you have a great time with your partner and don’t swear at the little things, he will miss you anyway if you are not around him.

Male mind

In order to charm a guy, you need to know how he thinks. The secret lies in the fact that a man cannot think of several things at the same time, as a woman does. Therefore, if he is busy, he should not be disturbed. In addition, men are always small children, because they love to play. In order to win the heart of a lover, you need to flirt with him as often as possible. Flirting is exactly what fascinates a man. In order to answer the question of how to make a man miss you, we turn to fortunetellers and psychologists for help.

We drop the anchor

In order for a young man to think about his lover as often as possible, an incentive is needed. They come in many forms: visual, olfactory, auditory. These are peculiar anchors that will attach certain reactions to stimuli. To consolidate such a skill will require from 6 to 15 repetitions, depending on the situation and the man.

For example, when your loved one experiences a positive emotion (joy, laughter, excitement) for a couple of seconds, touch his hand. This should be done within a week or two, and, repeating everything exactly, as for the first time. Then, before parting (he goes to work or goes on a business trip), again lightly touch your hand, as you did for a positive emotion. Your young man will try it again, he will constantly think about you. Of course, it will be a mystery to a man why your touch causes such a storm of emotions in him, and he should not tell this little secret.

Notes and smell

Here is another great way to answer the question: how to make a man miss you. It is perfect if you part with a partner for a certain time. To do this, you will need 5-10 small pieces of paper and a bottle with your favorite perfume. It is very important that your man likes the aroma and reminds him and you. So, on each of the pieces of paper write tender words: “Kitten, I love you very much”, “You are my dearest and beloved” and the like. Sprinkle each of them a little with your perfume and put it in his things, in a suitcase, which he takes with him on the road. Notes can be hidden in the pockets of trousers and jackets. This is a very effective way. Firstly, no matter what thing a man puts on, he will constantly smell your mind, remember you and be very bored. In addition, if he guesses what is the matter, and finds a note, its contents will please him and he will think about his beloved even more.

What to give a man?

Gifts are an important thing in a love relationship. They not only show how much a person is dear to you, but also can help them fall in love with you even more. Make pleasant surprises to your beloved, not only on holidays. What to give a man? For example, buy him a cool phone case. At the meeting, say that they passed the store, saw this thing and immediately thought about it. It is important that the man always carries this gift with him. Then he will often look at him, which means he will remember you and be bored.

The most effective way

Surely every girl knows what they’re talking about now, but, unfortunately, at the most necessary moments, the lady in love completely forgets everything, and even in vain. How to make a man miss you? Yes, just disappear from his field of vision for a few days. Of course, before this, it is very important that your loved one has certain feelings for you. Sometimes, because of a strong love, women are afraid to do so. It seems to them that if they disappear, the man will forget about them. Not at all! Any man is a conqueror. He needs to subdue, charm the lady. If this is not necessary, the interest fades very quickly. In order for a man to be bored, you need to be a little cold to him and, above all, love yourself and think about your interests.

Conspiracies and love spells

Sometimes psychological tricks are not enough to make a man bored. How to make a man think of you in this case? Various rituals come to the rescue. It is worth noting that the love spell and the conspiracy are very different from each other in terms of action and strength. So, conspiracies give a short-term effect, and love spells - a more serious matter. Think about whether you really need it?

Один из самых безобидных заговоров на тоску любимого звучит так: «Прикусываю сама себя раба Божья (ваше имя) к себе приделываю, чтобы Божий раб (имя мужчины) скучал и от тоски отдыха не знал ни ночью темной, ни днем светлым, всё чтобы обо мне думал. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen". Заговор нужно произносить про себя, слегка прикусив язык. Эти слова можно читать в любое время и в любом месте. Желательно при этом смотреть на его фотографию, прямо ему в глаза.

What else can magic do? How to make a man miss you? Love spells are a more powerful tool, however, making them much more difficult. In addition, for these rituals, it is necessary to strictly comply with all the requirements, otherwise you can harm both yourself and your loved one. If you are sure that your relationship will not survive without a love spell, contact a strong magician.

Little tricks

Sometimes lovers find themselves at a very great distance. How to make a man bored in this case? First of all, you need to talk with him as often as possible about those moments when you were alone, remember pleasant meetings and funny conversations. You should not constantly write to him that you are bored, as this will give the opposite effect. Communicate with your lover warmly, but at the same time not annoyingly. In no case should there be too many of you in his life. It often happens that when a man leaves for a while, the girl tries to control him every minute and constantly communicate with him. This behavior repels the man, and very soon he will begin to avoid talking with you. It’s best to pretend that nothing terrible has happened and that besides him, there are many other interesting things in your life.

In fact, to make sure that you do not get out of your head is simple enough, and all that is needed is to know some tricks in psychology. How to make a man miss you if he shows little attention? The main goal is for a man to think that without you he will not be able to live. Think about what you do best. Bake pies? To give advice? As soon as you find this highlight in yourself and your man sees it, consider that half of the work has already been done. Now it only remains to show him what will happen if he loses it. Any relationship can be compared to a ship. He can calmly go with the flow, stand at the pier or fall into a storm. So a man is a captain, he always stands at the helm. And a woman is a wind, she creates weather on the water: a storm or calm. The captain really likes it.