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USB cable for Action Replay DS Lite DSi 3DS Nintendo Pokemon codes

PlayStation and other console models successfully use GameShark / Pro Action Reply-like codes. Another device developed by Future Console Designs, Ltd. is called Xplorer. According to the manufacturer, the device is fully compatible with
GameShark and Pro Action Replay. It also has the ability to use its own codes to activate tricks that cannot be obtained using GameShark and Pro Action Replay. Currently, this device for the PlayStation is sold in Europe at fairly low prices, complete with a built-in code set and software for transferring information from / to the PC, which makes it a serious competitor for GameShark / Pro Action Reply. North American version
Xplorer is distributed by X-Gear as Xploder.
In conclusion, we provide information on the operation of code interceptors for Pro Action Reply, Golden Finger codes and codes for the most popular video games.

B. Start Game.
This command is to introduce the game and start the game.

C. Start Game With Cheats.
Information for starting PAR functions when a PC COMMS CARD is connected or when using the game Cheat Code.

D. Select Sheat.
1. You will see the following screen,

when you enter the Select Cheat menu.
This is the name of the game, also make sure that the name of the country matches the name of the game.
2. If you want an infinite number of lives in the BOYS-BE game, first select the name of the game and the corresponding country, then press the button O (Circle) to enter the game menu.
3. If, entering the menu, you want to receive one or several functions, for example, unlimited lives (unlimited lives), infinite power (unlimited power), unlimited energy (unlimited energy), press O (Circle). See the "+" sign - it means the function is activated. Now click Start and start playing.

E. Memory Card Manager.
You can perform the following functions: Copy, Delete, Copy all and Delete all in the Memory Card Manager menu.

F. Graphic Viewer.
You can see the last graphic picture before starting the main system.
L1 - selection of geometric dimensions (horizontal),
R1 - selection of geometric dimensions (horizontal),
L2 - selection of geometric dimensions (vertical),
R2 - selection of a 16-bit or 24-bit option,
X - Exit (Abandon).

Allows you to view animations on the game disc and select the appropriate animation file. There should always be * STR or * MOV for a suitable animation.

H. Special Function.
Click Select + L1 and you can choose a PAL or NTSC system.

The selection in the menu (up and down) is carried out with the Key + buttons, the command is entered with About (Circle).

1. Start Game.
If you want to play without the "GF" trick codes, just play normally and take a look at Section III.

2. Select Cheat Codes.
To play using the "GF" trick codes, take a look at Section IV.

3. Memory Card Manager.
Functions for managing files in a memory card. Read section VI - About the memory card manager and VII - Features of using the memory card manager.

4. Gredits.
GF development team.

5. Game Supported.
Shows the number of the game that was saved now or entered earlier.

6. Code in Total.
Indicates the total number of trick codes in the interface map.

Select a menu item with the Key + button and enter the command with About (Circle). Press the X button and return to the previous menu.

1. Start Game Without Codes.
You can’t use codes, play normally.

2. Cancel Return That Orevious menu (Cancel return to the previous menu).
Return to the main menu.

3. Select Ace Combat-Jap and enter by pressing the button O (Circle).
4. A "picture" of the GF trick codes in Ace Combat will appear.
Start the game with the trick codes marked in red - this means the codes are “on” (ON) and ready for “use”.

5. To disable any “GF” code, move the cursor to the corresponding tric code (Cheat Codes) and press the button About (Circle). As soon as On disappears, this GF code will be disabled again - OFF. On the contrary, if you set the cursor on the Cheat Code that was disabled (OFF) and press the button About (Circle) - it will be turned on again (On).
If you want to erase the Cheat Code, use the button Triangle.
6. Consider, for example, a game with three trick codes turned on.
7. Click the button and you will see the following table.

8. Press Key + to move up and down the menu, enter the command with the button About (Circle), return to the main menu (button X).
Options in the menu mean:
one). Start Game With Selected Codes: A game using already included trick codes.
2). Start Game Without Codes: play normally (i.e. without trick codes), even if trick codes are enabled.
3). Cancel-Return That Previous Menu: Returns to the main menu.
four). The Game name and Cheat Codes numbers That Have been Selected: the name of the game and the number of selected trick codes.

9. Select Start Game With Select Codes.
See the selected title picture and you can start the game with the selected codes.

"NEW GAME" option
1. The name of the game and the Master Code picture will appear, on the right side you will see English letters and numbers, and on the left there is an empty space. We will call these letters "window" (window). Choose letter by letter using Keu +, enter the name of the game in English letters and a number. Enter button About (Circle)erase by button Square.
Let the name of the game be SAMPLE. Press button X and look at the screen.
* After entering some name of the game, press X twice, select SAVE, then press About (Circle). Now you need to enter the trick code here.

* If you need to enter the Master Code, then you should perform the operations in p.p. 2-5. If Master Code is not required, then you can start immediately from point 8.
2. Press Keu + Down and the cursor will move to the bottom left of the frame.
3. Press the button About (Circle) and you will be taken to a window with letters on the right. Select them with Key + and enter by pressing the button About (Circle). Proceed exactly the same as entering the name of the game.
4. When you have entered the line, press the button X.
5. Press Key + (Down), then About (Circle) and enter the second line.
6. When you have entered everything you need, click X, you will see a request (do you want to save?), save - select SAVE, and if not, select Discard.

7. The step of entering the name of the game and "Master Code" is completed.
8. Now enter the trick code.
In the "Select Cheat Codes" menu, select "New Code", click Square.

9. To enter the GF trick code, first enter the name of the trick (description of the purpose of the code), press Key + Up, move the cursor

to New Code Description, click About (Circle), go to the "letter" window and enter a name.
To end the operation, press the button X.
10. Use the same approach to enter the GF trick code. Select the numbers from the "window" and enter them with the button About (Circle) (Press R1, L1to move the cursor left or right, erase the trick codes with Triangle).
11. When you are finished entering the first line, press X. If it doesn’t fit, press Key + Down, move the cursor down, press About (Circle). Now you can type the following line. You can enter several groups of trick codes, but no more than 15 lines.
12. After entering the code, you will see Default OFF. Move the cursor to the inscription using Key +, press About (Circle), and Default On appears at this point. Save this "status" when you select the name of the game, GF trick codes will be activated (on) automatically - you will see their red highlight.
13. Press the button X, select Save, press About (Circle) and save the trick code as in step 6. If the trick is not entered, then you will see the following picture.

Select Edit to enter the codes again, Exit to complete the entry, press O (Circle).
14. Now you can use the new registered code, but the previous codes will remain at your disposal.

2. Now you can identify the files stored on the card. The contents of the 1st map on the left, and the 2nd on the right. Looking at the picture, it is clear how to select and remember the desired file. Move cursor with Key + UP and Down, return to the main menu - button X.

* Copy File.
When copying a file, position the cursor on the file name, and press Square. When you see the contents, immediately copy it to another memory card.

* Delete File.
To erase File, place the cursor on the file name, press Triangle. Receive the request: "Do you really want to do this?"
Select "Yes" if you have not changed your mind, and press O (Circle).

Compress File
1. When you want to compress the file, position the cursor on the file name and press R1. You will see the content,

and after a few seconds a file called GT Compressed will appear and will “glow” with gold on another memory card.
GT Compressed implies that the "golden" file is already compressed, and now it remains only to remember it in this form. On the memory card where it was compressed and fixed as GT Compressed, it can be compressed once more, and it will appear in a new form under the inscription GT Compressed.
2. Pay attention to the number of the compressed file, because after compression it saves its original, and not the serial real number. This number (real) appears in the compressed file next to GT Compressed. The complete compressed file number will appear next to GT Compressed.
3. A compressed file can be “executed” in the same memory card, but in order not to get confused, it is better to save it on another card.
1) Position the cursor on the desired file using R1.
2) It will retain its original name, acquire a golden color.

* Restore File.
When restoring files, move the cursor to the compressed file (gold color), click L2, and after you see the contents, you can copy the “shortened” file in the same memory card.

If you want to save the new file, select "Yes", and if you decide to delete, then select "No" and press O (Circle).

* Options in Function.
Click About (Circle), enter option mode, then go to “format” and read the memory card. When you read, select Re-read. To format the 1st card, select Format Card 1; to format the 2nd card, select Format Card 2 and press O (Circle).
If you want to return to the previous picture (table), please select EXIT THIS MENU and press About (Circle).


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