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How to take measurements for men's trousers?

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How to take measurements for men's trousers?

First of all, it is worth noting that, depending on the physique and prevailing habits, men wear trousers in different ways.

Men with a protruding belly are often more comfortable wearing trousers below the waistline.

Older people mostly prefer tall fit trousers. Young people wear medium and low rise trousers and jeans. Preferences often change depending on the fashion.

Therefore, before taking measurements, pay attention to these features, and also ask the person what pants he likes.

For greater accuracy in terms of landing height and finding the waist line of trousers, measurements for men's trousers can be taken from a dressed figure.

Measurements for building a pattern of men's trousers

To build a pattern of men's trousers, we need to take the following measurements:

ST - Half Waist. We measure the waist circumference with a tight fit of a centimeter tape and divide it by 2. If you are taking measurements from a dressed figure, place a centimeter tape over the trouser belt.

ST - half hips. We measure the circumference of the hips along the most protruding parts of the buttocks, holding the centimeter tape horizontally and divide the resulting value by 2.

By this measure, you can determine the size of the finished trousers. For example, if the half-circumference of a man’s hips is 50 cm, then he wears the 50th size of the trousers.

Sgol. - half shin. We measure the circumference of the lower leg at the knee, in the widest place. Divide the resulting value by 2.

DI - product length. Measured along the side line from the waistline (from the middle of the belt of the trousers of the dressed model) down to the desired length.

Since it is supposed to wear trousers in finished form with shoes, for classic (not shortened) trouser models, the length from the waist to the floor is taken as the basis. And when cutting, an allowance for bottom hem is added 3-4 cm.

DdoK - length to the knee. Measured along the side line from the waist down to the middle of the patella.

View - seat height. To get this measurement, you need to put the figure on a chair and measure the distance from the waist line to the chair.

Please note that when sitting, the trouser belt (if you take measurements from a dressed model) falls much lower than the waistline. In this case, you don’t need to navigate to the trouser belt, otherwise you will get a reduced value.

Measure from the waistline to the chair!

Additional measures

Low - the desired width of the half of the leg along the bottom. Can be measured from customer’s finished favorite trousers.

Dsid - the total length of the seat. This is a control measure. To obtain it, pass a measuring tape between the legs of the figure and measure the length from the middle of the waist line of the front half of the trousers along the seat line to the middle of the waist line of the rear half of the trousers.

If you are sewing trousers for the first time and are afraid to make a mistake with the fit, then there will be no harm if you measure this value from your favorite customer’s trousers.

Additional measurements are not needed to build a pattern of men's trousers. They serve to verify the resulting drawing. And also, to be sure that you did everything right.

Now that we have correctly taken and recorded all the measurements, we can begin to build the exact pattern of men's trousers:

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How to take measurements for trousers


To take measurements when sewing trousers for dancing, the person being measured should stand straight, without tension, while maintaining his characteristic posture. The figure should be thin clothes, not giving excessive increase.

Before taking measurements, you should gird the figure along the waist line with a slightly stretched braid located strictly horizontally.

Our online store of goods for dancing notices that, when measuring, a centimeter tape does not need to be pulled too tight!

    OT (waist circumference). The tape is applied horizontally around the body along the waist line. When sewing some products, you may need to measure the full circumference of the waist (From).

OB (hip circumference). The tape is applied to the buttock points, it runs horizontally around the body, in front of the protrusion of the abdomen and closes on the right side of the body. Sometimes you need a measure of full girth of the hips (Ob).

Lunch (hip circumference). The tape strictly horizontally wraps around the thigh, touching the upper edge of the hyoid fold, closes on its outer side.

Sun (seat height). The person whose measurement is being taken should sit on a chair with a flat, hard seat. Measure on the side from the waist line to the chair seat.

DBD (trouser length). Measured from the waist line on the side to the desired point.

Shbr (width of a leg).

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