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Life hacks for keeping a diary: turn your assistant into a handsome one!


A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Margarita Mishina December 12, 2017

And why do I need to keep a diary? It is generally accepted that in order to organize your day. Day - yes, but another week, month and even year. A good organization of the diary will help you:

  • be more collected
  • do much more than you could before
  • Do not forget about important dates and small assignments, which for some reason always disappear from the head.

And the diary is an excellent tool for positive motivation. Because when at the end of the day you cross out all the things done today, a feeling of satisfaction and pride in the work done immediately settles inside you. And these feelings motivate you not to slow down and work-work-work on. Little steps to the cherished dream!

And how do I choose a diary?

In fact, they can be any notebook or even a thick notebook. Let's figure out what suits you. Let's start with a simple one: the number of sheets and the cover. If you are going to keep a diary at home, sitting at your desk, and not carry it with you, then the number of sheets can be any - at least 600. And in this case you can afford a soft cover, because you will still write on a hard surface.

If you still want to carry the glider with you and record things “in any convenient place at any convenient time,” then the optimal number of sheets is 96-128. Plus, a hard cover so that you can write in it even on your knees.

The format is preferably no more than A5, so as not to take up much space in the bag. Well that's all! And choose the coloring and design of the cover to your liking, so that the diary pleases your eye.

Life hack: if you don’t like the choice of covers presented at your local bookstore, buy a plain notebook, print a couple of your favorite pictures or just buy stickers, and the cover will already be decorated in your individual style.

Now a little about the "insides" of your future assistant. The paper inside can be in a cage, in a ruler, in a point, unlineated, multi-colored and even with an ornament.

Which one to choose? Depends on you. Do you like to draw? Take a ruler and your sketches will adorn your daily plans.

Do not lag behind fashion? Then take it to the point - fashion bloggers often demonstrate their decorated diaries in this format. Tired of white paper in school notebooks? Patterns and colorful sheets to help you! Well, if you are the one to whom in notebooks on algebra it is much more pleasant to write than on Russian, then take it into the cell, you will not be mistaken.

Where do I begin?

You can start right from the schedule of each day (then skip to the next item, if you like, when everything is simple and clear). But if you prefer to take everything seriously and thoroughly, let's start with the calendar and goals. Take a U-turn for this at the beginning of each month.

You can get by with just a calendar or just with a list of goals, or you can put both options on a U-turn.

Then, turn over the notebook and arrange one page horizontally - with the calendar. Make the boxes with the days not so small as on the calendar on the phone, but large enough so that a few words can fit there. With the calendar, the whole month is at your fingertips: mark important numbers, enter events there, deadlines and do not forget to bookmark this spread - to return to it and check everything.

The second page is your list of goals for the month. You can divide them into subcategories (for example, "school", "sport", "extracurricular activities", "housework", etc.), or you can make a single list. The goals can be any: “learn to play the guitar”, “learn 100 new words in English”, “come up with a surprise for a girlfriend’s birthday”.

Life hack: you can make challenges out of goals. If you are a sweet tooth, and you would like to reduce your sugar intake, instead of the boring “eat less sweet”, write “Challenge: a week without chocolate” or “three slices of chocolate a day”. In general, improvise!

How to set up a schedule?

The main goal of your diary: to effectively distribute time. There are only 24 hours in a day, 7-8 of which we spend on sleep, 2-3 (at best) on the road, 6-7 on study (and this is not counting homework!), And you still need to have time to eat, watch the series , meeting friends, devoting at least an hour to your favorite business and getting on social networks ... In general, there is always critical time. It is a clear schedule that will help you look at your “windows” between the main classes and allocate time for what you used to “want, but didn't have time” to do. What are the options?

Option number 1: U-turn = week. This option is suitable for those who are more or less oriented in time, and who “I will be in 10 minutes!” Takes no more than twenty minutes. If your “10 minutes” can last for an hour and a half, then the second option is better for you. Well, for now, the first! Why a whole spread for one week, if all seven days can, in principle, fit on one page? To not be bored!