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How to make soap bubbles that do not burst at home?


Soap bubbles can cheer up people of any age. Now in stores a huge number of different options for solutions and devices for organizing bright events are offered. You can also find the so-called non-bursting soap bubbles, which contain either gelatin or medical glue. These ingredients are responsible for the strength of the rainbow ball. It is interesting to learn more about them, as well as to find out whether it is possible to make the solution yourself.

Features of non-bursting bubbles

Every mommy worries that the composition of the solution is not toxic and does not harm the child. Therefore, it is immediately worth emphasizing that the liquid is not toxic and it can be safely used for entertaining babies.

On sale you can find small bubbles that do not burst. They practically do not differ in appearance from the usual ones. Just when touching the surfaces of the balls are not damaged.

The second option is large bubbles, and they already differ both in appearance and in the way of blowing. They resemble rubber and are stored in a tube. It is worth considering how to use such non-bursting bubbles. A small amount of contents is squeezed out of the tube and rolled into a ball, which should be put on a straw. Then you need to slowly inflate the bubble, which will react with air and freeze. After that, you can play with the balls, shift them, form figures out of them.

How to make non-bursting soap bubbles?

Many mothers prepare the solution on their own from shampoo or soap, as well as water. This option is good because the necessary components are in any home. But bubbles prepared in this way burst quickly. Therefore, parents are interested in how to prepare a composition that will allow you to get stronger balls. It is unlikely to make the same non-bursting bubbles as offered on sale. But significantly extend the life of the balls is quite possible.

One of the components that makes bubbles stronger is glycerin. He is “responsible” for their strength as well as size. You can buy this ingredient in a pharmacy and one bottle is enough to experiment with the composition of the solution. Also, to increase the density of the balls add sugar, gelatin. Water should be used boiled, and preferably distilled.

For the preparation of non-bursting soap bubbles at home, you can offer several recipes.

  • water - 600 ml
  • glycerin - 100 ml,
  • dishwashing detergent - 200 ml.

Simply mix all the ingredients.

  • hot water - 600 ml,
  • ammonia - 20 drops,
  • washing powder - 50 g,
  • glycerin - 300 ml.

All components should be mixed and left for up to 3 days. Next, the mixture should be filtered and removed for 12 hours in the refrigerator. Although this method requires effort and time, the result is very strong bubbles.

  • water - 1.6 l
  • glycerin - 200 g,
  • gelatin - 100 g
  • sugar - 100 g
  • dishwashing detergent - 0.5 l.

First you need to put gelatin in water and leave it to swell, then strain, and also drain the excess liquid. Next, add sugar and put the composition on fire until completely dissolved. It is important to ensure that the mixture does not boil. Then the composition is poured into water and add detergent, as well as glycerin. All should be mixed so as to prevent foaming. As a result, children will be pleased with dense and huge bubbles.

Obviously, anyone can handle any of these methods. A little food coloring can be added to any of the solutions to make the bubbles more colorful.

Making strong soap bubbles at home

Bubbles can be blown out of plain foam, but it is better to use laundry soap. To prepare non-bursting bubbles yourself, you need to follow the manufacturing instructions. Laundry soap should be grated on a coarse grater and sent to dissolve in boiling water.

It is important to keep proportions: 1 part of laundry soap is taken in 10 parts of water. Soap bubbles that are created using glycerol will be the most durable as a result, and will not burst when inflated. Also, sugar and gelatin granules will add strength. The proportions for the production of soap composition are as follows:

  1. Glycerin is added 1/3 of the volume of the solution from the soap.
  2. Sugar - 1/4.
  3. Gelatin granules - 1/4.

Experts recommend next recipe:

  1. Pure water - 1 liter. (all ingredients are dissolved in it).
  2. Detergent - 0.2 l.
  3. Glycerin substance - 0.1 l.
  4. Sugar - 50 gr. 5. Gelatin granules - 5 g.

The cooking is quite simple, but it is important to fully follow the instructions:

  1. Gelatin granules must be dissolved in water. Put aside to make the gelatin swell.
  2. The composition that will turn out must be filtered, remove excess water.
  3. Then you should take sugar and the prepared gelatin composition, melt these components on a fire (do not let the mass boil).
  4. After all the ingredients are combined into a single mass, it is necessary to add water and the ingredients that remain. Mix thoroughly to make a homogeneous liquid mass.

At the end of preparation, the composition should be thoroughly mixed (foam should be absent). Bubbles are ready, you can inflate.

Learning to make beautiful soap bubbles together

Almost everyone who read these lines in childhood loved to blow bubbles. How many positive emotions we experienced while looking at the transparent balls shimmering in the sunlight with all the colors of the rainbow. A huge amount of Mom’s favorite shampoo spilled in the hope of extending the flight time of this miracle.

Today, in order to please your children with soap balls, you can buy a ready-made solution in the store. But the tubes that are on sale are quite small, so they end pretty quickly. However, there are several simple and effective ways to make this soapy miracle at home, using the means that almost any housewife always has on hand. A little time and enthusiasm will help you independently create a tool for the "production" of soap balls. This will not only bring a lot of pleasure, but also save your family budget.

In order to prepare a soap solution, you need to stock up on everything you need, namely:

  • water, better distilled or boiled,
  • dishwashing detergent,
  • ordinary shampoo
  • sugar,
  • laundry soap,
  • glycerin purchased at a nearby pharmacy,
  • aqueous ammonia (aka ammonia).

It is the use of glycerin that thickens the walls of the bubble and makes them more durable. As a result, the ball does not burst much longer. Another secret to prolonging the life of the soap bubble is the use of sugar. Just one spoonful is enough and the balls do not evaporate so quickly.

Durable soap bubbles

The first time humanity learned about soap bubbles in the 1st century AD. During archaeological excavations in Pompeii, even found murals where you can see people indulging in this entertainment. Enough time has passed since then, but the fun is still relevant among children and adults.

Today, a solution for blowing soap bubbles can be bought everywhere, this is not a scarce commodity. Is it possible to find a composition from which strong bubbles are blown out, which can fly for a long time and do not burst?

Most likely no. If you want to create such a solution with your own hands, then you should prepare following components:

  1. Syrup from sugar - 0.120 l (how to do it is described below).
  2. Soap shavings - 0.2 kg.
  3. Glycerin - 0.4 kg.
  4. Not too hot boiling water - 0.8 l.

Bubbles are made very simply. You need to combine all the ingredients, mix thoroughly and you can blow out your iridescent transparent “balls”. True, it will require some skill, you will need to get used to it.

Sugar syrup is made from sugar (50 gr.) Water (10 ml). Everything is necessary mix well - and done. The composition, which is made from these ingredients, will help to realize children's fantasies. It even turns out to hold an exciting soap show, and to please all those present.

From such a solution, original figures are obtained, you only need to connect these durable balls with each other.

Some more recipes

If you want to make huge "balls", it is not at all necessary to look for such in supermarkets. In our country, to find them is almost impossible. But at home it is very easy to do. Cooking Tips the following:

  1. It is necessary to use exclusively distilled water for the preparation of the composition. It must be heated, then poured into a prepared container.
  2. A container with a wide lid is suitable as tableware. In a wide bowl, it's easier to lower your puffer.
  3. If you want to use a glass bowl, then hot water must be poured into this container carefully so that the walls of the container are not heated at once. If you pour quickly, glass containers may burst.

For the manufacture of strong non-bursting bubbles would need:

  1. Water is a liter.
  2. Detergent or shower gel - 0.2 l.
  3. Glycerin substance - 25 ml.
  4. Lubricant (not oil) - 25 ml.
  5. Sticks 30 cm - 2 pcs.
  6. Cotton rope - approximately 50 cm (maximum size 80 cm).
  7. Nut.

Preparing the composition is very simple. The ingredients must be mixed. Wait a few hours for the composition to brew. If you want blow the soap bubbles faster then you need:

  1. Combine shower gel (0.15 L) with water.
  2. Pour in more glycerin and mix everything.
  3. It should not foam.

If foam appears, it must be removed. Now you need to do durable blowing device, long bursting "balls":

  1. We must take the rope and put a nut on it.
  2. Then you should tie the rope to the ends of the sticks, lower the ends into the cooked tool.
  3. Now we take out the sticks, straighten them, wave them, and a huge soap bubble will fly above our heads.

This composition will allow you to inflate very large bubbles in which even a person can fit.

Some recipes

So, the first option is the manufacture of soap solution for balls. He is the easiest. We take in equal parts glycerin, detergent for dishes and water. We mix it all well and with the help of straws we inflate large soap balls.

For the second method, we need a large capacity (best a deep bowl). Pour 3/4 of the water into it and add 1/4 of the usual shampoo. In the prepared product, add glycerin (2 tablespoons) and sugar (1 teaspoon). Mix the resulting mixture well and enjoy the big soap balls that we made ourselves. The number of balls will not be too large, but their size and “volatility” will pleasantly surprise you.

There is another way to make soap bubbles yourself. To do this, mix 3 parts of water, 50 ml of glycerin and 1 part of liquid dishwashing detergent. We thoroughly mix all the components of our “potion” and rejoice at our own hand-made soap fireworks. There will be a large number of balls, but they will be less durable than in the previous recipe.

To prepare the soap solution in the fourth way, you need to mix 200 ml of the most common shampoo with 400 ml of boiled water. The prepared mixture must be left at least a day. After that add 3 tbsp. tablespoons of glycerin. Our solution is ready.
The next method is quite simple and cheap. To a glass of warm boiled water you need to add 100 ml of shampoo and 3 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar.

Another cooking method involves the use of another component, namely liquid soap, or shower gel. An equal amount of shampoo, liquid soap and dishwashing detergent must be mixed. Then add half less water. As a result, we get a large number of bubbles, besides quite large.

Another interesting way

The following method requires more time, but the bubbles do not burst longer. Pour 1/3 of water, 1 part of glycerin and 10 drops of ammonia into a deep container. In another bowl, grate 50 g of laundry soap on a coarse grater. Put on fire and stir until completely dissolved. Pour into the first container, mix thoroughly. The resulting mixture must be allowed to infuse for several days. After that, we filter it and put it in the refrigerator for half a day.

However, dear parents, remember that in the manufacture of the above solutions, substances are used that, if swallowed, can cause serious harm to human health and even human life. Therefore, so that the joy of new interesting discoveries is not overshadowed by negative consequences, please control your children in the process of applying these funds.

Whichever way you choose to prepare liquid for soap balls at home, blowing soap bubbles prepared on your own will bring you and your children a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, act, experiment, embark on an exciting journey to your childhood, and bring unforgettable moments of joy to yourself and your loved ones.